Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Colombia: My New Israel


Very soon this, my chosen one, will return to Me, giving an example of conversion to the other nations. O my Colombia, the days of your slavery and exile are numbered; you will no longer fear for the kidnapping of your children, nor for the desolation; I will break the chains of sin that have oppressed you; I will release the shackles that have imprisoned you, so that you may be a free nation and your cry of freedom may reach the ends of the earth. You will see how I will transfigure you so that you may be worthy of Me and be able to carry out my designs; I need your conversion and disposition to awaken the other nations.

Oh Colombia, you are my new Israel, I have purified you in the furnace of pain and tribulation; you will no longer be called the rejected, the violent, the forgotten; I have set my eyes on you, land of hope, land of provisions, from here I will carry out my work of salvation for these last times.

Arise sons and daughters of my beloved Colombia, listen to my voice, because I come to reestablish order and law, I come to give freedom to the captives, I come to release the chains of the kidnapped, I come to satisfy the hunger of the widow and the orphan, to protect the elderly and to return the smile and hope to the displaced.

Oh my Colombia, for how much you have suffered, for the blood of your children shed, for the weeping and groaning of your displaced, for the abandonment of your innocent children, for the injustice and misery, is that I come to give you freedom; I want your cry of emancipation to reach beyond the sun. I need you free and converted, my land of faith and hope, to pave the way for my next coming.


I am your Liberator: the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Make this message known in all corners of my beloved Colombia, my children.

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