Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Passion Sunday.

Jesus Christ in the Trinity speaks about the suffering through His instrument and child Anne.


Jesus speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak now in this moment through My willing, obedient and humble child and instrument Anne. She is all Mine and speaks only My words. Nothing is out of her. My beloved and chosen ones, today I want to give you some indications and special instructions:.

My time of passion, that is, My time of suffering, has begun. I have already seen all the gravity, all the suffering of the whole world, in advance. It was a cruel world that I saw lying before me. I have suffered as a god and a man. My beloved children, if you could only imagine a little bit what this has meant for me. I was ready, in the will of the Father, to take upon myself the entire guilt of mankind. I saw everything very clearly before me: the sins of the whole world. Can you imagine wanting to wear these, as the innocent Lamb of God?

Look at the world today and the chaos in My Church. Nothing is healed. Everything must be cleaned and rearranged. But sin cries out to heaven. Now My time of suffering has begun. How much suffering has mankind still endured today. For many I have suffered in vain, because they do not accept the streams of grace that have flowed out of my suffering on the cross. I have compassion for all people and would like to save them even today.

My children, are you too ready to suffer with Me? Do you also accept your sufferings and crosses? Look again in this time of Passion at My Cross. Remember the guilt of your children and your sins and repent of them with all your heart. Not for nothing have I given you the Holy Sacrament of Penance. All will be forgiven you if you confess your sins openly and honestly and repent. If they were red like scarlet, they will be white like snow. I love you so much and am waiting for your confession. All the sins you have committed are before me. I know about everything you have ever done. Like a mirror your soul lies before me. My longing to forgive you is so great. Nothing remains hidden. Develop a deep trust in me, then a stream of tears will wet your face with remorse. After My forgiveness, on behalf of My priest who administers this sacrament in My authority, you will be allowed to experience liberation. No earthly pleasures can be compared with these proofs of love. I take part in these your joys and close you in My arms full of happiness.

My mother looks upon your purified souls, because there has never been a sin stain on her. Consecrate yourselves to the Immaculate Heart of your Heavenly Mother. She is with you to keep the firm resolution you have made in Holy Confession. Remember, you are weak people. You will never become perfect. But your weaknesses and imperfections make you lovable. If you feel this knowledge and your wretchedness deep in your hearts, then you remain in humility. You are weak people. You receive the strengths only in Divine Power and in Grace. This is the will of the Trinity.

Love requires counter-love. Your love is a comfort to us in heaven. Therefore, always comfort Our hearts burning with love and prove to Us that you truly love Us by putting your striving for holiness into practice. After the intention the act should follow. After each fall you can get up again. I am waiting for you again and love you the more, the deeper your repentance is.

I especially love the sick who can accept their illness. Then I will stand by them in every emergency, in which they have gotten into. Great graces will I give them, because I do not leave them alone. Often a sick person feels the healing effect of the anointing of the sick. In this I am effective to heal.

We would like to stand by you. Call Us. We are waiting to help you in your need. Your weakness attracts Us. Become trusting like a little child hurrying to the mother. Complain to Us your distress. We want to hear it from you. Other people cannot help you. They want this, but only your Heavenly Father in the Trinity can heal. If I have planned an atoning suffering for you, pray yourselves into the acceptance of the suffering. Be patient with yourself. When you hurry to me, I take you in my arms and you will experience consolation when you become sensitive. Do not give up immediately if the suffering seems too heavy to you.

All the saints have gone through severe diseases and sufferings. They too had to learn to accept the suffering. They had to accept many setbacks. But they have not given up. Willingly and in love they have taken up the cross again and have given us joy with it.

My beloved children, remain in the following of My Son and practice the sufferings which then become sufferings of love. Cast your worries on us, because the graces I give you for this will grow. Look forward and not backward. When you take this path, the path of the cross, you are always on the right track. How often have I given you my hand and you have not taken it. How often have I sent you helpful men who wanted to guide you. Give Us the total surrender. Your whole being and acting shall belong to us. It means growth, to give oneself out of love and to give everything. Keep nothing for yourself. Your Heavenly Father knows about everything that moves you.

Communicate with Our United Hearts. The love fire will never go out, for it is infinite. Let yourself be inflamed by this love. It is inexhaustible. My beloved followers, be now blessed by your loving Heavenly Father in the Trinity and the Heavenly Mother, all angels and saints, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain faithful to heaven and hold out until the end, for you are loved.