Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, January 29, 2010

Urgent Call to Mankind

Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away, but My Words Shall Not Pass Away!


My children, may my peace be with you. The days of my coming are near; When the Son of Man comes, yes he will find faith, my Mercy is departing, to give way to my Justice; all that is written will be fulfilled; all will be consummated. Only those who pass the test will be with me in my New Creation. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away. I tell you my children, the dawn of a new dawn is about to begin; the nights of my Justice will soon mourn my creation; great signs will be seen in heaven and earth, before my coming. The immense majority of humanity does not want to accept my calls to conversion; it hurts and saddens me to have to act with my Justice, but order and law must be reestablished. The year that is beginning will mark the beginning of the great tribulation; I tell you, be prepared with your lamps lit, because the cry for freedom will soon be felt in all the ends of the earth. My creation has already begun to groan like a woman in labor, and there will be many nations where it will make its cry felt. My creation can no longer bear the yoke; the sin and injustice of man will cause my earth to rebel; do not be alarmed when you hear talk of catastrophes and earthquakes here or there; know rather that everything must be fulfilled as it is written. The stars will be dismayed, the stars will move and my creation will undergo great changes; but you who remain faithful to me, do not fear; for a thousand will fall on your left and ten thousand on your right and to you nothing will happen, if like the branch you cling to the vine.

Prepare then sheep of my flock, for the battle for your freedom draws near; gather around my Mother and my Angels; however hard the trial may seem to you, do not lose heart; know that I am waiting for you in my New Creation, to give you my life in abundance. My Mother and my Angels will take care of you, if you remain faithful. Year of tragedies in different places; apostasy will increase; famine, unemployment, plagues and lack of water will mark the beginning of the great tribulation and will announce that my coming is near. My adversary will announce his appearance and my creation will be dressed in mourning; the birds will migrate and the sky will be dyed red; but you, my people, do not lose your heads; rather, trust; remember that all this must pass, so that life, peace and harmony may be reborn again, in all the ends of the earth.

My children, go and store up non-perishable provisions, for the famine is coming; be wise; do as Joseph did in Egypt: store up provisions, for times of scarcity are coming; gather water; have a first-aid kit with drugs and toilet implements; matches, clothes, blankets and all that you need to face these days of purification. Keep alert and vigilant in your mind; remember that the attacks of my adversary have already begun; do not lose your heads, lest for lack of prayer, what is lost is your soul.

My children, do not let yourselves be seduced by the lies of my adversary, for he and his followers will implant on earth the so-called "New Order", deceiving many; remember that those who must be lost and who are not inscribed in the book of life will be lost. Be therefore my children, attentive to the signs that will be given to you; read the Gospel of Matthew in Chapter 24; pray and fast; ask for the salvation of your souls and that of your families; pray the Rosary in union with my Mother and my Angels; put on my Spiritual Armor of Ephesians 6. 10 to 18, and my Psalm 91; make amends to my Father with psalms and songs of praise, for the children of darkness will blaspheme and speak atrocious words against the Divinity of the One and Triune God. Prepare yourselves then, for the spiritual battle has begun; form prayer brigades with your brethren; pray; intercede and fight; these will be the weapons that will give you freedom. May my peace accompany you and the light of my Spirit guide you. I am your Father: Jesus the Good Shepherd, Liberator of his People. My children, distribute many copies of this message among your brethren.

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