Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Call of Mary, Mystical Rose, to the Sons of God.

Put on the Complete Armor of God and Pray My Holy Rosary and I Promise You That No Evil Power Will Be Able to Do You Harm!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you and the love of this Mother accompany you always.

Little children, the temptations and sins of the flesh is bringing many to ruin; I tell you, creatures, that if you do not put your trust in Heaven, you shall be easy pray for my adversary. Beware his traps, flock of my Son; draw near me whenever you are tempted and say: Hail, Mary most pure, come to my aid; and I, your Mother, will immediately heed your call and not permit my adversary to make you fall.

Every time you are in temptation, run to the protection of Heaven, for if you don’t, my adversary will progressively take possession of your mind and thoughts, until he brings you to ruin. Renew your consecrations to my Immaculate Heart, to be well fortified spiritually and so be able to be victorious in the spiritual battle of each day. Remember, little children, that the greatest combats will play out in your mind; which is why I ask you to pray and watch continually, for you will be attacked by means of the flesh and the world by my adversary and his evil minions.

You know well, my children, that the way to the New Creation is narrow, rocky, abounding in brambles and snares. Only by prayer and faith in God will you be able to advance. Little children, should you fall in temptation, go immediately to one of my beloved [priests], so that you will be able to arise, pray, fast and do penance, for the days are coming in which my Son will no longer be in the Tabernacles. When those days of the great abomination arrive, flee to me, because I will be the Tabernacle where my Son will remain in those days.

My little children, my Holy Rosary will be your defense against falling into sin en the days of the great tribulation. Pray from now on, day and night, that you may be protected and your walk be secure; if you are devoted to my Holy Rosary, I will not permit that you or your family be lost. Put on the complete armor of God and pray my Holy Rosary and I promise that no evil power will be able to do you harm.

Little children, you are living in a tense calm; do not slack off, nor lower your guard in prayer, thinking that nothing is going to happen; remember that what is written is written and will not be undone, everything must be fulfilled. Remain in a state of alert, praying and watching, because when you least expect, all will break lose. All the events will come, one after another, and if you’re not spiritually prepared you will be lost, because the tribulation that is coming upon you is such as has never been seen on earth.

Go quickly and confess yourselves well, because the time is running out; do not put your spiritual cleansing off to the last moment; remember that it is the life of your spirit that is at stake. Make haste, for the heavenly trumpets are sounding one last time; they call all humanity to recollection in prayer.

Little children, my adversary very soon will make his declaration and when this happens, the creation of my Father will fill with sorrow. The churches will be closed and daily worship will be suspended; the great abomination will begin and the immense majority of humanity will be lost for having refused to heed the calls of Heaven.

Pray, little children, for all the martyrs of these end times; thousands of souls are being tortured, murdered and made to disappear by the emissaries of evil in the service of my adversary. Pray for the Church in the Middle East that is being bled to death, and for all the Christians that are giving their life for being firm in the faith and the doctrine of my Son. Do not be indifferent before the sorrow of your brothers; pray, fast, do penance, that the spilling of innocent blood in these nations may cease. Unite yourselves in prayer with the Pope and pray for all the martyrs, that the justice and mercy of God might hold back the power of evil, and put an end to the spilling of innocent blood. Let your hearts be torn with sorrow, for the triumphant return of my Son is near.

You Mother, who loves you, Mary, the Mystical Rose.

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