Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Urgent Call to Mankind

Faithfulness to My Covenant!


My children: my precepts are life for your Spirit, nourishment for your soul, and order for your existence. My decalogue of love teaches you the rules of human coexistence and fidelity to your God, so that you may live in harmony with your Creator and your fellow men.

But you break daily my covenant which I established with your fathers, when I brought them out of Egypt with outstretched arm and strong hand. How foolish you are; you forget that I am the God of life, the ruler of the universe, who will not allow you to continue to break my Decalogue of love and life. I ask you: Why is humanity adrift and my creation in chaos; because they forgot to abide by my precepts. Humanity marches without God and without law; sin, fear of God and respect for your brethren have departed from the minds of men.

See how you exploit the widow and the orphan; see how you defile my creation; see how you trample underfoot what I created with so much love. If I gave you my precepts, it is so that you may live in harmony with one another and attain salvation. My precepts are fullness, love, order and justice, balance of material and spiritual life, but you have made of them forgotten laws. I assure you that each one of my commands will sentence you; many of you will be guilty of guilt when you appear before Me. It pains and saddens Me to see how you march into exile for your lack of faith, pride and above all for the lack of compliance with My precepts. Shepherds of My Church, shepherds of the home; take up again the teaching of My mandates; speak to My sheep of My precepts; insist on the teaching of My mandates; for humanity is being lost, homes are in decay, societies wander lost and 2/3 of humanity will be lost for the non-compliance of My mandates."

My precepts are the passport to life or eternal death; the non-fulfillment of my mandates, will be your perdition. I remind you of the words I gave to my servant Moses and to my prophets: "Listen to my voice and do all that I have commanded you; then you will be my people and I will be your God" (Jeremiah 11:4).

Do not relapse into the errors of your fathers, who refused to listen to my voice and put my commands into practice, each one following the whim of his perverse heart, lest the words of this covenant, which I have commanded them to observe and which they have not observed, be fulfilled in you also, which I have commanded them to observe and which they have not observed.

My Justice is upright and inexorable and comes to judge you according to my precepts. On the fulfillment of my commands, depends blessing or curse, life or death. "He who does not gather scatters, and he who does not fulfill my precepts will not be able to enter into my New Creation". O mankind, awaken from your lethargy and sin, for the hour is near. If you continue to turn your back on me and defile my precepts, I assure you that you will perish. Take up again, shepherds of my Church and of the home, the teaching of my precepts; instill my words in my people; so that when I come I will not have to exterminate the earth. For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall omit one of my precepts shall be guilty of the rest."

Learn to love and fear God, that you may dwell in my New Creation. Listen to my voice and put my precepts into practice so that you may live eternally, otherwise you will perish. Again I tell you, listen to my voice and put my precepts into practice, so that you may be my people and reign with me in my New Creation. I am your Father: Jesus the Good Shepherd, Lord of Life. My children, distribute many copies of this message, spread it among your brethren. May my peace be with you.

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