Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through His instrument and child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. An almost unmissable crowd of angels came in from outside during the holy sacrificial meal. They were bright dark red and worshipped deeply. St. Paul appeared with his book and lifted it up three times. He testified to us by asking us to believe in this Holy Word of Jesus Christ. All truth is contained in it. The cross with the body was brightly illuminated and rays of light came out of His wounds. The Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Padre Pio and St. Michael the Archangel were bathed in radiant light. The holy archangel Michael has struck his sword again in all directions.

The Heavenly Father now says: I, the Heavenly Father, speak through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne, who only proclaims My truth. No word is out of her. First of all, I want to thank you, My beloved and gifted priestly son, who celebrated this Holy Mass of Sacrifice in all reverence for My sake and in thanksgiving for Me, for his testimony and proof of faith that he makes total devotion and gives everything to Me. He also gives a testimony for you, My beloved priests, that you can give Me everything as I desire from you if you live this truth, My truth.

My beloved children, as St. Paul exemplified to you, so much you can bear if it is in My desire. Nothing will become too much for you if you again and again ask for my power, the divine power. It will also strengthen you in powerlessness. If you are helpless, this strength will come into play again and again. Ask for it! The angels will be allowed to beg you for this power, especially your caring Heavenly Mother. It will also strengthen you that you can accept this grace. Only by the grace of God are you what you are.

You have endured everything so far, yes, and accepted it. Nothing became too difficult for you when it was in my will, which I announced to you. Great sacrifices I demand from you, my beloved ones. Yes, St. Paul could give everything, everything. And therefore love lives, lives this gospel. Love makes strong and love endures everything in patience and kindness. You are integrated into this Divine Love. And if you repeatedly ask the saints down for your protection and your power, the Divine Power, many things will be able to happen that you cannot comprehend, that you do not understand, but that is entirely in the will of the Heavenly Father. Yes, I want to demand the greatest sacrifices from you so that you announce the truth and believe the world. As you know, this apostasy will spread more and more and more widely.

My bishops, My beloved priests, why do you not believe? Why do you not follow My words? You are not only to hear my word but also to obey it; that is my desire, will and plan. You think you read the Bible and know everything in advance. No, you do not read the Bible at all. You turn to fables and make words that cannot be translated into life. You believe in something that you cannot even understand. To the faithful you proclaim untruth, since you live in the false doctrine of modernism. Why do you not finally recognize that I again and again give you chances, chances of repentance and grace. Yes, I even shower you with graces. Just one word of repentance from you and all is forgiven. Never can you believe that this modernism that has entered the Church is true. You have recognized and seen that you are today in a great chaos in My Church. Nothing is fine. You cannot recognize what is true. You err, My bishops. You stand before the abyss, as I have already announced it to you several times. Why do you still not obey My words, My truths through My messengers? You recognize that these messengers lie in truth and practice humility. They are persecuted, ridiculed and hostile, but they continue to endure everything out of love, out of love for the Triune God. Can you understand this humility that these messengers, My messengers, can give up everything? Could they do it with their strength, with their human strength? No, they are given the graces and they accept these graces. They live love and they prove to me that they really love me and follow the whole heaven and that they not only recognize the truth, but live it.

I love you, My little followers, who live in this truth and do not let anything deter you from following My words that I cry out into the world. Again and again you assure me of your deep faith and your love for the Triune God and for my Heavenly Mother, who always stands by your side caringly. She will never leave you. It lives in your hearts as the Triune God has opened His temple in your hearts. He loves you boundlessly. This Triune God surrounds you lovingly. The Father, I myself, live in the Trinity around you and in you. Everywhere is holiness, because you strive for this holiness. You strive for devotion, for perfection. You will not reach this perfection, but you strive for it and this striving is the striving for holiness that I desire.

Come under My Cross, under the Cross of My Son and deeply repent of your sins and stains. My Son will forgive you again and again in the Holy Sacrament of Penance and you will climb higher and higher up the mountain to Golgotha. You have walked this calvary so many times and have not gone backwards, but forwards. As I have announced it to you, go your way, and you follow my steps again and again and again. You ask, "Father, what is your wish now? Does it conform to my wishes or does it not conform to your wishes?" You ask and you will get the knowledge because you want to remain in the truth and because you not only hear my words but follow them. This is what I wish today of all people who want to follow me in the succession of my Son. You will receive the knowledge and the Divine Power, the steps and the whole way to go in total surrender.

My beloved priests, I would also like to address you in a very special way: Take the path of total surrender! Give up everything for me! A thousand times I will give you a present through this. If you only partially follow this path, you always go backwards a little bit. Why do you have these human fears and do not put them aside? Am I not everything for you? Why are you not willing to give everything for Me, even if everything is taken from you? Prove it to me, my priests, and take this priest's son as an example, who fulfills all things to me and who gave everything for me. I have given him a present and continue to give him presents. This path is also passable for you. When you doubt, you stumble. And I want strengthened, sanctified priests who walk this path in my grace and lead the flocks safely. I love you, My beloved sons of priests and I wait for your conversion in patience, in Divine patience.

And so bless you in Divine Love, in goodness and in power and send you out, the Triune God with your Heavenly Mother, with all the angels and saints and also with your beloved Padre Pio and with Saint Paul, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Love is the greatest. Live love and you will become strong! Amen.