Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Friday, June 19, 2009

Heart Jesus Festival.

Jesus Christ speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through His instrument and daughter Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. A large crowd of angels dressed in gold came into this sacred space during the Holy Mass of Sacrifice. They also surrounded this house from the outside. The holy archangel Michael struck again his sword in all four directions. The heart of Jesus and the heart of the Blessed Mother shone dark red. Jesus and the Mother of God were bathed in golden light. You pointed with your right index finger to your hearts burning with love.

Jesus Christ says: I, Jesus Christ, speak on this Feast of My Feast, the Feast of the Heart of Jesus, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne. She lies in My will and speaks only My words. Nothing is out of her. My beloved little flock and My remaining little flock, how few now follow this path of My Heavenly Father. They are no longer in My succession and do not fulfill the wish of the Heavenly Father in its entirety. This path is stony and difficult, but it is successful for all. Once you will be able to participate in the Eternal Wedding Feast and live in eternal bliss. This is certain for you.

My beloved little flock, the hearts of My Mother and My heart are filled with Divine Love. And this love We radiate again and again into your open hearts. Your hearts are also filled with Divine Love, because We, the Godhead in the Trinity, dwell in your hearts, yes, She has dwelt in you. You cannot grasp and fathom how great this my love is.

Not to be fathomed are My ways. Sometimes your ways are very far from My wishes. You have other desires in your hearts and they are not in conformity with My desires. But sometime you will realize that this has been my wish. Therefore, follow the plan of My Heavenly Father step by step. Again and again He will open new paths for you, which are passable for you. Obey them urgently, immediately and promptly, and do not begin to explore these paths and, above all, do not set your wishes against them. It is an insult to My Heavenly Father.

How often have I told you that you cannot fathom these ways, that they are not comprehensible to you. How many people have already strayed. They have no longer obeyed the wish of My Heavenly Father. They ask how this and that is to be justified. Is Divine Love fathomable for you and for others? No, My children, you shall only follow the will of My Heavenly Father. Only that is important for you. The erring ones, who have now fallen away from the desires of my father, they cannot continue on this path because they put their own desires in the foreground. That is why they take different paths. It also becomes too difficult for them to fulfill these wishes because they do not meet their needs. But I tell you, your wishes and the wishes of my Father can be quite different. I warn you, if you do not want to go this way in its entirety, you will stray very quickly.

My beloved children (meaning all believers), We, the heavens, I, as the Sacred Heart of Jesus today on My feast, are so often offended in the last time. Gifts upon gifts has poured out My Sacred Heart upon you. How deep is My love for you, how deep. But in spite of everything, My children have not followed this path in My succession.

You, My little flock, do not become fickle. Remain steadfast and firm and pay attention to the steps of my Father, pay attention to the events of the day. They will strengthen you, because often you will experience what the Heavenly Father allows at the moment. Then give thanks, give thanks for everything and become more grateful in your hearts. You are loved from eternity and also protected by Us all, especially by the Holy Archangel Michael. He will protect you in this last phase of My coming according to the plan of My Heavenly Father. Therefore do not ask when this event is to come - soon or soon. This is not your time calculation. It stands in the will of the Heavenly Father, who alone determines this hour of the event. Remain in Divine Love and follow all steps. Love one another and let your hearts be filled anew with Divine Love and Divine Power. Then you become steadfast for the final phase.

Your beloved Jesus in the Trinity now blesses you, united with the Heart of your Heavenly Mother, with Our United Divine Hearts, with all the angels and saints and with your guardian angels, in the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. You are loved from eternity. You are the chosen ones and the small flock. Remain faithful to us and obey the will of the Heavenly Father! Amen.

Dear Mary, dear with the child, give us all your blessing. Amen.