Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, May 1, 2009

Sacred Heart Friday, Feast of St. Joseph and the beginning of the month of Mary, May.

Jesus Christ in the Blessed Trinity speaks through His humble instrument and child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Many angels are drawn into this sacred space, into this sacred house chapel, where My Holy Sacrifice was celebrated on this altar today.

Jesus Christ: I, Jesus Christ in the Trinity, speak now through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and child Anne. She lies in my will and speaks only words of truth. Today, on this day, you have worshipped My Sacred Heart, celebrated this Heart Jesus Friday as it should be. Thank you, My beloved priest son. That was My wish. Besides, today you have started this May month.

This month consecrated to My Most Holy Mother You will hold the May devotions this month in honor of My mother. Today Our United Hearts have been merged with your hearts. It was an intimate deepening of My love, which I gave you today, at the request of My Heavenly Mother.

Today, on this first of May, I want to announce to you something special, according to the plan of My Heavenly Father. I wish that this dogma of the Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of Grace and Advocate be proclaimed very soon.

You, My beloved ones, you, My little flock, pray for it. This message has already received My willing instrument, My daughter Elizabeth. I, Jesus Christ, say it to you today, My beloved child Anne, that you put it on the Internet, as it is My desire, so that the believers may be kindled by love, that this dogma may be proclaimed quite soon. It depends on your love, prayer and sacrifice. My Heavenly Mother was always the Coredemptrix. She has stood under My cross. She went along with me on my Way of the Cross in all consistency, in all suffering, in all pain. Your heart was pierced by deep inner pain, because your son, Jesus Christ, was crucified, and that was your greatest pain.

This suffering of the cross is today denied by My beloved priest son, yes I still say: by My beloved priest son Robert Zollitsch. This is one of the greatest sins against the Holy Spirit.

My beloved shepherd, how can you deny this? Have I not redeemed you through My suffering on the Cross? Do you not want to want to enter My Heavenly Kingdom one day? Will you stand before me, the judge, with this sin - at the eternal judgment? Can you account for this in your priesthood? Is it possible for you to commit such a grave sin? No, it would not be possible if you had not given yourself into the hands of these evil powers of the Freemasons. Turn around! There is still time for you! You can come to Me in a penitent confession. My Sacred Heart of Jesus, venerated today, draws you to Me, for I love you, - yes, boundlessly. I love all people and want to save all souls.

You, My little flock, are there for the salvation of these souls who persist in the most serious sins, which My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church denies. For these you are there, for this pain that they have caused me in the Trinity and of My dearest and purest Mother, the Mother of God.

Atone, My children! Pay attention to every step that I will announce to you in this very last phase. Always remember that you, My little flock, are protected. Protected by your dearest mother, who will call down all the angels to you. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid, but believe. Have a deep trust in Our Trinity, in your Heavenly Father, who wants to keep everything from you, but who also demands great sacrifices from you to atone for these unspeakable sacrileges that My priests and chief shepherds have committed - since long ago.

I am the Ruler and the Victor of My Church. I will bring My Catholic Church to the safe shore and the gates of hell will never overpower them. It will never happen that Satan will win this victory. The satanic powers are at work. Yes, all over the world the power of the Freemasons rules. The end of this most difficult time is not yet here. But the beginning of My foundation, the foundation of My Only Church has begun - in you, My beloved ones - in you. Taste this in your hearts, because your Beloved dwells in your hearts and works in your hearts. All heaven is within you.

You are still grieving that My Holy Sacrificial Feast, even My suffering on the Cross, is being denied. You suffer as members of My Church. That is why I wish that you carry out without contradiction many things that still have to be done before I will come in great power and glory with your Heavenly Mother and all her children of Mary. You too will be there. My mother will never leave her children alone. But she is also your mother and she thinks only of your salvation and the salvation of all souls for which you sacrifice.

I thank you for having walked the steps without contradiction that I showed you yesterday. It is necessary My children. I would like to have everything regulated by you down to the smallest detail. I love you! You are connected with My and our united hearts burning with love. They will become a flame of love, because we, the Trinity, will ignite your hearts.

Yes, yesterday I blessed many people with My Easter blessing. You have received these fragrances. That was My sign. You did many things yesterday at my request, not yours. Always pay close attention to my wishes, because everything will be necessary for my coming - for my coming quite soon.

I love you and embrace you and bless you - your dearest Jesus in the Trinity with your dearest and purest Heavenly Mother, to whom this month of May is consecrated, with St. Joseph, who is also celebrated today, for work to the glory of God. This is what My Holy Joseph, the Bridegroom of My Heavenly Mother did. Adore him today in particular. It is also his day.

And so I bless you with all the angels and saints, especially with your beloved Padre Pio, in the Trinity, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be loved, led and guided in the Trinity, you, My beloved little flock, you, in the following of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I love you and draw you into Our United Hearts. Amen.

Praise and blessed be Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar without end. Amen.

Request for the proclamation of the dogma Mary Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of Grace and Advocate. (Desired by the Triune God.).

See message of January 25, 2009: Marian Holy Spirit Rosary for our Holy Father. This request can be added after any law: May the dogma of Mary Coredemptrix, Mediatrix of Grace and Advocate be proclaimed in our Church very soon.