Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Blessed Mother speaks in the atonement night for the pilgrims in Heroldsbach on the occasion of the two-year anniversary of her miracle of tears through her child Anne in Göttingen.


It was revealed to me from heaven that during the abandonment in Heroldsbach the monstrance was very brightly lit and the little Jesus appeared in it. All around, many small and larger angels in white and golden dresses were grouped together, kneeling and worshipping.

Our Lady speaks to the pilgrims in the Rosary Church at midnight: Unfortunately, My little instrument Anne cannot be with you on this day because she is seriously ill. Therefore, she receives these words of full truth in her home. All are words of heaven and nothing is out of her. She remains in humility and obedience to the Heavenly Father, even when many hostilities threaten her. She is always under the full protection of heaven.

My faithful in Göttingen will hold a night of atonement in the house chapel of the gifted priest to support the pilgrims in Heroldsbach. Special prayer will be given to the Holy Father to support him in his task in the Catholic Church.

My beloved ones, today on the second anniversary, when I visibly shed tears for several hours in the pilgrim statue, I would like to welcome you and thank you for hurrying to my pilgrimage and pilgrimage site Heroldsbach despite the difficult weather. Once again you have made many sacrifices. They are victims of love and they will be fruitful for many priests. Also you have come to My consolation and the heavenly Father in the Trinity rejoices that you honor this day. It testifies to the fact that by doing so you are witnessing this miracle of tears, even if the diocese does not want to recognize it. You have seen it and believe and bear witness to it. Others on the other hand need proofs and even then do not believe. Faith means blind trust. Continue to atone in this night of atonement for the many sacrileges of the priests who have caused Me the greatest pain, as Queen and Mother of priests.

My children, as you know, this decisive battle of Satan has begun. You all who believe and firmly trust, you are under my motherly protection. The protection of the angels is also assured to you. The holy archangel Michael watches over you when the evil attacks afflict you. Many saints, including your beloved St. Padre Pio, are with you for your protection in the tribulations and the many hardships of everyday life.

Think of eternal bliss, for I will ask My Divine Son to prepare for you a worthy dwelling in heaven. The time on earth is very short compared with eternity, which you can never measure. My Son, Jesus Christ, will cover you with His precious blood, and He will heal all wounds that still cause you pain. Always be ready, for you know neither the day nor the hour. Only the Father in heaven knows about everything.

Take the cross on your shoulders again and carry it with love. Accept it and do not throw it away if it seems too heavy for you. My son and also I stand helpfully at your side.

In the storms of that time the nave is surrounded by huge waves and it swings back and forth. Your Holy Father, the Vicar of Christ on earth, with the help of the Heavenly Father, will put this ship back on the right course, united with the Pius Fraternity as support that My Son has put at his side. Continue to pray many rosaries, because they will help the Holy Father not to succumb to his human weakness. Great incessant hostility from the Freemasons in the Vatican urged him to abandon this Catholic property.

My dear and obedient children of Mary, remain faithful to Me, your dearest Mama and to Heaven. Even if the worst storms pass over you, faithfulness and perseverance until the end prove themselves for you. The reward is certain to you.

My beloved pilgrims, I know about your many worries, diseases and troubles. Now you often ask, why do I have to endure so much in my family? Never would I counsel you to separate yourselves from your children, only from those who are in grave sin. The pain of unbelief and grave sin wears you down. You make the greatest effort to bring them on the right path. But unfortunately your children are so far separated from God that you cannot understand them and they do not want to listen to your advice. They have turned to the world and all desires, and this is the easier way. You, my dear mothers, who have already taken the path of faith, therefore suffer immeasurable agonies, and you are afflicted with impotent feelings, which you are suffering from. I, as Heavenly Mother, want to help you and guide your children if you consecrate them to Me and give them into My care. Only then will I be able and allowed to lead them. This is what it says in the Heavenly Plan. Trust Me!

Visit, as often as you can, the Holy Mass of Sacrifice in the Tridentine Rite, because only this Holy Mass of Sacrifice will be able to strengthen you and protect you from all dangers. How much I wish, in the name of My Son, that the bishops would give up their obduracy and that true knowledge would be given to them in an honest confession. Then the non-believers will again flock to the church, which is now completely addicted to modernism. It has become a false doctrine. The priests lead their flocks astray and the many sheep follow them in rows and are thus at the precipice.

How much your Heavenly Mother, the Mother of the entire Church, is concerned about you. I carry all worries and diseases with me and do not cease to protect you because I love you. Now your dearest and most caring Mother, the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach, with all the angels and saints, bless you in the name and power of the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Walk this arduous path in love and take up all your cross, for you stand in the following of Christ.