Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sanctifying Mary’s Urgent Appeal to God's People. Alto De Guarne (Antioquia).

My Little Children Pray for My Son's Church Persecuted Worldwide and for All Martyrs Giving Their Life to Expand the Kingdom of God!


Little children of my heart, nay the peace of the Almighty be with you always and this Mother’s love over flow your entire being.

My children, the persecution of God's children has begun. Pray little children for my Son’s Church, persecuted worldwide and for all martyrs giving their lives to expand the kingdom of God.

In the Far Eastern countries, the Church of my Son is harshly persecuted. In the African and Asian continents all of my Catholic children or who testify to my Son are being persecuted, tortured and massacred, Little children's, the time of persecutions has started and soon this outrage and spiritual savagery will spread to other nations. Just as for the early Christians, you too will have to flee from towns and villages and take refuge in the mountains and caves to escape the harassment of the children of darkness.

My adversary wants to exterminate the Church of my Son and wipe off the face of the earth anyone who is a Christian or who profess the doctrine of my Son. The desecration of holy places has begun, the time of desolation is coming, and all that is written must be fulfilled. Fear not, little children, if you remain united to Our Two Hearts, heaven will protect you, but if you turn away from God and your Mother, you will perish. The prince of this world knows that his time is short and before the final battle breaks out, he wants to decimate my Militant army.

I forewarn you of this my children, that you may be very prudent in talking, uncover not your heart to just anyone, remember that you are in spiritual battle and my adversary has begun deploying its army here on earth, to identify and attack the people of God. Be very wary of new friends you make, because you are well aware that not all come from God.

Many will say : I come from the Lord , I am from amoung you, but be cautious, because there are many wolves in sheep’s clothing that seek to earn your trust , and then make you lost or attack you as wild beasts . Remember that my adversary’s followers want to make lost the most souls and especially those to whom missions have been entrusted. Therefore, be very careful and put into practice my Son’s words, when he said to his disciples: I send you, as sheep among wolves, Be cunning as serpents, yet harmless and humble as doves. (Matthew 10, 16 ) Remember that your life is at stake and the salvation of your souls and those of your families.

Little children, form up prayer forts and pray at every moment because my adversary is attacking you mind, spreading the poison of division , apostasy , envy, violence and spiritual coldness, for you not to pray and you might remain busy with worldly things . You very well know that the battle is not against people of flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits that dwell in the celestial spaces (Ephesians 6, 12). Therefore, my children, you ought to make use of the weapons heaven has given you, which are powerful in the Spirit for the collapse of strong holds.

Wear therefore your spiritual armor morning and night, pray my Holy Rosary, attend to Holy Mass if you can every day; frequent confession and the Eucharist , fast and do penance, and pray in and out of time, so you can repel the attacks of the hosts of evil and his emissaries here on earth .

When you meet someone who claims to be prayerful, invite them to pray with you my Holy Rosary, there you will realize if they come from heaven or if they are emissaries of evil disguised as sheep. Everyone who addresses me, not as their mother, but as Mary, be ware, because for my children I am not just Mary, but the Mother of God and your Mother. My adversary does not resist that I be called Mother and flees with each Hail Mary prayer. Be aware of this little children, for you to test the spirits and not to be fooled by the trickery of my adversary. Let my love remain with you and my maternal protections assist you. Your Mother who loves you, Sanctifying Mary. Make known my message to all humanity.

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