Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mary Lady of All Nations’ Urgent Call to All the Children of God.

Many Prophets and Anointed Ones of Recent Times Will Be Discredited and Placed on the Public Gallows!


Dear children of my heart, may God’s peace be with you.

Dear children, forces of evil have begun to unfold throughout the land and the attacks on the children of God have begun. Many prophets and anointed ones of these recent times will be discredited and placed on the public gallows. Be very wary and cunning my children, because the wolves are camouflaged in sheep’s’ clothing to mislead the flock of My Son. They already are within the flock dividing, creating discord, bringing confusion only to disperse the sheep and thus make them lost. Test the spirits, ask the Holy Spirit for much insight, because not all who say they come in the name of the Lord, are of the flock of My Son.

Remember that the wolves are smart; they first divide the herd and then split it up to devour it and push it over the cliff. The old serpent will return to deceive many, remember my children the Holy Word of God says: Know you not that a little leaven corrupted the whole lump? (1Corinthians 5.6) Take heed and beware of the leaven of the Pharisees (Mark 8.15)

The poison of the serpent’s tongue will slander God’s anointed ones and prophet’s of recent times, as did the prophet Elijah Jezebel (1 Kings 19 1 to 4). It will make war against the prophets by vilifying and persecuting them so the sheep will not listen and be diverted from the road. How many will be lost by paying attention to deceitful spirits and false doctrines? So, I ask you my children that you confirm Heaven’s messages with the Holy Word of God, that you not be deceived so as not to lose your soul.

I remind you my children that all the events which are about to take place were written in the Holy Word of God through the prophets of old and confirmed by My Son in His Gospel. My Father is reminding you of them through the prophets and anointed ones of these recent times for you to pay attention, for you to return to your senses and to the path leading to the glory of God. Do not fall into the traps of my opponent as little children; ask for the light and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit of God and confirm it all with His Holy Word, because the messages that come from Heaven do not slander nor divide, on the contrary, they call to conversion, forgiveness, repentance, love, hope, and trust in God. I henceforth forewarn you my little children; for my opponent has begun a campaign to discredit the prophets and anointed of God, do not be confused. Read God’s word which is food for the very discerning spirit and ask His Holy Spirit, so that you remain in the truth; cover everything with the Blood of My Son, so that you can distinguish and discern good from evil and your soul is not lost for lack of knowledge. May the light and wisdom of God lead you to the truth and my maternal protection helps you always. Your Mother Mary, Lady of all nations.

It is urgent that you get this message out to all my little children.

The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom can I fear? (Psalm 27,1)

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