Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, May 2, 2009


The Blessed Mother speaks after the Cenacle in the house chapel in Göttingen through Her instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Large crowds of angels have appeared outside this hallowed house chapel. They floated in droves into this chapel during the Holy Sacrificial Feast. Also during the Fraternita many angels were kneeling around the tabernacle. The Blessed Mother appeared as Fatima Madonna. Saint Joseph, your bridegroom, was in the bright golden light. St. Michael the Archangel was all dipped in gold and the whole room was brightly lit during the Holy Sacrificial Feast and during the message of the priest's son Don Gobbi.

Our Lady says: I, Our Lady, your dearest mother, speak now through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne. She is all Mine and listens to the words of heaven. Nothing is out of her.

My beloved children, My chosen ones, My children of Mary, you have entered today the Hall of Pentecost and have received the fullness of the Holy Spirit through Me, the Bride of the Holy Spirit. The fullness of graces have been poured out upon you. You lie in the truth because you receive this knowledge of the Holy Spirit from me. Today the Holy Spirit of the Lord's wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge, piety and fear has been radiated within you. You shall enjoy this abundance. It will enliven you in this time of tribulation.

As you all know, I am the Mother of the Church and I gather all My children of Mary around Me. They belong to me and are anchored only in the truth - in the truth of the Triune God. I teach you the virtues, My children, which I have practiced. I will form you in true love, because the Heavenly Father has chosen Me to be your beloved Mother, who embraces you with exceedingly great tenderness.

My beloved Pius brothers, I want to address you today, because I love you very much and I thank you for having walked this difficult path for so many years and for standing by the Holy Sacrifice of My Son. Nothing has dissuaded you, despite excommunication, from celebrating this Holy Sacrificial Feast in the will of the Heavenly Father in the Trinity - in all reverence. You will be sanctified by this and you are on the path of holiness. Now, in this time, you are there to support My representative on earth, the Holy Father. Do not give in to modernism. It is a false doctrine of this time. Don't be lost, because you are being forced by the Masonic powers to recognize this modernism after Vatican II. So far you have fulfilled everything in obedience, and I wish you to continue to do so. Give no room to modernism. My beloved Son, Jesus Christ, watch over you. Your Heavenly Father has given you everything you need to take these steps. Stay in the truth! Remain courageous and become strong!

To you, My beloved priestly son of the Pius Fraternity, Father Steiner, I want to say, I regret with all my heart that you have accused My messenger Anne in such a way, and that you have hostilely denounced this publicly. Repent of this from your heart in a good holy confession. My little one does not expect an apology from you, because she is completely bound by the will of the Heavenly Father. She is protected by Me, her Heavenly Mother, whom she worships above all.

I thank you, My little one, for always announcing this mysticism and for standing by this mysticism. She is everything. Thus the holy, catholic church is revived. I, as the Mother of the Church, receive the insight and knowledge of the Holy Spirit as Bride of the Holy Spirit to revive this Church as it is in the will of the Heavenly Father. Nothing will be unholy in this newly founded church, which is soon to be spun off. It is still being cleaned.

Some priests of the Brotherhood of St. Pius should convert. Also you, my beloved district superior, Father Schmidberger. I also ask you, do not proclaim untruth. Remain with the full truth and stand by it, then you are my beloved priest son. Your Heavenly Mother loves you tenderly and wants to lead you to the Heavenly Father and integrate you into the plan of the Heavenly Father. Yes, you are chosen. Look at this My beloved priestly son who, here in this house chapel today, celebrated in all reverence the Holy Sacrificial Feast, the Sacrificial Feast of My Son. This son of priest you have cast out of your chapels. Can you still be responsible for that today? You have a great responsibility for the Pius Brotherhood. People are looking at you. They listen to your words. Stick to the truth and become more courageous and do not pay attention to modernism. It will confuse and confuse you. Reject them! Your diocesan bishop, the chief shepherd, also wants to turn you away from the truth.

All My beloved shepherds in Germany are straying and have fallen into heresy. They obey the widely spread masonic powers - the satanic powers. Don't let it affect you. Practice obedience to the Heavenly Father, the highest authority, the Ruler of His Church and the Ruler of the whole world, the entire universe. He created everything. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, suffered everything for you. Look at His cross! Look at your mother! It stands under the cross - even today. Even today she is still praying for you and imploring you to "Come back! Come back, My beloved shepherds!" Also I love you in motherly love. I am concerned about you. Like a mother, I want to take you under my protective cloak. Do not remain in this aberration, in this confusion of this time.

