Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Urgent Call to Humanity!

Neither Cremation, nor Communion in the Hand, Come from Me!


My children, may my peace accompany you and the light of my Spirit guide you.

Neither the cremation of the bodies, nor the communion in the hand come from Me.

Again I say unto you, dust ye are, and unto dust ye shall return. Earth to earth and spirit to God (Ecclesiastes 12.7).

My children, when I speak of earth I include all my creation and in it you; I repeat: the body after earthly death must return to the earth from whence it came and the spirit must return to God which is from whence it came.

The decomposition of your body must be carried out by the process of the earth, and not by fire. Let this be clear to you: lest you continue to pass your relatives through the fire; this practice is detestable in my eyes. The heathen tribes not only immolated their children as an offering to the god Baal and Molech, but they also cremated their dead and offered them to these same gods; therefore I said to Moses and Joshua: My people must not imitate the customs of these heathen tribes when they occupy the land which I will give them for an inheritance, for all these practices including divination, magic, consultation of spirits, etc., are abominable in the sight of the Lord your God. (Deuteronomy 18.9.10).

In these last times ecclesiastical Freemasonry under the direction of my adversary, has been implanting among my children these detestable practices of cremation and communion in the hand; I tell you that this at no time has been approved by my vicars; these pagan practices come as I am telling you from ecclesiastical Freemasonry that wants through a so-called Masterplan, to undermine the guidelines of the faith and doctrine of my Church; their objective is to destroy my Church. Remember what my words say: My Church is built on the firm Rock which is I, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

Communion in the Hand

My children: My Body, My Blood and My Divinity, can only be given by consecrated hands; I repeat it to you; only by consecrated hands of My priests and ministers. It hurts and saddens Me to see how you profane My Divinity, taking Me by the hand; you, My lay children, are not worthy to exercise this ministry of the Eucharist; this belongs only to My priests and other ministers of My Church. You, my little ones, must occupy yourselves with other tasks within my Church, but never giving communion. Do not outrage my Divinity, because it is I, the Living and Real One, who becomes Life in you in the simplicity of each Consecrated Host! Your hands are not worthy to take Me. All of you children of Adam bring intergenerational burdens by sins of your ancestors in the paternal and maternal line, which enter you at the moment of conception; curses of ancestors that most of the time make you act against your will. There are entire generations with spirits of resentments, sexual impurities, adulteries, lusts, homosexualities, envy, occultism, witchcraft, etc. You will understand why you are not worthy to give my Body and Blood; you will then say that my priests also bear these burdens; you are right in this, but with the difference that they are my consecrated ones and only to them I gave the power to exercise the ministry of the Eucharist.

Do not touch me, do not touch me! Come to your senses then, my children, and let my priests exercise this ministry. Do not outrage My Divinity any more and do not make Heaven weep any more with your attitude. For truly I say to you: The way you treat Me, so shall you be treated when you come before Me. Do not make yourselves guilty, so that you will have nothing to regret tomorrow. I am your Father, Jesus in the Sacrament. The Beloved who is not Beloved.

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