Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Lady speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through her instrument and daughter Anne.


Large flocks of angels have streamed in from all four directions. Golden angels were gathered around the Blessed Mother and She appeared as Fatima Madonna in the bright light with little golden and silver stars that she scattered. In addition, during the rosary she scattered the petals of the bouquet of roses over us as the Rose Queen of Heroldsbach. Today these roses should pour out special streams of grace because She is our Mother, our Queen and the Mother of Victory.

Our Lady says: I, the Heavenly Mother, will speak to you today. I, the Blessed Mother, am speaking to you now in this moment, My beloved children and chosen ones through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne. She is in the will of the Father and speaks only words from heaven. Nothing is out of her.

My beloved children, My chosen ones, My beloved son Manfred, today, on this day, I have chosen you here in this house chapel of your uncle, the chosen priest son of the Heavenly Father, to receive these streams of graces. I, your dearest mother, will ask for these graces. I beg you, accept them as graces for you, for your family and for all your relatives. Not everything is okay there as you know. But I, the dearest Mother, will especially choose you today to take the streams of grace with you on your way and on your way to work. There, too, you will pour out graces without realizing and feeling that they are within you. I, your dearest mother, the mother and queen of victory and mother of the whole Church and the world, will let these graces flow into your heart. Open your heart to Me! Be ready in this very last phase, where I will appear as Heavenly Mother and Queen with My Son, Jesus Christ!

This event will be soon. Only the Heavenly Father knows the day and the hour. No one will be allowed to know and proclaim this last time. Pay attention to the signs of heaven, for the sun, moon and stars will change. This is the time that the Heavenly Father has chosen. Believe in this event and prepare yourself! Get your hearts ready and be available for heaven!

Yes, the people who do not believe will go astray and run around in confusion, yes, they will cry out for the Son of God, for My Son, for the Trinity, because the Heavenly Father will no longer want to mitigate this event, because the priests and bishops reject everything that is in His will and desire.

The Heavenly Father, has chosen My messengers and messengeresses to proclaim My truth in the world. It is not according to the wishes of the messengers, but according to the will of the Heavenly Father. You, My beloved children of Mary, you are the chosen ones who were allowed to experience this Holy Sacrificial Feast in great reverence through this My beloved son of priest. Yes, you were allowed to celebrate this holy sacrificial meal. It is a grace that is given to you, my beloved ones, daily.

You too, my beloved son Manfred, have been granted this special grace today. Take them with you on your way home. It will strengthen you on this path, because you, too, will experience the last event, this imminent event, which the heavenly Father must not let happen out of punishment, but has planned for the conversion of souls.

Many people, as you know, no longer believe in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, in the seven sacraments. They fell off. The greatest apostasy has occurred. Yes, all heaven weeps for the many who will fall into the eternal abyss. Like snowflakes, they will fall in where there will be howling and gnashing of teeth. No one is then liberated from there.

My son is the Alpha and the Omega in the Trinity. He is the ruler of the whole world, the ruler of the universe. In his omnipotence he will come and work. Nothing will happen without me, the dearest heavenly mother, being allowed to prepare you, when you implore me, when you turn to my Immaculate Heart. There you will find security. There I will be allowed to lead you to My Son, finally to the Heavenly Father.

I am the mother of the church. I am also the mother of beautiful love. Divine Love will shine around you if you pay attention to and obey the words of the Heavenly Father. Why are many so stubborn? Why do they not listen to the words of heaven? The Heavenly Father has mercy on the whole world. He implores the people:.

Come to this holy sacrificial banquet! Only this Holy Sacrificial Feast in the Tridentine Rite means My Sacrificial Mass. Only there will My Son be transformed in these consecrated sacred hands of My sons of priests who listen to My words. Receive always this Holy Communion kneeling and in oral communion. Only that is what I want.

I want to come closer to you, My beloved children, - so says Jesus Christ now. You, My beloved children, come to My mother. She will lead you to Me, to this most holy sacrament. You have adored Me as the Son of God in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

I, the Heavenly Mother, have led you here, because there shall be your center, your purpose in life and your goal. Look only at the goal, eternity. For eternal bliss is important for you. not earthly desires. Look not on worldly things, for they are perishable. Look into the supernature. She will guide you, she will direct you, and I, the Heavenly Mother, may form you as your dearest Mama. I am always longing for your hearts and want to make you available for My Son in the Trinity. The Heavenly Father watches over you. He wants to gather you all - all souls - around Him. He begs in the Trinity for all the souls.

You, My beloved children, pray, sacrifice and atone for the many sacrileges committed by today's priests, for this apostasy of souls, for this lack of faith, yes, for this mockery and hostility. You, My beloved messenger, are being more and more hostile. But believe it - then you are in the truth! Take upon you all mockery, sickness and discomfort and offer them to the Heavenly Father. He is waiting for your availability. You have transferred your will to him. Do not complain about your complaints and diseases. Carry them in patience. You, My beloved and chosen ones, you too have to bear much suffering.

You, My beloved son of the priest, bear your confession out of love for Jesus Christ, for whom you have celebrated this sacrificial meal today. Remain in awe, remain in love and be an example for the whole world! You will accept many mockeries and hostilities, because then you too lie in the truth!

Pray for your relatives! Pray for your brothers - here and in eternity. You have celebrated this sacrificial meal for her today. It will benefit them and will be for their salvation. Salvation comes from the Cross of My Son. Look at this cross. I, as Heavenly Mother, stood under the cross. You also stand there under this cross and sacrifice and atone. Look upon the sufferings of My Son. Are they like your sufferings? Not in the slightest. But accept your crosses - as the Heavenly Father wants you to. Never will a cross be too much for you, for the Heavenly Father will burden no one more than he can bear. Be patient! Remain in humility and persevere in this very last phase! Eternal bliss is certain for you!

And now, My beloved ones, your Heavenly Mother will be allowed to bless, love, protect and send you out in the Trinity of God with all angels and saints, with the Trinity, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Persevere, My beloved ones! Remain in love, for love is the greatest! It is your gift forever and ever! Divine Love will be given to you and Divine Power will shower upon you in this last phase! I thank you for coming and bless you. Amen.

Praise and blessed be Jesus Christ in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar without end. Amen.