Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

I Am Your Daily Bread


My children: I am your daily bread. I am the daily bread which is given to you spiritually in every unbloody sacrifice of the Holy Mass. I am the daily bread that is given to you physically at every Paschal Supper. I am the daily bread that becomes life in you, that nourishes your spirit and gives light to your senses.

I am the bread come down from heaven, which remained with you. If you knew how great is the mystery of "Transubstantiation", of flesh and spirit, enclosed in my host, then you would eat my body and drink my blood, with true surrender and love, and in faith you would feel my spiritual presence in you!

The bread I give you is "My body and My blood, which for love of you, remained in the form of a consecrated Host." "Every time you eat of My Body and drink of My Blood, you are remembering My Paschal Supper." "In every consecrated Host I offer Myself as a Lamb immolated for humanity."

In every consecrated Host; "I am alive and real. I give myself to you out of love, I give myself out of love; so that you may be reborn to the life of the spirit. If you knew how great My love is and how meek and humble I am, then you would appreciate the gift of each Eucharist! I am your Master and Lamb, who makes myself spiritual and material nourishment to continue redeeming you.

If mankind would understand the great meaning that each consecrated Host contains, then they would dine with Me more often! My children: it is I who give Myself to you, in the simplicity and humility of each consecrated Host. I am there physically and spiritually. In each Host I am transfigured and for love of you I become meek; for love of you I illuminate your darkness and cleanse your sin for love of you; and when you sincerely open your hearts to Me, "I enter and dwell in you."

I am the bread come down from heaven that you sometimes eat unworthily; how I am pained by your contempt and your lack of conscience!

You fail to comprehend the mystery of the love that is enclosed in every communion. Every time you dine, free from sin, I make Myself life with you, but when you receive Me unworthily or in the hand, you do not know the contempt and the so great offense that you do to Me. If I am love and for love I gave Myself and continue to give Myself, then why do you continue to treat Me as if I were not your God, but the worst of men? Many eat my Body and drink my Blood, without first having cleansed their house of merchants and sin. Oh, what an offense and offence you do to me!

Verily I say unto you, Whosoever eateth of my body, and drinketh of my blood, in mortal sin, or unworthily, "IS REED OF GUILT, AND IS EATING THE BODY, AND DRINKING THE BLOOD OF HIS OWN CONDEMNATION."

How many sacrilegious communions you make! Have you not become aware that it is my Spirit and my Body that enters into you? That which is given out of love? Then why so much unlove if I come to break your chains and free you from the yoke of sin? Then why do you not receive me as your liberator and Lord? Why do you not open the doors of your heart and soul to Me? Cleanse yourselves and cleanse yourselves from every stain and every sin so that you may dine with Me! What will you answer tomorrow when I judge you for your lack of charity, sincerity and commitment, for all your sacrilegious and unworthy communions that make My Spirit weep? I left you the sacrament of confession so that you could bathe yourselves of your sins and be purified and cleansed of all stain, with the sacrament of communion, but how many of you, millions! do not understand the meaning that each consecrated Host encloses. "In it I am I living and real, giving Myself as a lamb slain."

My poor children, how long will I have to put up with you!


Savior, WHAT SAVIOR DO YOU SAY I AM IF I DESERVE SUCH VILE DISRESPECT? YOU INSANE CHILDREN! DON'T YOU KNOW THAT WITH SUCH AN ATTITUDE MY SPIRIT IS ENTRISTED AND MY ANGELS IN HEAVEN WEEP AT SUCH DISRESPECT? HOW IGNORANT YOU ARE AND HOW LITTLE I AM WORTHLESS TO YOU! Tomorrow when I call you at the door and remind you of your contempt, what will you answer me? Think about it, my children! Change such an attitude towards me! so that later, when you arrive at the supreme tribunal, you will not have anything to regret, because then you will also be treated in the same way and the door will be closed to you and I will not have charity and understanding, just as you do not have it with me. I repeat to you:

"If you do not change, I will not have compassion on you either, when your time comes." "I AM THE LIVING BREAD COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, WHICH IS GIVEN TO YOU IN EVERY CONSECRATED BREAD." Think about it and meditate on it AND change your attitude so that when you stand before Me; you will have no regrets. "For truly I tell you, you will also be treated as guilty. Think it over, my children, and do not make my Spirit sadder. "I AM WAITING FOR YOU TO DINE WITH YOU. I AM THE IMMOLATED LAMB, JESUS SACRAMENTED.



One begins with a Creed and an Our Father. Then it is said, "I am the Good Shepherd, and the Good Shepherd lays down his life for his sheep."

In each decade one says: "O Good Shepherd". And answer: Be our protection and our refuge (10 times). At the end of each decade, an Our Father is prayed and we begin again as at the beginning. At the end of the Rosary we pray the 23rd Psalm.


O Divine Will: Love and infinite mercy of the one and triune God, be favorable to me, little creature unworthy of your grace, but full of hope in You, sublime essence, sublime magnificence, sublime will.

Give me a little drop of your ineffable wealth and be propitious to my petition. Pour Divine Will upon me my family, the blessing I so long for. Make request. I ask this in the name of God the Father (blessing), in the name of God the Son (blessing), in the name of God the Holy Spirit (blessing). May everything be for the glory of the Holy Trinity and the good of our souls. Amen.


It begins with a Creed and an Our Father. Then one says: "O Divine Will, who can do all things, who creates all things, who gives all things. O Divine Will, teach us to fulfill and accept God's designs.

In each decade we say: Glory to the Father, Glory to the Son, Glory to the Holy Spirit. And it is answered: As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, for ever and ever, Amen. And so on until the five decades are completed. This rosary to the Divine Will is made after the Chaplet of Mercy, so that it may have greater power of intercession before the Most Holy Trinity. Make known my rosaries and prayers and propagate them, my children. Jesus the Good Shepherd. Mary of the Rosary

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