Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Santuary of Mary Mystical Rose. the Aguacatala.

Little Children, Pray for the Souls Most in Need of the Mercy of God in This World, That They May Repent in the Awakening of Consciences!


Dear children of my heart, may God’s peace be with you.

Humanity will soon begin their journey through the desert, many sighs will be heard everywhere. People of God, remain united to Me, that your passage through the desert may be easier on you. Oh humanity, the moment of truth is approaching! Many souls have resigned to the mercy of God and His plan of salvation. Woe to you, ye know not what awaits you!

You will sell your soul for a few coins, ephemeral power, for a short and vain glory. You allowed the prince of this world to seduce you and delivered to him your soul in exchange for nothing, today you take pleasure in the pleasures of this fleeting life, tomorrow you will weep and grind your teeth for all eternity.

There will be no time for mercy for you, what sadness engulfs my heart as mother of humanity, to see that these souls will be lost in the depths of the abyss, when the awakening of consciences comes! Souls who definitely said no to the God of life in this life, made a pact with the Prince of this world and in their souls there is no longer the Spirit of God. They are souls who already have an owner, soon to be reclaimed by their master.

Little children, with your prayers and with the recitation of my Rosary help me rescue many souls who wander in the darkness of this world; these souls may still be redeemed if you pray for them. Little children, pray for the souls in this world in most need of God's mercy, that they may repent during the awakening of consciousness. Prepare my little children, with your lamps burning with prayer, because The Warning is at hand and when you least expect it you will find yourself in the presence of the Father.

Pray and keep watch as children of the light, be spiritually prepared, that your path through eternity finds you in God's grace. Go ahead, be not afraid, my Father is infinitely merciful and wants to give you the opportunity to repent for your sins and be reconciled to Him, so that tomorrow you may have life in abundance. That my maternal protection and love be with you always. Your Mother, Mary Mystical Rose.

Make this message known to the confines of the earth.

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