Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Peace is in Danger!


Urgent, Urgent, Urgent.

God the Father's Call to Humanity.

My children, my people of God, my peace be with you.

My people; pray, pray, with my Rosary of Infinite Mercy, for evil hovers over my creation and my creatures. Do not tire of praying and praising your Father who is in heaven, so that He will stop the course of war, which would bring catastrophic consequences for creation and humanity.

My people: The great country of the north, together with its allies and other organizations, plan to invade Persia; this would bring war, desolation and death to millions of human beings and the almost total destruction of my creation. When Persia is invaded, it would awaken a sleeping lion, which would join the red dragon, which would vomit fire on the great country of the bear and the steppe; unleashing the third world war, which would last minutes, because of all the armament potential there is, destined for destruction and death.

O daughters of Zion: weep and mourn, for the loss of your valiant ones; sing funeral songs and wear sackcloth, for my creation lies dying. The cities are desolate and the smoke of death is felt everywhere; the bells toll piteously, announcing the passing of desolation.

Oh, what desolation; what yesterday was green and flowery, is left in dust and desert. My creation weeps disconsolate, seeing so much misfortune, pain and death. Radiation and pollution will wipe out many; my birds will die and life in the sea will be extinguished; famine will seize the remaining remnant; many will wish they were dead, but death will refuse to listen to them. The time of purification will begin and my people will be tested, as gold is tested in the fire.

My children, People of God, Militant Army; I call upon you, to intensify your prayer and supplications; ask your Heavenly Father, through your prayer, to stop the course of these events; Unite in prayer and fasting on a worldwide scale, asking for world peace. A day of prayer and fasting for this need; do as the inhabitants of Nineveh did and I will have mercy on you. Remember: My Mercy is greater than my Justice.

Hear, then, my distressing call and intensify your prayer. May my peace, so threatened in these times, last in you. I am your Heavenly Father. Yhave.

Urgent: Make this message known to all mankind, without distinction of creed, race and religion.

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