Turn back and free yourselves from the Masonic powers! They are the Antichrist, and this Antichrist you shall not obey. Come to My son. He is the love. The greatest love takes place on the cross. In the cross is salvation. If you take up your cross, you can safely walk the path to Calvary. You will arrive at the top of Mount Golgotha and will be allowed to sing this Hallelujah with great Easter joy. I, the Heavenly Mother, will protect you and will ask down all the angels that you may walk this path, - not according to your wishes, but according to the plan and will of the Heavenly Father, your Heavenly Father. Can you contradict your Heavenly Father, who loves you so with boundless love? Should I as a mother watch how you go astray, how you continue to belong to this heresy? No, I fight for you. I am your Heavenly Mother and will not cease to plead for you with your Heavenly Father in the Trinity. The Trinity shall also shine in you - also in your hearts. You are priests. At the moment you are not worthy of this office. But I desire that you return to My Son who loves you, to His Blessed Sacrament, to His Holy Sacrament of Sacrifice. It is the greatest and the holy of holies. Come to this Holy Sacrament. The Trinity is waiting for you.

Today, on this day of the Cenacle, which is spread all over the world, I also tell you, My beloved priestly son Don Gobbi, you too will celebrate this Holy Sacrificial Feast very soon and do not obey your bishops who lie in falsehood, in modernism. The messages, My beloved priestly son, lie in full truth. You, My children, have received the messages from this 'Blue Book' today. Everything is truth. Everything is in complete harmony. This holy sacrificial meal is still missing. Do not be afraid, My beloved priest son Don Gobbi. You are chosen from eternity. They want to force you to continue to obey your diocesan bishop. Obey Me, the highest holiness, the Son of God, the heavenly Father. Your dearest mother watches over you and asks you.

Look at Me, how much I look in your face, full of love, full of kindness, full of tenderness. I am the Mother of Beautiful Love and will never stop embracing you with Divine Love and let this love radiate into your heart so that you become the Easter Light. Your hearts have been inflamed and you will be allowed to pass on this glow of love to the people you meet. Your dearest mother tells you that. You will receive fragrances from me because I ask for them. They shall strengthen you and confirm to you that this is the truth. Love is within you, Divine love, strong love. It has inflamed you and it will drive you further - forward, not backward. Do not go backwards, because I want to continue to walk the path with you, I your loving Mother, Queen and Victress, the Immaculate Received Mother and Queen of Victory. I embrace you. I won't let you go and I won't leave you alone. In your hearts dwells the Trinity, and I have also dwelt in your hearts inflamed by love.

I want to give you everything, everything, My beloved children, if you continue to fight with Me, this greatest fight against Antichrist. You are called and chosen. You are protected and loved. What can happen to you?

Here, in this Holy House Chapel, I would like to thank my beloved priest son for decorating this altar to My glory out of love for Me, because you love Me, because you love Me from your full heart, not from your mind. I dwell in your heart. The love goes on. Love accomplishes deeds that you could not accomplish from yourselves. It drives you on because I have asked the Holy Spirit for you today.

Again I say to you: I, as the Bride of the Holy Spirit, have received a great power from heaven and I want to let this love of the Holy Spirit enter your hearts. Love one another! Obey everything that the Heavenly Father tells you, for the last phase, the very last phase, has begun. Do not be afraid! Sacrifice and atone and always look at the cross of My Son. This cross that you bear, He will bear with you. He will lift it up if it becomes too heavy for you.

Dear little one, do not be afraid! You have the greatest suffering to bear because you have received the greatest graces from heaven. You will be hostile, slandered and mocked. Believe it - then it is the truth. Without hostility, without slander and without mockery there is no truth.

And now your dearest Mother wants to embrace you in loving tenderness, bless you, protect you, guide you, lead you and form you. Blessed are you, My chosen ones, in the Trinity of God with all angels and saints, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Come often to My maternal Immaculate Heart and consecrate yourselves to this Heart, then you will be united with the divine loving hearts, with the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Love is the greatest thing and it will drive you to action. Love and go ahead. Continue to walk up the mountain. I will stand by you, your dearest mother. Amen.

Praise and blessed be Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar without end. Amen.