Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, December 13, 2010

Urgent Call to Humanity

I Am Your Mother: the Mystical Rose


My little children, may my love and my motherly protection accompany you always.

My little children: the days are already very near; humanity has not wanted to listen to the voice of my Father; divine justice will very soon be in charge of judging this sinful humanity.

Oh how much I suffer, my tears are rivers silently running down my face; heaven is exhausting all resources trying to save the world; but man today, has turned his back on the God of life. How ungrateful and foolish you are. You prefer to continue in your mad race of debauchery and sins, you do not want to welcome my calls and the call of my Father.

Your sin will unleash the Divine Justice and you do not know my little children, what you will face.

The justice of God is straight, clear and fair; only your good works will be heavy; I ask you: What mortal will be able to resist the justice of God? You still have a little time left, already very short, until the last second God will be waiting for you to come to your senses, little rebellious children.

Return to the path of love and forgiveness; return to the path of justice; otherwise the punishment will come as it is written in the Holy Word of God.

Days of darkness will mourn the earth; fire, weeping, desolation and death, will be the payment received by mankind, for not wanting to accept the call of my Father. You do not know, little children, how much I suffer and weep at the sight of the multitude of souls that will be lost. The abyss is open and many souls will fall into it. What pain and sadness overwhelm my heart.

Your Mystical Rose is sad; I love you and I do not want anyone to be lost to Me. What mother who loves does not suffer with the pain of her children? If you, earthly mothers, suffer with the loss of a child, how much more do I, your Heavenly Mother, suffer, seeing so many of my little children fall into the eternal fire? My tears sadden heaven, my heart as Mother of mankind is in mourning; everything is about to begin and there will be no turning back.

The kingdom of God with its Angels and Saints, intercede with me before the Heavenly Father, waiting for mankind to come to its senses and take up again the narrow path that leads to eternal life. What are you waiting for, my little children, to straighten your path? Come to your senses as soon as possible, so that you will not be surprised by the justice of God without being prepared. For I say to you, that no mortal, without the grace of God, can be justified.

Do not make me suffer any more. Come on, little children, if you repent from the heart and cease to offend God, and if you obey and put into practice his precepts, my Father who is love will have compassion on you. I beg you, my little children, I do not want to see you die; do not mourn my heart any more; I bear enough pain every day seeing you sin; seeing you defile the work of God. My heart as the Mother of humanity is pierced by your ingratitude. I love you little ones. Come to your senses and open at once your eyes and your hearts to God, so that His holy justice may not punish you. I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose, who weeps, who suffers, seeing how the hour of God is coming and I can no longer with the arm of my Father.

Little children: May my weeping and my heart pierced by pain move you.

I am your Mother, the Mystical Rose.

Make known my messages my children, to all nations.

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