Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Urgent Call to Humanity All is Consummated!


My children, my sheep of my flock, may my peace be with you.

The dawn of a new dawn is about to break. All is consummated; humanity will be divided, those who are of my flock will return to Me, and will enter through the door of my New Creation; those who turned away and chose the broad road of perdition, will become part of the other flock.

Great events will announce my coming. Entire nations will see and feel the passage of my Justice. Woe to you who waver in faith, for great trials are coming for you double-minded children. Either you are of my flock, or you are of the flock of my adversary; the day of your decision has come.

This world with its cares and vanities is about to pass away, to give beginning to a new world, to a new generation of beings renewed by the Grace of my Spirit. My children; your exile is about to begin, but do not fear, I will not abandon you; however hard the trial may seem to you, resist and have confidence in Me; know that a new life awaits you; that your suffering will be a dream, but your awakening will be a joy. Nothing is eternal in this world, everything is passing; man is a blade, grass, shadow and dust. All that is past returns, but the word of God endures forever. You have hoped for much, now hope for little, for your reward will be eternal life.

I announce to you my children, that all the events that are written will be fulfilled. "Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away." Shortages, shortages of food and provisions are coming; be wise, again I say to you; store up food because famine is coming. Extraordinary phenomena in heaven and earth will announce my coming. My land will not cease to groan. There will be many nations where it will stagger like a drunken woman: the melting of the poles will increase the flow of the waters and the seas will bring tragedies. Water will be scarce and many nations will die of thirst and hunger; chaos will reign, bad news will follow one after another; men will go mad and my creation will be clothed in weeping and mourning. But you who remain faithful to Me, do not fear, for not a single one of your hairs will be lost to you, if like the branch you cling to the vine.

Again I say to you, that these days must come, so that the old world and the old men may pass away and the light of a new world may be reborn with new men purified and renewed by the Grace of my Spirit.

Do not grieve, sheep of my flock, but rejoice, for very soon you will cease to suffer and to be slaves. The chains that oppress you will be loosed, and you will be free and wise, and no one will rob you of your joy.

May my peace be with you, courage, it will be a short time before you are reborn in the spirit! I am your Father, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make my messages known my children. The salvation of souls is at stake.

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