Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

After the vigil of atonement the Blessed Mother speaks for the unborn life in the house chapel in Göttingen through Her instrument Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. The angels dressed in white floated along in droves during the vigil of atonement and took these little souls into their midst. They had white wreaths with small pearls and sparkling diamonds on their heads. They were definitely smaller than the angels.

Our Lady says: I, your dearest Mother of God, speak today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument Anne, who repeats My words. Beloved children of the Father, My beloved Mary's children, you chosen ones and her messengers, today I want to thank you for having gone this Vigil into this city. Angels and little souls have accompanied you in droves.

Praying the rosary you have entered this sinful city. All evil was kept from you by the Holy Archangel Michael. The little souls were looking at you and grouped themselves on the house of the doctor who is still performing these abortions, these murders of the little embryos.

My beloved children, you have prayed the rosary and atoned to accompany these little souls from heaven into heaven. They looked upon you with gratitude, because through your prayer and sacrifice they were allowed to enter heaven and see God's glory. I also accompanied them. I have gone ahead of this group of angels as Guadalupe, Fatima and Schoenstatt Mother of God.

My beloved mothers, you who want to commit a murder of the unborn life, consider beforehand whether you can really carry out this murder. It is and remains murder. The loving God is the creator of all things and all people. He loves you and He loves the unborn child in you. He wants to save you from this murder. Look at him. Stand under His cross and look at Me, your Heavenly Mother.

I want to protect you because I love you and I have to bear all this suffering with you. I know about your suffering that oppresses you. I want to stop you from doing this. Therefore come to me. Complain to me your worries, why this unborn child in you is not allowed to live. I will help you by asking down to you angelic hosts so that they protect you from this calamity, because never, my beloved mothers, will you be happy afterwards. New life is born in you and that is a part of you. How will you ever be happy after this murder? No!

Again and again My children in many places go this vigil to pray for you so that you may have the strength not to want to do this. Will and faith are important, my beloved mothers. If you believe in the Triune God, in your Heavenly Mother, the Immaculate, who gave birth to the Son of God, then you cannot let this happen to you. Turn back! Repent and sacrifice your suffering!

Your child will be born when you turn to Me as your Heavenly Mother who loves you and who also loves the unborn child in you. I am also your Mother, especially your Heavenly Mother, who will ask for Divine Power, who will send down the Archangel Michael and many other angels to protect and assist you. Love the nascent life in you, for it is a creature of God that grows up in you!

Your dearest Mother will now bless you with the Holy Crowd of Angels, with many other saints, especially with your dearest Padre Pio, especially with Saint Joseph, in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Continue to be protected. Live love! Be brave, courageous and become like little fighters for the kingdom of heaven! Amen.

Praise and glory be without end, Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Amen. Praised be Jesus, Mary and Joseph forever and ever. Amen.