Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, December 26, 2008

Second Christmas Day, Feast of St. Stephen, first martyr.

The Heavenly Father speaks through His child Anne after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Today again a large crowd of angels came to the altar from outside to worship. St. Stephen appeared and gave us the grace to take our suffering and cross upon us.

The Heavenly Father speaks today: My beloved children, My messengers, today I, the Heavenly Father, speak to you through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne. She lies in My truth and speaks only words that come from Me, for she is all Mine. My beloved ones, today again, on the second Christmas, on the feast of St. Stephen, you have been allowed to celebrate My Holy Sacrificial Feast. It was celebrated in all reverence by My beloved priest son here in Göttingen in a sacred chapel, which was conceived by Me.

I want to teach you today, My beloved children, My love. The greatest love was transmitted to you in the beloved Holy Child Jesus. There Jesus Christ became man, My Son. This, My beloved Son, I sacrifice for you on all altars throughout the world. This one, My son, makes an offering for you, for your redemption, again and again on all altars. What a great gift to you is My Son.

That is why I also wish in all churches that this, My Holy Sacrificial Feast, the Sacrificial Feast of My Son in the Trinity, be celebrated. It brings me great pain when I have to experience that this is not celebrated, but that a meal fellowship at a folk altar is held for it.

My beloved priests and chief shepherds, wake up! Wake up and feel what it is worth to me that this holy sacrificial meal is celebrated everywhere. Does this Holy Sacrificial Feast bring you so much trouble to celebrate it for Me, the Most High Son in the Trinity? Is this sacrifice too much for you? Return to the true Catholic faith, because all of you who hold the meal fellowship at these popular altars are no longer Catholic!

Love and suffering lie close together. Saint Stephen preceded you through this martyrdom in the greatest love. He has accepted the grace to want to suffer this sacrifice. And this grace was granted him. My beloved children, it would not have been possible as a human being to suffer this stoning, the great pain. I, Jesus Christ in the Trinity, rushed to his aid and let this great love flow into his heart so that he could suffer this martyrdom out of love.

Love, My children, is the greatest thing and in love you can suffer everything and endure everything. If you do not have love, it will be difficult for you to endure human suffering. Only grace brings it that you can bear this sacrifice, this cross, which is imposed on you, because love is the greatest thing.

Wax set in this pure love. Take an example from My dearest Mother. She had the greatest love, but also had to endure the greatest suffering for me. My Heavenly Mother, whom I created for myself, whom I loved so much, I have had to see suffering until the greatest suffering under the cross. I had to watch it, how my mother suffers. Can you imagine that?

You too, My children, are loved infinitely. Do you think I can forgive you this suffering that is imposed on you? No, this is not possible, because you have to grow in love. Your love must become greater, more devoted. You must be able to endure everything in love, because in you the New Church will have to be born. I cannot found the New Church in these chief shepherds, because they do not obey me despite many, many admonitions. Despite many messages, they go the other, easier way. They do not serve Me, no, they reject Me. They mock, persecute and slander My messengers. The greatest messages I send them. They want to stone My messengers and also crucify them. They hate them. But I will protect them because they are my words, which are to go out into the world.

I want to save many people and proclaim these words to the end of the world through technology, through My Internet. I have said My Internet because the people who invented it are My creatures and into them I have put this intelligence. They could not have managed to learn this technique without My help and without My mercy. They think they did it themselves. No, only with My help, with Divine Help, they can accomplish this. And they have accomplished it for me. I make use of this internet and my truths reach to the ends of the earth even if they are rejected. But, My beloved ones, already 76,000 people have been interested in My messages since 1 ½ years. Would this be possible through you? Would this be possible? No, my children, you can do it only with my help, then it will grow and in you the knowledge will come. Only what I wish and what is in My plan will you realize.

You, my little one, have transferred your will to me. This also means for you that you must suffer the greatest pain because you are closest to me, because you receive many graces, much greater graces, and this also brings greater suffering: suffering out of love. Do you think, My little one, you could bear this cross today for My son Helmut if I could not and would not help you? Do you think you could have suffered this crown of thorns for My daughter Lydia yesterday? No, you would have become impatient. You would have wanted to throw it off. But I have supported you. When your love grows, you can bear it because I help you, not because you can bear this whole cross. If you love Me, you are ready out of love to endure this suffering for others, so that they may be saved. And what does this love mean for the others? That she is the greatest love, to want to suffer for others, not for herself.

My beloved Mary, pray for your parents, pray that they may not fall into the abyss. They stand at the abyss because they have caused me great suffering. They have also caused suffering to you, My Mary, but in you I, the Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, suffer in the Trinity. I suffer the greatest tortures in your parents who reject Me, who have not fulfilled this world mission. That is why I have chosen you, you, My beloved little Mary, you.

You too will be able to suffer great pain, not only because I help you, because I am always with you, because your beloved mother rushes to your aid. She sees your pain, but she also sees your helplessness and your powerlessness, and she will ask the angels down to you, especially the Holy Archangel Michael. Haste to her in your pain. She is your Mother, your Heavenly Mother and she has endured all suffering out of love. You too bear it out of the greatest love for me, because your heavenly father has given you rich gifts. You will continue to experience abundant joys in your heart because you have said "Yes Father". "Yes, Father, thy will be done, not mine. I cannot understand and fathom you, but I believe you and trust you. You have put this into practice and I thank you for it. That is why you were saved. Therefore you were taken out of your family. You may now enjoy these pleasures in all their fullness. Taste them, for they bring you strength and will strengthen you and never let you slacken. You are protected and infinitely loved. With boundless love I embrace you and I love you and you, My beloved group, My beloved community founded in Me, in Me. I protect you because I love you boundlessly, all who obey my will.

St. Stephen also loves you, protects you and asks you again and again for this abundance of graces. Be blessed, My messengers, be loved, be protected and be sent out into the world to proclaim the Word of Jesus Christ in the Trinity in the full truth, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, because love is the greatest thing and it will outlast everything. Amen.