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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Lady of Fatima’s Urgent Appeal to the Pope, and in General, to the Catholic World.

I Make a Call to the Pope and All the Purple Ones of My Son’s Church, That Before the Divine Justice Be Unleashed, Russia Be Consecrated to My Immaculate Heart!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you all.

My children do not get tired of praying my Holy Rosary for this is time of confusion and chaos. Pray in chain my children for Russia be consecrated as soon as possible to my Immaculate Heart, because if it not to do so, this nation will cause much damage and pain to the entire world.

That the Catholic World, on the last Saturday of this month at 12:00 noon, Colombian time, congregates around me to pray together my Holy Rosary for this intention. The Russia consecration to my Immaculate Heart is urgent. I make a call to the pope and all the purple ones of my Son’s Church, that before the Divine Justice be unleashed, Russia be consecrated to my immaculate heart!

Little children if this nation is not consecrated to me, my adversary will take it causing much sorrow to mankind. This nation along with the nation of red dragon will be in charge of subjecting the others nations and they will spread out the war in the whole planet. These nations will devastate the creation, and if my Father does not intervene, the earth would disappear. This is why, my little children that as Mother of humanity, I make an anguished appeal for pray together on this day, as one voice, asking to the Heavenly Father that the Vicar of My Son‘s Church and its cardinals heed this call and do not dilate nor more lengthen to the consecration of this nation to my Immaculate Heart.

Time presses, and everything is about to be unleashed. Do not fail me, little children, I expect you that day at the appointed time; that the whole catholic world intercedes with me before the Father so that Russia be under my protection and its consecration will be done as soon as possible. Pray little children for those who still not believe and their conversion is no given; pray for families which are disintegrating by much wickedness and lack of God in their homes. Pray for the hard-hearted in your families so that they reach the Mercy of God, and no one of them be lose by the passing of the Divine Justice, and pray for all the sinners of the whole world without distinction of creed, culture, race or religions so that they be able to reach the Grace of salvation.

May the peace of God remain with you all, and my protection and maternal blessing accompany you always!

Who loves you, Your Lady of Fatima.

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