Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Urgent Call to My Flock.

After My Warning You Will No Longer Be the Same!


Sheep of my flock, may my peace be with you.

After my Warning you will no longer be the same. My awakening of consciences will separate the sheep from the goats. My sheep on my right and the goats on the left; my adversary will take possession of his flock and by their fruits you will know them.

My sheep will be purified and at the completion of the purification they will shine like crucibles, by the grace of my Holy Spirit; they will occupy the dwellings I am preparing for them in my new creation. My new heavens and my New Earth await my sheep: the green meadows and the fresh waters will be the delight of my flock. I, the Eternal Shepherd will take care of them; I am the door through which my sheep will enter; I am their haven and their peace.

After my purification you will be transformed into spiritual beings; the Grace and Wisdom of my Holy Spirit will make your transformation. Remember that in my new creation sin has no place; that is why sin will die with your purification. Do not fear my sheep; everything will pass like a dream if you remain united to me; my Mother, the Eternal Shepherdess, will take care of you and will guide you to the gates of my sheepfold. We will be one family; you will be my flock, my people, and I will be your God.

Be glad then, you sheep of my flock, for your Eternal Shepherd awaits you; it will not be long; do not be afraid; do not despair; remember, I know you and I am with you. Gather around my Mother and let my Mother guide you and show you the way that will lead you to my New Creation.

May my peace be with you; do not be afraid; I will be with you until the consummation of time. He loves you and waits for you: Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times.

Make known my messages of salvation to all nations.

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