Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Pentecost vigil.

The Heavenly Father in His omnipotence speaks serious words after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through His child and tool Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Nine choirs of angels were again present and sang the Sanctus in nine different voices. The angels came in when the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass began. They were clothed all in gold and they had golden wreaths on their heads decorated with myrtle. The Blessed Mother and St. Joseph were brightly illuminated, and later St. Padre Pio and St. Michael the Archangel. He has swung his sword in all four directions.

The Heavenly Father says: I, the Heavenly Father, speak today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and child Anne. She lies in My will and speaks only words that come from Me. My beloved chosen ones, My beloved little flock, today, on this most holy feast of Pentecost vigil, I want to make known to you some things that are important for you and for all in My Church. I speak today in the authority of the Heavenly Father, for I am the Ruler of the whole Church and of the whole universe.

I speak today in My omnipotence. The Holy Spirit will descend upon you tomorrow on the most holy day of Pentecost. Our Lady will bring down these red tongues of fire upon you and you will proclaim the Word of God in its entirety, in its completeness and in the full truth. You will not feel it because the Holy Spirit will speak through you.

I, the Heavenly Father, would like to call once again today upon My cardinals and bishops with My Vicar on earth, the Rock of the Church, the Successor of Peter, whom My Son Himself appointed as your Vicar on earth, to make the total dedication. He himself has proclaimed this Motu Proprio, that My Holy Sacrificial Feast may be celebrated in all churches in the Tridentine Rite. He did not proclaim it ex cathedra in His infallibility. Why, My beloved ones, because he could not. The cardinals and bishops have forced this right to a say. My Holy Father, the deputy on earth, Pope John XXIII, has already signed this document, which states that all cardinals and bishops have a say in the matter. My Holy Father, My Vicar on earth, no longer has this exclusive right and can proclaim ex cathedra in his infallibility.

This is the most important thing, My beloved children, that My representative on earth speaks in infallibility. This right has been taken away from him. Now, My children, the Church with My representative on earth will be completely destroyed. It lies in complete destruction.

But My Son, Jesus Christ, has already foretold you that He will found His Church anew with you, My beloved little flock, what you cannot imagine and what you will not fathom. I have told you that My Church can never be destroyed because I, the Son of God, Jesus Christ, founded My Church Himself. On this rock My Church will rise anew. It cannot be destroyed, even if it is now in total destruction, because I am the Ruler of the whole universe and the Ruler of My Church, the Church of My Son, with the Seven Sacraments. This is My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. No religious community can be like it, even if one proclaims interreligion. There is no interreligion. There is also no intercommunion. Everything has been destroyed and everything will be announced to you in heresy. It is a false doctrine that My cardinals and My bishops and also My deputy on earth proclaim. Do not believe this. One only wants to destroy them. Do not believe this false doctrine and do not succumb to it. I, the Heavenly Father, am in authority over it.

How long have I been proclaiming this truth to you through my Internet. How long have I been speaking to My cardinals and bishops in the full truth. But one will not acknowledge my truth and will not listen to it. I have chosen my prophets, seers and seeresses, these messengers myself. They do not proclaim themselves, but I, the heavenly Father, speak through them. They are My tools and nothing more. They remain nothing. They are tools in the full truth. They all make the complete input.

And this total devotion I also wish from My representative on earth. His word is effective only in total surrender, because I watch over him and stand above him. If he offers me his life, it is enough for me. This does not mean, beloved Holy Father on earth, that I take your life away from you. No, you shall offer it to Me, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity. That is what I want from you. You are indeed surrounded by all the powers of Freemasonry and you are forced to speak and proclaim falsehood, but am I not your Supreme Shepherd? Am I not above you in My omnipotence? In My omnipotence can I not save you from all evil? Do you not believe in Me, in this omnipotence? do you not believe that I remain the Ruler of My Church, that I can change everything, that I will protect you, who may not proclaim this Motu Proprio ex cathedra if I wish? Why don't you surrender yourself completely to Me? You have not done so far, because your fear of man is greater than the fear of God, and therefore nothing can be effective.

My beloved chosen ones and children also make this total devotion. I also want from you that you offer me your life, that you risk everything, that you keep nothing for yourselves, not even your life. I have your life in my hand. You are My creatures and I can still take this life from you today if it is in My desire. Believe in it, my children. How many have so far turned away from you. Why? Because they do not want to make this total surrender. Because they do not believe in everything, because they do not believe in the Heavenly Father, who has the right to take His Son out of all tabernacles of modernism. May I not do this? Do I not have the right to take My Son out when he is disgraced and defiled to the highest degree? In these modernist churches they do not believe in My Son. One holds meal fellowship at national altars. It is not the Holy Sacrificial Feast of My Son where He lets Himself be transformed by His holy priests, not by modernist priests who do not believe in the Word and Truth of My Son, who no longer believe in the Seven Sacraments, who do not believe in and venerate the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, but rather disfigure it. Do you believe, My children, that I can still be present in these churches in My Son? No, I can't. I, the Heavenly Father, reign in My Church and I will now take over this regency in My Son Jesus Christ.

My event must come, which I have foretold to you all. The peak is reached. One no longer obeys My Son, the Divine Son, but one obeys the Masonic power. And it is in the first place with these priests, bishops and cardinals. It is not I, Jesus Christ, who is in the first place with them. They have taken this place. And that is the end of this church!

Do you believe that you can continue to believe this modernist church? I have also imposed this test on this monastery of the visitation and they have not passed it. I examined them and wanted to take them out of this modernism. Now they too believe the other power.

My beloved and chosen ones, you stand on My side, on the right side and you are protected and nothing will happen to you. Have no fear of man and no anxiety. Your dearest mother will protect you and guard you from all evil. She is your caring mother and she stays in your hearts.

And now I bless you, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity, with the Most Beloved Mother, with all the angels and saints, with the Holy Archangel Michael, the Bridegroom of My Mother, Saint Joseph, Saint Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Remain in love and live love, then you are protected!