Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, June 5, 2009

Heart Jesus Friday.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through His child and tool Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Large crowds of angels were present during the prayer of the Rosary and the Holy Sacrificial Feast.

The Heavenly Father says: I, the Heavenly Father, will speak today through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and child Anne. My beloved child, I, the Heavenly Father, will give you the strength today to proclaim this which you do not desire, but which is in My will. The power of God will come upon you and the Holy Spirit will guide you. Thank you for having worn the crown of thorns for My daughter Mary already yesterday and for having taken the heavy cross upon you today. It is in My spirit so that the punishments of sins of this My Mary may be lessened.

Today you have celebrated the feast of My Son, the Heart of Jesus, with great reverence. My Son's Heart was severely wounded in this room. And that is why I, the Heavenly Father, want to send this message into the world today. It will appear on the Internet.

The Heavenly Father has prepared you, My beloved Mary by law, for a long time that you should confess this grave guilt of sin. You were notified by My priest's son and you were able to confess this grave sin. You did not. It has already been four months since you left this apartment of My beloved priest's son in a hurry. It was on the feast of My dearest Mother, February 2 this year.

My beloved daughter Mary of Gestratz, you have spread these falsehoods into the world and very far. That is why today I want to enlighten My beloved ones and believers through this message. My beloved priestly son in Göttingen welcomed you lovingly and you were treated lovingly by him. Your monthly income was secured by an employment contract and you were generously paid for the little work you were supposed to do. Every day you fled to the city to satisfy your drug consumption. Again and again I have called you to confess and confess everything in My Holy House Chapel to My beloved priestly son. You knew what serious sins you were committing. You have realized it and you have been granted all the help you need here in these rooms.

Generously I have given you all gifts: You were allowed to participate in a daily sacrificial meal, confession was offered to you and My little ones treated you lovingly. Never has an evil word come out of her mouth. But you spread the word that you were treated very badly and unlovingly, that you did not get love and that you had to do the work by force.

You fled to the city every day. You know that you could never be forced to work, that I welcomed you in these rooms and touched your heart lovingly. But you have not obeyed my words and have not brought love to me. Your drugs would have become less, even disappeared completely. Everything would have been taken from you, but you did not declare your drug use, yes, you swore that you never stole those four thousand Euros from My beloved priest son. You swore that this could not be the truth. But you know that you have done it. And I urge you to make up for this as you can and as it is within your possibilities. You must repay it, and you must want to confess these grave sins before My Son, Jesus Christ, in a valid, holy confession, deeply repent and never do it again. Then I will help you to be delivered from these grave sins.

I love you, My beloved daughter Maria and I want you back. I do not want you to fall into the eternal abyss. I want to save you. My beloved little flock is praying for you. My little one has prayed the Rosary of Jesus every day for you, to bring you back to Me, to the Trinity, to Divine Love. Wake up, My beloved child! You are standing at the abyss! This message should be sent to the relatives.

My beloved little flock, this is a sad occasion on the feast of My Son, the Heart of Jesus, which you are celebrating today. You are My beloved ones. I draw you into My Divine Heart. There you will find peace and balance and you can draw from the full. Create and never let the source of the Heart of Jesus dry up! Create continuously and extensively! How many graces have flowed again today over you and your relatives from the Divine Heart of Jesus, My Son.

On Sunday you will drive this way in complete safety. You are protected. You are loved and I send you. Please consider this and make My truths known. Nothing but My truths are revealed to her there. I have sent you the Holy Spirit. The tongues of fire have come down upon you. Please keep this in mind on your way and your journey. Love those to whom I send you, but do not speak of the world. You live in the world, but you are not of the world. You are My beloved ones and can reveal all truths through the Holy Spirit. They are given to you when you declare your willingness to do so. Make yourselves completely available and live the total surrender. It is important - especially on this Sunday. Can't I send you anywhere I want?

Also to Hamburg I will send you again. Believe that you are the messengers. Do not talk about the world, but talk about the supernature. These people must learn from you that the supernature exists, that you live it and that you enter into it through much prayer and sacrifice. Be exemplary in every good deed and word and also in every sacrifice.

I love you! You will always receive Divine Strength - always. They will never go out. The Holy Archangel Michael will keep evil away from you and your dearest Mama will implore all the Holy Angels down on you. Be loved, protected, blessed and sent out, you, My beloved little flock! The Triune God with His beloved Mother, all the angels and saints, blesses you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. Live love and be vigilant! Amen.