Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, July 3, 2010

The False Messiah Will Very Soon Be Announced to the Nations!


My children, may my peace and my love be with you. It is now days before the false messiah makes his appearance; my adversary will announce himself as the maitreya, the buddha, the savior of this ungodly and sinful generation. The great imitator and counterfeiter will make a great display of his appearance through the media that are at his service. The nations consecrated by him will flaunt the false messiah and worship and praise him as if he were God himself. He will say that he is the savior of mankind and that he comes to bring peace to the nations; the nations that rule this world will prostrate themselves before him and spread deception to the other nations. 2/3 parts of humanity will be lost, they will be those who are not inscribed in the book of life; they will render worship, tribute and adoration to their false god. "By their fruits ye shall know them". The show of deception is about to begin; twelve disciples will accompany him; the father of lies, the great deceiver will seduce men and nations who refused to listen to my calls to conversion. Be prepared my children, and do not let yourselves be seduced by the false messiah. If they tell you that the Lord is in the city, do not believe; if they tell you that he marches through valleys and paths, do not believe; if they tell you that he goes through the nations, do not believe; for the Son of Man will no longer tread the earth. The Son of Man is coming to reign with his purified people in his New and Heavenly Jerusalem. Remember what my word says: False prophets and false messiahs will arise and will perform signs and wonders in heaven and on earth and will deceive many, even many of my chosen ones (Mt. 24:24). You are warned, my people; do not see or listen to the false prophet, for he has the power of seduction to deceive mankind and cause many to be lost. You sheep of my flock; gather yourselves in prayer; do not tire of praying and praying day and night with psalms, rosaries, ejaculatories, doing works of charity with your brethren and offering everything for your conversion, that of your families and for this ungrateful and sinful humanity that turned its back on the God of Life, by following the path of lies and easy living, which will lead them to the loss of their soul where they will be reunited with their false god. Children of darkness, shadows that wander aimlessly; rivers without springs, the abyss awaits you, from there you are. May my peace be with you sheep of my flock. I am your Shepherd, Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times. Sheep of my flock; Make known my messages of salvation to the whole world.

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