Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Feast of the Visitation of Mary.

The Blessed Mother speaks after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass in the house chapel in Göttingen through Her Marian Child Anne.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Amen. During the Holy Sacrificial Mass many groups of angels were kneeling down in adoration. The Blessed Mother was completely bathed in golden light. A white dove appeared above her head.

Our Lady speaks: My beloved children of Mary, My little flock, I, as the Mother of Heaven, may speak a few words to you today. Today, on My Feast, I have not only visited the Holy Base Elizabeth as I did then, but I seek you out in your hearts to let God's love flow in - very deeply. I may gather you together, My beloved children of Mary. May the love of God fill your hearts, because you are called to pass on love.

You, My beloved two Schoenstatt children, on this day you made the consecration in Schoenstatt, the deepened Covenant of Love. May I congratulate you on this feast and wish you to renew this consecration tonight. My beloved little flock in the covenant of two, My beloved priestly son and you too, My little one who receives the messages, have your feast day today. From you I wish that you also renew this alliance tonight.

My beloved children, in you the Son of God shall be born anew. The New Church will be built in your hearts. Today, at this festival, there should be great rejoicing for this. You will recognize more and more that this way is the true way to My Son. In His succession you shall continue on this path. You will receive wisdom from the Holy Spirit. I, as Heavenly Mother, may give you this wisdom.

Love the Trinity of God as I have loved it from the beginning I will teach you this love, because the Heavenly Father in the Trinity wants to draw you closer and closer to Himself. He loves you boundlessly. He has already told you what the Trinity means. And this love should penetrate deeper into you.

Have faith, My children! You remain My beloved children of Mary. You are united in Divine Love and that binds you. I, as your dearest mother, watch over your hearts. I may continue to shape you. Only in Divine Love shall you take these steps. As you know, love is the greatest thing, and it should give you the strengths in this last time. Divine strength will be within you. When your powerlessness is greatest, then God's power is strongest, then My Divine Son, Jesus Christ, can work in you and He is reborn in your hearts, i.e. the New Church with the seven sacraments of My Son.

Beloved little flock, children of Mary, walk this path with Me, your dearest Mother. I will guide you safely and take you by the hand. Even if your way is hard and stony, it is the right way. Look at My Son! Look at His cross! Did He not precede you this way, the Way of the Cross? You will walk this path safely and you will not slacken in Divine Love and in Divine Strength.

I bless you now, My beloved children of Mary, in the Trinity of God, with all the angels and saints, with the great host of angels, especially with My Holy Joseph and Saint Padre Pio, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen. I love you, My beloved little flock. Stay on this path! Remain courageous and go ahead safely on this path! Amen.