Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday, Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ speaks after the Holy Sacrificial Mass through His child and instrument Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Holy Sacrificial Mass and during the Exposition, large crowds of angels entered the sacred space, dressed in snow-white clothes, with white wings bordered with gold. They pulled a banner behind them, on which was written: "Sanctus, Sanctus, Sanctus Dóminus, Deus Sábaoth. Pleni sunt caeli et terra glória tua. Hosánna in excélsis. Benedictus, qui venit in nómine Dómini. Hosánna in excélsis."

Jesus Christ speaks: I, Jesus Christ, speak now through My willing, obedient and humble instrument, child and daughter Anne. She is completely Mine. I have chosen her as My instrument to fulfill My will, the will of the Father in the Trinity.

My beloved children, My chosen ones and My messengers, today, on this feast of Easter, I want to give you the great Easter blessing. The fullness of grace shall come upon you today. Beloved children, if you could look into my face, you would experience this Easter joy. I want to let My little one see it a little, because in the ecstasy she was allowed to see a part of My glory, My risen body.

Thank you, dearest Jesus. I would like to thank you today for appearing to me again in ecstasy after this long period of fasting and for feeling your love, which I was able to experience even more. Thank you, dearest Jesus.

Jesus continues: My beloved children, My chosen ones, My small flock, are meant also those who today take part in the feast of Easter, i.e. that they believe in My resurrection. The grave is empty. The stone, big as a mill wheel, was rolled away from this grave and the guards fainted. I, the Almighty God, Jesus Christ in the Trinity, could go unhindered at first to My Heavenly Father. I was allowed to embrace Him and say thanks to Him because He had chosen this great mystery for me, to suffer for the whole world, to experience this time of passion until the crucifixion and also now in the resurrection to thank My Father, My Heavenly Father in the Trinity.

Afterwards, My beloved children, I am to My Heavenly Mother and your Mother, the Immaculate Conception Mother of God, appeared as the Risen One with a transfigured body. My mother too was in the Transfiguration. She was conceived without sin, My children, that is why our united hearts could meet in this love after the resurrection.

My beloved mother has suffered. Yes, now she has suffered. Gratefully I have met her. In great Easter joy I embraced you. She could not have borne it if she could not have experienced this in divinity, for she was transfigured. You cannot understand it, my beloved children, because you remain imperfect. I will replace this imperfection. I have gone the way of the cross for you until death on the cross. I have suffered for you, so that you may once receive the eternal inheritance and remain in my glory.

You are all sinners. But it is not in vain that I have instituted the Holy Sacrament of Penance, so that you may come to Me again and again for Holy Confession in deep repentance.

Today, my little one, you were allowed to feel the full scents in ecstasy. They were scents of heaven that you have never been allowed to feel. You will now experience them more often than a thank you from your Heavenly Mother. She asked you for these scents because as Heavenly Mother, she knew how you suffered during these six weeks of Lent. Yes, it was meant for you, my little one. I ask a lot from you. But you also receive the greatest graces. You know this, My little one, because you will announce My words in the world, because I continue to use the technology of the Internet.

Thank you, My little Katharina, that you have been willing to put these many messages on the internet lately. I have also demanded great things of you.

And now to you, My beloved priest son Rudi. How much I love you as a priest, as My priestly son.

Jesus Christ, the Savior, is truly risen today! For you he died and for you he rose again. You too will one day be able to experience the glory of heaven in full glory.

My beloved children, My chosen ones, My small group, you too have received the gift that all nature is already in full bloom. Since Good Friday and also today at this Easter you have been able to experience this wonderful weather as a great gift.

My death and resurrection remain a great mystery, which you can never understand. That is why I have so often admonished My chief shepherds that they may finally return to My Holy Sacrificial Feast, to recognize it too and celebrate it in the Tridentine Rite, which they still reject to this day. This alone is My Holy Sacrificial Feast. If they had celebrated it, they would have been able to experience what a great gift it also is for them. None of these chief shepherds is in my succession. No chief shepherd was willing to take these steps in My succession to fulfill the plan of My Heavenly Father. May they finally hurry to My Holy Sacrament of Penance in deep repentance.

Thank you, dear little group, you have fulfilled the plan so far. Also from you, beloved Dorothea, I have asked something great. You have fulfilled it and you were ready to continue on this path in this small beloved flock. Continue to be obedient, courageous and brave and remain in humility.

Humility is very important, My children. In humility you have so much knowledge, which you will not have otherwise. Once again I ask you, remain this little band, the beloved little band that I have chosen to follow My steps and fulfill the plan of the Heavenly Father. He is with you. I am in the Trinity in your hearts. I have set your hearts aflame on this Easter day, as I did yesterday. Like the Easter candle, they were lit to a huge dark red flame. This is my love. The water and my precious blood have flowed out of my side wound. These are My graces, My beloved children. My abundant graces have flowed over you.

I, Jesus Christ, in the Trinity, am truly risen! I am truly risen! I am truly risen! Hallelujah! Scream it into the world, My children, so that this may be heard, that I am risen for all. However, many have not accepted my graces. I give them chances again and again, because otherwise they will fall forever and ever into the deepest abyss where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. This will take forever and ever and there will be no turning back.

My beloved ones, you who have not yet found faith, faith in My resurrection, faith in My mystery, faith in My Holy Eucharist, come to Me. This is the greatest mystery. Again and again every day this sacrifice of the cross is performed anew at my holy sacrificial altars and my blood flows. Make it fluid through the sacraments I have given you!

You are chosen and sent. In love you will fulfill all that my Father has planned for you. My father is always waiting for you to be ready. He will strengthen you with great hosts of angels whom you cannot even count, yes, there will be trillions who must strengthen you. My Heavenly Mother also embraces you in this great Easter blessing on this Easter feast.

My children, you should celebrate this Easter in your sacred space today on this 12th, the first day of Easter. It was not intended for you to go to Heroldsbach, the place of grace of My Mother. I wanted you to celebrate this great Easter experience at home. I am risen! I am risen for you!

My dearest mother greets all pilgrims in Heroldsbach who have hurried there and have no family to which they are bound. You will also receive a rich blessing there. My mother will ask for this blessing of mercy for all who persevere there.

Believe deeper, believe more deeply, believe more strongly, My beloved flock! You are chosen for the New Church, which I will found, I, Jesus Christ, in the plan of the Heavenly Father. For I myself, the Godhead, have again and again asked my heavenly Father and have aligned myself according to his will, I, the Godhead. I have exemplified this obedience to you as it should be. In My succession you go to the Heavenly Father. My mother will accompany you. You are also involved in this plan.

Beloved little flock, and now I want to bless you with My Heavenly Father in the Trinity, with My Heavenly Mother, with all the angels and saints, in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praise be to Jesus, Mary and Joseph forever and ever. Amen. Praised and glorified without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Amen.