Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Monday, June 29, 2009

Feast of the Holy Apostle princes Peter and Paul.

The Heavenly Father speaks in His authority and omnipotence through His instrument, daughter and child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. Large crowds of angels were present during the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and worshipped kneeling constantly. The altar of the Virgin Mary and the Blessed Mother were brightly lit and the whole sacred space flickered in a golden glow.

The Heavenly Father will speak in His omnipotence: I, the Heavenly Father, am speaking at this moment through My willing, obedient and humble instrument, daughter and child Anne. She lies in My will and speaks only My words. My beloved ones, My little flock, My chosen ones, this day, the Feast of St. Peter and Paul on June 29, 2009 will go down in history. This message is of extraordinary importance for the whole Catholic Church.

"You are Peter the rock. On these rocks I will build My Church and the gates of hell will never overpower them". This, My children, was taught to you so far and it was right and good. I have given My deputy on earth the power of the keys. That is, he lies in my strength and my love. Everything that he proclaims as dogma, he can proclaim only ex cathedra, for then he lies in my omnipotence. He cannot draw from himself and from his own strength.

As you, My faithful, have seen, still this II Vatican Council has not been withdrawn. It was initiated by satanic powers.

That My deputy on earth has entered a mosque is not in My will. This has made him untrustworthy. Not only that, but he has also inaugurated the 'Interreligious Center' in Fatima and has not yet retracted the fact that it is not in the truth. Let him proclaim My words and pass on My truths as the Supreme Vicar on earth, the Vicar of My Son Jesus Christ.

My children, My believers, can you accept that these are to be My truths? I myself have instituted the words of consecration, and have never said, 'for all' but 'for many,' for many have not accepted my favors. The words were falsified and I have demanded of My Holy Father, the Vicar on earth, that he proclaim these falsified words correctly in the truth: namely for 'many'. Although he also communicated these words to the chief shepherds, they did not carry this out. My representative on earth still says 'for all' instead of 'for many'.

Is this in the truth My children, My believers? Is it still my unapologetic truth, the truth of God in the Trinity? Is that possible? Have I not given My deputy on earth this knowledge that he may proclaim everything ex cathedra in his infallibility? No, he didn't do it. He has not made use of infallibility. Therefore you cannot believe him and you cannot follow him. Only then can you follow him, if it corresponds to the full truth. You can see it in many things, my believers, but because it is very convenient for you, you continue to obey this Supreme Shepherd. You are becoming confused, My children. Do you want to continue on this false path? Do you want to persist in heresy? Do you not know what My Only, Holy and Apostolic Church means that it contains the full truth? And these dogmas? You can and should continue to believe in these dogmas. Only he as a person has become untrustworthy. He is driven by evil forces to continue to proclaim untruth. But he must not obey the will of the Freemasons. It is not My will. He is to lie in conformity with my will. Only then can he proclaim my truths.

He leads the nave, the ship of Peter, astray. You cannot believe it, but you must feel it in yourselves: What is truth? As Heavenly Father, do I not stand above this? Can I not work in My omnipotence? Can I not put everything back on the right track, I, as Heavenly Father in the Trinity?

Do not remain in this aberration, but follow My words, My words which I proclaim through My willing instrument. Yes, she is My tool and nothing more. She only proclaims my words and my truths. It can do nothing from itself. It is weak and remains in human weakness. But I will let it strengthen, only because it passes on my words and announces them in the world through my Internet.

I will never let this ship of Peter sink. It will emerge anew in all glory. It will blossom as it has never blossomed before, in all its beauty, in all its splendor. It will be newly created.

My children, My beloved ones, hold on! Stand by the truth and believe in it! Do not go crazy in this present time, in this chaos of this church! I stand above it and will work in my omnipotence and omnipotence. I will guide and direct you and My heavenly Mother will continue to form you so that you strengthen in the will of God, not in your will.

I love you, My children, I love you boundlessly because you belong to Me, because you surrender yourselves to Me, to Me, to the Will of the Heavenly Father and in the following of My Son Jesus Christ, follow every step and go on until the goal where you will finally arrive - on Mount Golgotha. You will walk further up the Calvary.

Do not be afraid! Do not develop human fears, because only without fear you can progress. Put your fear into My hands. I will let you strengthen, as strong as you could never be because I want to work miracles on you, not because you are great, but because my omnipotence is to have an effect. One should believe in me, in me, the ruler of the whole world, of the whole universe. I am the Leader of My Church and I have been reigning for a long time. I have taken the scepter in my hand. And the ship of Peter I will steer in the safe ways and it will come to its destination. Believe in it, My beloved ones! I bless you now in Divine Strength, in Divine Love and in Divine Omnipotence. Be blessed in the Trinity in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

My mother loves you and cares for you caringly and always and without limits. Call down all saints and angels. They will protect you and will always be with you. Especially My Holy Archangel Michael will continue to keep all evil from you that will afflict you. But you will grow stronger and not slacken. Live love, for love is the greatest! Amen.