Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, August 23, 2010

Urgent Appeal to Men of Good Will!

I Am Miguel Archangel: Prince of My Father's Armies and Inseparable Guardian of Our Lady and Queen Mary


brethren: who like God, who like God, who like God. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. May the peace of the Most High God be with you.

I am Michael the Archangel, Prince of the Armies of my Father and Inseparable Guardian of our Lady and Queen Mary.

Brethren: The hour of Divine Justice is about to begin; after the Warning the battle for your freedom will begin. The trumpets are about to sound; the cry of emancipation will be heard in all the ends of the earth. Your time is over; the Armies of my Father are already aligned; we only await the order to begin to reap the harvest. Gather around our Lady and Queen Mary; invoke my protection and the protection of the Archangels and Angels of my Father's Kingdom; be ready Militant Army, unite in prayer with the Heavenly Armies, so that together we may defeat Satan and his hosts of evil from the face of the earth.

Do you already know what you call me? Say three times: Who as God, Who as God, Who as God, Michael means: Who as God; call upon me and I will come with the speed of thought to assist you. Do not fear, brethren, the events that are coming upon you; if you are of God, you have no reason to fear; for my Father has given me orders to protect you in all your spiritual paths and battles. Call upon me and I will gladly come to your aid. I remind you brethren: you must remain in the grace of God; put on your Spiritual armor of Ephesians 6, 10 to 18 and the reinforcement of Psalm 91; learn this armor by heart and teach it to others so that you may remain protected; do not forget to pray the Holy Rosary; united spiritually to Our Lady and Queen Mary; do also my Exorcism given to Pope Leo XIII, and the Chaplet to the Angels my brethren, together with my prayer of protection; may all this armor reach also your brethren and relatives so that all may be protected by the mercy of my Father.

Brethren: Heaven weeps together with our Lady and Father, for all the degradation and for all the sin of this ungrateful humanity; you do not know how we suffer seeing you sinning and defiling the Holy Name of God. Humanity marches into exile because of the absence of God in their lives: the non-fulfillment of the Divine precepts, the easy life, modernism and the cares of this world are leading the man of these last times to his own perdition. The sin of the man of today has surpassed all limits; they already sin and offend God out of habit; sin as an affront to the Spirit of God, no longer exists in the mind of this perverse and wicked humanity; hell itself is frightened by the wickedness of the men of these last times.

Woe to you mortals who turn your backs on the God of life, for your days are numbered. The underworld awaits you; your master waits for you to give you eternal death. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, and there will be no God to hear you.

I call you brethren who are rebellious, lukewarm of heart, bad-lived, alcoholics, drug addicts, prostitutes, homosexuals, adulterers, fornicators, thieves, liars, sorcerers, etc; return to God as soon as possible from the heart; if you do not welcome my Father, you will perish. The Warning is the last door of mercy open; enter through it; repent and you will obtain mercy. Go ahead, brethren. Neither my Father, nor our Lady, nor we your brethren the Archangels and Angels, nor the other celestial creatures want to see you die eternally; that is why we are exhorting you to resume as soon as possible the path that will lead you to your salvation. Rethink, rethink, rethink, because the hour of the Divine Justice is about to begin!.

We are your brethren and counselors: Michael the Archangel and the Archangels and Angels of my Father's Kingdom. Glory to God, Glory to God, Glory to God, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia, Alleluia. Amen.

Make known our messages, men of good will.

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