Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jesus the Good Shepherd’s Call to Mankind.

As I Am the Good Shepherd, Wait Until the Last Second to Return My Sheep Rebels!


Sheep of my flock, peace to you.

Evil and sin are increasing more and more, this humanity walks toward the abyss even though I manifest myself and give you signals, I find no response from humanity. They continue in their daily lives and refuse to tend to my calls. My Mother weeps tears of blood in different places, hoping that her little ones will reconsider and take up again the path of salvation. But to no avail, this humanity needs the divine justice, to be able to return to God.

How sad our two hearts feel to see the ingratitude and rebellion of this generation of these end times! As the Good Shepherd that I am, I will wait until the last second for my rebel sheep to return. Look rebel sheep, events are about to happen and you continue to sin, caring not that it is the life of the spirit which you are about to lose. How much blood needs to be shed on earth, so they can reconsider? How sad that pain and death are the only things to awaken this ungrateful and sinful humanity! They need to feel the pain in their own flesh, in order to believe and repent; oh, what pain I feel to see such disbelief and passivity, even within those who claim to be of my pasture!

Pain and death will soon come and many of those who waited for everything to take place will not awaken; death´s silence will overcome them and their souls will be lost, for, as the foolish virgins were not prepared and when they wanted to enter the feast, the door had already been closed.

Rebel sheep, listen to me: I want not your death, I want you to live, and everything is about to be fulfilled, you keep so calm giving me your back and not the face. Jerusalem, woe to you, misery will come to you without warning! If you do not come back to me and abide to my mercy, I will surrender you into the hands of your enemies. Wear your sackcloth, fast and do penance, that your children come back to me with contrite and humble hearts, then, I will listen to you and I will refrain from sending you my chastisement.

Woe to the false prophets who deceive my people with their false visions and say: Nothing will happen; keep calm, God loves you and will not punish you because you were already redeemed by the blood of his Son. You are all saved! Mine people, believe not these false prophets, nor their visions, they come not from me, I have not spoken to them and their visions and dreams are but a hoax. Remember: the path that leads to me is narrow and rough and he, who carries not his cross in imitation of Me, will not be able to enter the Kingdom of my Father.

Read My Word which is life, it is food for your soul and within it you will find the truth that will lead you to the joy of eternal life. My children, the hour is upon ye, watch and pray with me, for I am overcome with pain and sadness, do not leave me alone, keep me company in My Gethsemane, for great is my pain and my agony is slow. Lighten up the approaching darkness with your lamps well oiled with prayer, so that you too, my disciples, of these end times, bear witness of Me, before men. Falter not but remember my people, I am with you until the end of times. My peace I leave with you, my peace I give you. Repent and convert, for the kingdom of God is near.

Jesus the Good Shepherd of all times, your Master and Shepherd.

Sheep of my flock, make known my messages.

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