Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Saturday, June 6, 2009


The Blessed Mother speaks after the Cenacle in the house chapel in Göttingen through Her child and tool Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Cenacle the Fatima Madonna was brightly illuminated and blessed us. The holy archangel Michael has struck his sword in all four directions. The angels were also present, especially around the altar of the Virgin Mary, and a white dove hovered over the crown of the Mother of God, which was decorated with rubies and diamonds. Wide dark red and white rays went from the Mother of God to the Child Jesus.

Our Lady will speak: I, your Heavenly Mother, your Mother of God, speak now through My willing, obedient and humble child and instrument Anne. The words are from Me. They have been given to Me by the Holy Spirit.

Beloved children, beloved little flock and My children of Mary, you are dearest to Me because you obey now in this last time, the new era, the Heavenly Father in the Trinity and My beloved Son. You, My beloved ones, have now become a small flock, a small flock that will crush the head of the evil one, the demon, the evil serpent with Me. Remain courageous and brave, and above all, remain faithful to the Heavenly Father, faithful in His messages, which He will continue to communicate to you. I, the Heavenly Mother, protect you. I am always caring for you and have taken up dwelling in your hearts, where also the Trinity has opened her temple.

Beloved children, beloved chosen ones, the time is here, the end time, the time when the Heavenly Father will let the event come. Only He alone knows at this time. No one will be allowed to know this time, because He is the Regent of the new Church. He works in this church and nothing else will be effective than His authority, than His omnipotence.

My beloved children, pay more attention to the signs in the firmament. They will make you aware of this great event. Believe me that you will trample the head of the serpent with me. You are in a protected territory. Nothing will happen to you. No one will be able to attack you and steal this love from your hearts. It is unique and large. I have let them flow deeper and deeper into your hearts. They want to take this love from you. Be vigilant, My beloved ones! The Holy Archangel Michael will always keep evil away from you. Call him quite often! Also the angelic flock, also the oil angel Lechitiel is important for you at this time. Call him! You will have to experience the tortures of the Mount of Olives in this last time, because you are blessed. You are all blessed, blessed because you were able to fulfill the will of the Heavenly Father, because you have remained in the truth.

The Heavenly Father has given you many directives, many instructions. That My Son, Jesus Christ, was taken out of these tabernacles by the Heavenly Father, for example, you first experienced. My Son can no longer be in these modernist churches. These are Protestant churches and churches where ecumenism is taught. My Son cannot be present there because the Seven Sacraments are not worshipped and they are not observed. The Blessed Sacrament of the Altar is disgraced. One no longer believes in the presence of My Son, Jesus Christ, in His Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. Where then can My son still be present? Should He then still be in these tabernacles where He does not even get a knee bend, where the folk altars are, where one holds banquets at these folk altars, where the laity distribute My Son, His body and His blood? Should He be present in these tabernacles? Should He be transformed by these priests, in these sacrilegious hands? No, My children, He cannot. It is not possible for Him because the Heavenly Father has protected Him. He took it out.

In you He is active in the Holy Trinity, in your hearts, who do not belong to this modernist Church. You may be in this world, but you do not belong to this world and you do not live in worldly desires. No, you live in the supernatural. This is the most important thing for you to call on heaven again and again in prayer, sacrifice and atonement.

The heavenly Father says: This is your way, your only way. You could not be happy in these modernist churches. You would run out today because I, the Triune God, dwell in your hearts and have opened My temple in them, I, the Triune God. My dearest Mother is the dearest to Me, who speaks today and whom I have also chosen for you, as your dearest, sweetest, tenderest Mother, who lets love flow into you.

Now again Our Lady says: My beloved children, I am with you, I am streaming love, this Divine love, which is in My heart, into your hearts. I am united with the Blessed Trinity, and I also desire that this Love flows so deeply into you that you are so filled with this Divine Love that you can only breathe out the jubilation, this rejoicing on earth. Let the joy become effective in you, the Divine joy.

Every day you experience this great holy mystery. You celebrate the holy sacrificial meal. You are involved in what is happening with the highest reverence. The sacrifice of My Son on the cross is renewed in it. He himself comes to you in this Holy Communion - daily. Can you capture this? No, My children. This great mystery you can never comprehend and fathom, but it remains the greatest gift that My Son prepares for you daily. He loves you boundlessly and you are allowed to be with him every day. You are members of his body. You are members of the true church, the only church. Only this one true Catholic and Apostolic Church belongs to it - not the Protestant Church. In this church today you would only be unhappy. That is why I say to you, become more grateful, more grateful to be allowed to experience this every day. You may receive Holy Confession from My chosen priestly son, who has had this prohibition given to him, this prohibition to no longer hear confession. But the Heavenly Father is above this prohibition, My beloved priestly son.

I, the Blessed Mother, teach you the love of the Father. Come to fatherly love, come to father! He is both father and mother to you. He is a tender, loving father who always takes His children in his arms. He enjoys his children who follow him and do his will. You are these chosen children. Thank the Father daily! I, the dearest mother, finally lead you to the father. I teach you the deep faith, I teach you the virtues and I am allowed to form you.

Today, in this Cenacle, you have entered into the Pentecost Hall, into the love of God. And you will be allowed to pass on and testify to this love because you will bear witness to the truth. You have received the Spirit of God on the most holy day of Pentecost. The tongues of fire have come down upon you. I was allowed to send them to you. And you are now the messengers of the Holy Spirit. Think about this when you come into other families! Remember that you are the messengers! You are not of the world, but you live in this world. I thank you for all the love you have shown Me, your dearest Mother, and that you want to love Me always anew. Show it to me in your deep songs. They will bring joy in your hearts and give you tenderness, then you may express this love also in tender words. I love you My beloved ones, My messengers and bless you in the Trinity of God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. And now also your dearest mother personally blesses you, because you are entering the New Era: In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.