Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, March 13, 2009

Fatima and Pink Mysticism Day.

The Blessed Mother speaks for the pilgrims in the hollow in Heroldsbach through her child Anne in Göttingen


I see the hollow illuminated in dark red and golden shine. The Blessed Mother again has the twelve-star wreath over her head and wears a long white robe. Under her feet I see a golden ball. In her right hand she carries a golden scepter that swings her back and forth.

Our Lady says now: I, your dearest Mother of God, speak now through My willing, obedient and humble child Anne, who was chosen by the Heavenly Father in the Trinity to proclaim and spread the words of heaven. I greet you, My beloved children and faithful. May I call you the followers of heaven? The Heavenly Father desires you to be in His plan and will. Bring him many sacrifices out of love and remain the faithful who want to persevere until the end.

My beloved and chosen ones of heaven, how richly have you been endowed with heavenly gifts. They are graces that you have accepted. The Holy Spirit works in you. If you would lie in grave sin, you have no Holy Spirit and obey the lower power.

How many people, above all the messengers, are now falling away in rows and the apostasy is growing, especially in your German country, which I wanted to protect. Remain united in constant prayer and unite yourselves with the supernatural, for then you are children of light and can also communicate this salvation to others.

Darkness has come over this earth. My believers who have believed in the words of my Father so far walk in darkness. They are in search of earthly goods and collect treasures of the earth. My children, turn away from this world with its temptations. Only eternal bliss is important; these are the treasures that no one can rob you of. Be a role model for the others. Think not only of your salvation, because you are also responsible for men who do not yet walk on the right and true path. Practice gratitude, for it brings joy.

From My children there is a ray, that is the ray of divinity, because I am pouring a deep love into your hearts. This love makes you strong to remain steadfast even in the greatest sacrifices. Don't listen to it when other people want to seduce you by leading you away from the safe path to make it easier for you.

Only the path of following Christ is stony and hard. In your difficulties always look at the cross of My Son. He suffered everything for you to redeem you from sin. Do you not want to embrace this Divine Heart of Jesus, which never ceases to love you? When all men leave you, heaven never leaves you. Your pain is also my pain, because the mother's heart suffers all your torments with you and stands by you in abandonment. Can you ever measure how great Divine Love is?

You are the recipients, even in suffering, because you are destined to carry the suffering of the Redeemer. Remember this when a disease strikes you. It is permitted, for the Heavenly Father will never overtax you. You yourselves are not connecting enough with the supernature. Do you not believe that the Heavenly Father can send you legions of angels if it is for your own good? All that you suffer here on earth, you do not need to expiate in purgatory. Often the Heavenly Father also allows suffering to test your steadfastness.

Do you trust even when suffering hits you? Can you prove to the Heavenly Father even then that you really love him? When you make these sacrifices, your heart becomes a flame of love that never goes out in Divine Zeal.

I, the Mother of God, want to lead you to true Divine Love through My virtues that I have practiced on earth. How much care do I use to encourage you to zeal for the Divine Kingdom. I am your mother, who always loves you, even if you take other paths. I follow you and weep for you. I will then call down all those under my protection to you. Never slacken, in order to be able to enjoy the eternal joys once. Free will is given to you. Apply it in the right way. Only then can you master your life in true freedom.

I want to form all of you into an ardor of love, because My motherly love urges Me to lead you to the Divine Trinity. Do works of love and you become love. I, the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach, will accompany you until the next time of My messages. Hold out, for you will be endowed with Divine Strengths. I love you and want to bless you in the love of the Triune God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain faithful to heaven, then everything will be given to you that you need for eternity!