Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, July 2, 2012

Sanctifying Mary’s Call to the Children of God.

Little Children, Do Not Hoard Riches of This World, for Everything Will Happen Very Soon. Rather Treasure for Heaven Where Everything Will Endure and Nothing Will Be Lost!


Little children of my heart may God’s peace be with you.

Take refuge in me, and be not afraid, continue to pray with my Holy Rosary and do not let go of it, because the power of my Holy Rosary will give you freedom. My adversary cannot touch those who with faith and devotion pray my Rosary, for I will be with all who pray and meditate on the mysteries of birth, life, passion and death of My beloved Son Jesus. Pray for those who do not pray and for the sinners of the whole world so that they too may attain mercy, because if you do not pray, these souls will be lost along the path of the righteous wrath of God. Pray with my Holy Rosary and the peace of God will be with you and you will never lack my maternal protection.

Little children, a great event is about to change the destiny of mankind, the signs in the sky will intensify as a call to conversion, all will begin to change from one moment to another. Hence you must be prepared for when this happens, this will not catch you by surprise. Again I say little children, store non-perishable food, because the famine is close, do not be so stubborn; start provisioning because your planet is entering a stage of transformation that will affect the lives of all creatures. The weather will begin to change, the days will be hotter and the nights will be colder, and you know the consequences this would bring to the water sources and crops. I warn you about all this, so that you will also store blankets, coats, jackets, scarves, gloves and preferably woolen socks for the nights; and cool clothes for the day time.

Little children, do not be exposed much to the sun because its rays are not going to be beneficial to mankind; abstain sun exposure from 12:00 noon to 4:00 pm, because the rays that emanate will burn the skin of many. The sun star has begun to undergo changes within its nucleus and flames of fire will affect not only your climate, but also communications on your planet. Soon a financial meltdown will affect the economy of many nations and many will remain in bankruptcy, all this will make the god of money to lose its power. The emissaries of evil led by my adversary via the New World Order will implement a new financial system.

Paper money is about to disappear to give way for plastic money with the microchip so as to prepare mankind for the implementation of the mark of the beast. I forewarn you my children for you to be prepared of these events about to be unleashed. Children, do not hoard riches in this world, because everything will happen very soon. Rather treasure for heaven where everything lasts and nothing will be lost. Abide by my instructions and be charitable with your brothers in most need, because soon there will come the day when what you call money will roll on the floor and have no value. Buy food and supplies and do not cling to the things of this world. May the peace of God be with you and my Holy protection assists you. Sanctifying Mary, Your Mother.

Little children of my heart make my messages known.

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