Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, February 13, 2009

Fatima and Pink Mysticism Day.

The Blessed Mother speaks for the pilgrims in the hollow in Heroldsbach through Her child Anne in Göttingen


It was revealed to me by the Blessed Mother that the entire hollow was bathed in dark red light. She was surrounded by rainbow colors and on her head she wore a twelve-star wreath that shone golden. The statue of the Heart of Jesus sparkled in golden light.

Our Lady now speaks for the pilgrims: I, your Mother of God, speak through my willing, obedient, and humble instrument in Göttingen, since this, my little one, is at present seriously ill. She speaks only My words and nothing is out of her.

My beloved pilgrims and My faithful ones, how happy I am that you have hurried to My hollow, despite the hardships of the weather. Your love for me is growing. How many times have I appeared here. The many seer children were allowed to see Me. Gratefully I want to prove My love to you. It encourages you when your Heavenly Father allows Me to appear here and especially to proclaim My message to you through My instrument, which again agrees to receive it.

My beloved ones, pay more attention to the signs of heaven in this last stage of the important battle between Satan and Me. They want to prevent with all their might that I send My messages from here into the world, because they are put on the Internet. It is the time of the Apocalypse of St. John, which will be fulfilled. You will also be strengthened by the changed signs of the sun, moon and stars. Many fragrances will continue to surround you. Everything will come true that is written in the secret revelation of St. John. All prophecies are fulfilled up to the last word of the Scriptures.

My children, you walk with Me the way of suffering until Golgotha, and this way is not easy. Bind yourselves firmly to the cross and do not let up in constant prayer. Again I would like to repeat: "The prayer of the Rosary is the ladder to heaven and many miracles have been performed through it.

Look at the Holy Father It was only through the worldwide Rosary that he received the knowledge and distanced himself from today's ecumenism, because it is an aberration to which the Masonic powers wanted to move him. Never can you find a unity of the Catholic faith with the Muslim faith. Catholicism has the seven sacraments that Jesus Christ gave to His One, Catholic and Apostolic Church, which He founded. By this you have life and find the full truth, and the gift of the knowledge of the Holy Spirit is given to you. Pray to the Holy Spirit quite often so that you do what is right in the Spirit of God and eliminate the cunning and deceitfulness of the devil.

How much must you now endure, you, the persecuted, who walk the arduous path of the Heavenly Father and want to fulfill His plan. Ruthlessly you must face the truth, otherwise you will fall prey to modernism and darkness will surround you. Only through the cross will salvation be granted to you. Look at the cross of My Son and do not become discouraged in difficult times when the most difficult sacrifices are demanded of you. Did not My Son, Jesus Christ, turn to the Heavenly Father also in the hours of the Mount of Olives? But he has embraced the cross and walked the way of redemption for all of you. Love of the cross must drive you to take up your cross. Practice renunciation and sacrifice, then you will surely reach your goal.

Your Heavenly Mother does not cease to intercede for you with the Heavenly Father. Receive the many graces that are given to you, especially in the Holy Mass of Sacrifice in the Tridentine Rite. Accept these graces and let these gifts flow on others who need the grace of repentance.

Here before you in this hollow lies the cross of grace stretched out. Take the cup of the precious blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and you will have eternal life, for My Son says to you: "I thirst for souls. Be ready to fulfill this mission of your life. This will fill you up, and solitude will not pull you down, but it will lift you up again when abandonment surrounds you.

Remains My children of Mary, who even in the most difficult times of persecution raise the flag of victory. Then you will receive special strengths and the full protection of heaven will be given to you. Become friends of the cross. Therefore I have brought you to this holy place. It is sacred ground that you are treading here.

In this modernist church you will neither learn the truth nor will you be sanctified. Since My Son is no longer venerated in His Trinity and in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, no holiness and no religious life can come into being, but you become whitewashed graves and face a yawning emptiness which causes you great fears.

I, the Mother of the Church and the Mother of Beautiful Love wants to free you from this chaos. You shall experience joy and a deep touch of the heart. Come to Our United Hearts that burn with love, for they shall kindle your hearts to the flame of love.

Pray the Rosary of the Flame of Love for the salvation of mankind. You will experience miracles of conversion, especially in your family. Then no discouragement will surround you. Now your Heavenly Mother blesses you with all the angels and saints in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love, for love is the greatest.

The Love-Flame Rosary.

He was revealed to a visionary on Trinity Sunday in 1989. It can be prayed three times a day in honor of the Blessed Trinity.

In honor of the saints five wounds of Our Savior we make the sign of the cross five times in succession.

On the great pearls we pray: "Painful and Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us who take our refuge in You!

On the three small beads:.

My God I believe in You because You are infinitely good.

My God I hope in You, because You are infinitely merciful.

My God I love You because You are lovable above everything.

On the little beads ten times: "Mother save us, through the love flame of Your Immaculate Heart.

After each sentence: "Mother of God, flood all mankind with the grace of Your love flame, now and at the hour of our death. Amen."

At the end three times: "Glory be to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Spirit, as in the beginning, so also now and ever and forever. Amen."