Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anguished Call by the Sorrowful Mary to the Catholic World.

The Church of My Son is Being Scourgied by the Whip of Many Who Yesterday Said They Were My Preferred and Today As Judases They Are Delivering It to the Power of Darkness!


Little children of my heart, join me up to Calvary.

People of God, be prepare because the events are about to be unleashed. The church of my Son has began its Calvary, our Benedict is under strong pressure; pray for him and my preferred whom will give their lives in defense of faith and the doctrine of the Church. Blood of martyrs which it will purify the House of The Father. Little children this blood that very soon will be shed is the Blood of My Son which will strengthen the faith of God’s people that seems to be losing hope before the trails to which the church will be submitted.

The church of my son is being scourged by the whip of many who were saying yesterday that they were my preferred and today as Judases they are delivering it to the power of darkness! O unfaithful pastors! that deliver once again to my Son represented in His church to the hands of my adversary; I tell you, as a Mother of God the Son, as a Mother of mankind and of the church, that your torment will be worse than that of Judas, there in the depths of the abysm! High priest and hierarchy Why do you condemn my Son again? The church you will deliver to my adversary is the Mystic Body of my Son Jesus, that today again; you are scourging him with the whip of your ingratitude, selfishness and anxieties of power. Your scourging will cause more pain to the Body of my Son. You do not know how big is the pain, which I fell to see the betrayal that My Jesus will suffer from His own family.

The heaven cries with me to see that you will sell My Son, not for thirty coins as Judas, but rather for your anxiety of power and pride that will be your eternal death. You very well know who is My Son, therefore your betrayal is more painful; my Motherly tears cover creation and my Heart, again will be pierced by the sword of your ingratitude. What bad has my Son done to you, so that you crucify him again? Why do you behave like this with Him, who is love in essence? O infidel high priests and hierarchy, you repeat history! My Heart is torn apart; I am the Sorrowful Mother who walks again to Calvary; I tell you, unfaithful shepherds, the blood that will be shed will judge you tomorrow. O Judases of these times! in the name of My Son Jesus, I also tell you: ‘WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, DO IT SOON. YOUR HOUR HAS COME.’

Mother of Jerusalem, join me up to Calvary, because big is my Motherly pain to know that my Jesus will again be sentenced to death for those that swore to be His family! Already the day is falling, the night is of Gethsemane, and again the passion of my Son is revived. My little children console this Sorrowful Mother, pray with me the sorrowful mysteries, and do not leave me alone. I am very sad. Your Mother. The Sorrowful.

Make this message known to all catholic world.

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