Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, June 7, 2014

Jesus’, the Blessed Sacrament, Call to Mankind.

The Gods of Human Technology Are Stealing the Families’ Soul and the Soul of This Ungrateful and Sinful Generation!


My children, may my peace be with you all

I feel great sadness to see the spiritual, moral and social degradation in this world.

Technology of this end times is making human being becomes automatons; all this technology is stealing spaces of human coexistence. Many humans seem zombies who are trapped by technology; technology and modernism which are leading to spiritual death many.

The young is lost, it has been created idols, and this idolatry is moving them aside from God and it is leading them to the abyss. All this technology of death is ending the healthy habits and the spiritual and moral foundations. The children since very early years are immersed in this materialistic world, almost they born with a computer in their arms. Parents have disregarded the upbringing of their children, because it is already more important the cell phone and computer than the family.

Robotics societies are being formed; all this technology is destroying the family’s nucleus. There is already no more space in households for family dialogue and less for praying, because the cell and computer are leading families in values crisis, and, the saddest, to lose faith and the fear of God. Technology is being misused, if all this is not controlled, very soon families will disappear and households will become offices and spaces only to rest.

Parents, take back control and leadership in your homes, because you are responsible before Me for the loss of your children! See, this technology of death is poisoning your children with the poison of wickedness, sex, violence, pornography, rebellions, occultism and others miseries and flesh sins; all these are the moral and spiritual nourishment that your children receive daily. The complicity and lack of character of many parents are leading to spiritual death many young people.

My children, technology used wrong is the boomerang which will return against you, it is a double-edged sword; reconsider, oh mankind, reconsider parents; retake the control of your households and stop being so permissive so that you and your families do not get lost! I tell you that, in the underworld there is entire families, which are lost because while living they have idolized men and gods of this world and they did not have time for praying and repentance. The gods of human technology are stealing the families’ soul and the soul of this ungrateful and sinful generation! The god cell and the god computer are making lose many. My children, I am the Light of the World, and I have come to guide you and to give you life in abundance; do not replace me for dead things, return to me and I will give you everlasting life.

Parents, straighten out the way of your households so that tomorrow you will not have to lament because I tell you that you will be guilty convict for the loss of your children! My peace I give you, my peace I leave you. Repent and be converted because the kingdom of God is at hand.

Your Master and Shepherd: Jesus, Blessed Sacrament. The beloved who is not loved.

Make known my messages to all mankind.

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