Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Trinity fixed.

The Heavenly Father speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through His child and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. The Blessed Mother was brightly illuminated and from Her heart white rays went in all directions. She pointed to the Child Jesus and to Saint Joseph. The holy archangel Michael raised his sword.

The Heavenly Father will say: I, the Heavenly Father, am speaking at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne. She lies in My will and repeats My words. My beloved little flock, My chosen ones, I, the Heavenly Father, want to manifest to you today the Trinity, what it means to love the Trinity and to receive it into your open hearts.

I, the Heavenly Father, send My Son who has given you the Holy Seven Sacraments and She gives them to you. This is something very big. The Holy Spirit is the love between Father and Son and this love will flow deep into your hearts.

I, the Heavenly Father, am the Authority, i.e. everything that must be made known in the Holy Eucharist, in the religious life of faith, I will make known and will give you these instructions. Look to the will of the Heavenly Father and follow Him. These steps are important in the final final phase of this period.

My beloved children, what does the Trinity mean? Does this trinity also exist in other religions? Do you also exist in Protestantism? Wouldn't you then make the sign of the cross? No, in Protestantism this sign of the cross does not exist. One does not kneel down before me either. One grants me only a small bow and not even that. Am I adored in the Blessed Trinity, in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar? Do they worship Me there, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit? No, My beloved children, you celebrate this feast today, but in Protestantism this feast will not exist.

Nor does one venerate My Most Holy Mother, the Mother of the Church. You are rejected as mother of the church. You are being ridiculed. You are placed on the side and said that you, My dear Catholic Christians, adore you. You adore them, My beloved ones. You do not worship them. But the Heavenly Father in the Trinity has given her to you. She stood under the cross and suffered this redeemer life with and is also to be chosen as Coredemptrix at a special celebration.

One does not obey this dearest mother, who holds all the virtues within herself, who wants to teach you, who wants to form you. You are not revered, My beloved children. One does not even believe in your Sacred Heart, your intact heart, your Immaculate Conception. One does not believe in that either. Therefore, you do not believe in the Bride of the Holy Spirit, who has asked the Holy Spirit for you in tongues of fire. You speak of the Holy Spirit because you have been given Him into your hearts. He dwells in you, or the Most Holy Trinity dwells in your heart. Thank all heaven that you have this knowledge.

Many people walk around blindly, and there is deepest darkness in them, because they do not worship the dearest Triune God and do not worship Him. Am I not worthy to worship Me? Am I not worthy, I, the Great God, the Ruler of the whole world, of the whole universe, I, the Heavenly Father in the Omnipotence? Am I not worthy to be worshipped and honoured to be allowed to send My Son on earth in this time of the last phase, where I, the Supreme Trinity, have been placed alongside Me in the whole world and in My Only, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church? I am not present there either. There too I had to take My Son out of these tabernacles. Do you believe, My beloved children, that this has come easily to Me in My Churches, which once were My Churches? My son has been cast out. Protestantism has been let in and ecumenism has been taught. Is this right, My children, that everything has become one? All churches, all religious communities are one. Am I not the Trinity in the Holy Catholic faith? Everyone should celebrate this festival today. But you, My beloved children, have offered Me My Son in this Holy Mass of sacrifice. You have worshiped Me and you have thereby given Me this thanks.

Thank you for being willing to go the last steps with us. I will strengthen you in the Divine Power, because you cannot accomplish this from yourselves. You are too weak, My beloved children, but when you connect with the Divine Heart and with the United Hearts of Jesus and Mary, you will become strong and you will be able to feel and transmit the Divine Strength.

You are witnesses and shall bear witness to this Trinity. They will look at your strength. It is not through you, My children, that you have this firmness, but from Me, from My grace. From the Holy Sacrificial Feast of My Son you receive streams of grace and divine strength.

Go out into all the world and proclaim the Gospel in truth, in its entirety and in the messages that I will continue to give you. These messages, My beloved ones, are the complement of the Holy Gospel, My Holy Scripture. There you will find all truth. This addition by the messengers is now required at this time. Why, My beloved ones, why is this necessary? Because one does not read my writings, because one does not recognize them, because one spurns them and changes them in the cruellest way.

My writings are changed and what My evangelists have taught you is rejected. If My chief shepherds and priests would acknowledge them, they would not be able to reject My messengers, because everything is contained in the Scriptures, which I continue to teach you through My messengers. Believe in it and follow exactly every small step I am wise to you in Divine Truth and Wisdom! And now I bless you in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Praise be to Jesus, Mary and Joseph forever and ever. Amen. Mary with the Child love us all and give us your blessing. Amen.