Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Monday, August 24, 2020

Call of Saint Michael to the People of God. Message to Enoch

People of God Prepare for the Arrival of the Warning; the Day is Already Close, Closer Than You Think; in Eternity the Supreme Court is Waiting for You; You Are Deadly Warned, So That This Day Does Not Cause You by Surprise!


Who is like God? Nobody is like God!

People of God, prepare for the arrival of the days of the Great Purification, where your faith will be put to the test and where you will be purified until you shine like crucibles. Creation and all creatures will be purified. Only in this way will you be able to enter the New Heavens and the New Earth tomorrow, the Paradise that the Most High has prepared for His Faithful People.

Seed of my Father, only if you are spiritually prepared, will you be able to withstand the days of anguish, suffering and purification that lie ahead; I tell you, never before has the earth seen any tribulation like the one to come. Stop worrying about the things of this world, stop worrying and racing, because you well know that very soon everything will pass; rather, be concerned with the salvation of your soul, which is the greatest treasure that you must take care of. Everything that you know and possess will cease to be in fractions of a second, to give way to a new existence, a new creation. The tribulation that is to come will transform you by the Grace of God into new men, all your misery and sin will disappear in the purification. In the New Heavens and on the New Earth, you will be spirit beings of a nature similar to that of Angels.

Prepare yourselves People of God for the arrival of the Warning; the day is already near, closer than you think; in eternity the Supreme Court is waiting for you; You are warned mortals, so that this day does not take you by surprise. This spiritual experience will transform your life, in eternity you will see the One and True God, One and Triune, Lord of lords and God of gods; you will realize the existence of Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell; you will feel in your soul the purifying fire of Purgatory, or the burning fire of hell, with which condemned souls are tormented. It all depends on the state of your soul at the time of the arrival of the Warning. Only a few will be taken to heaven, the vast majority of humanity in recent times will be taken to one of Purgatories or hell.

Hurry, brothers, to make a good confession of life and to make amends for your sins; look for a Priest and confess everything, so that your soul in its passage through eternity does not suffer. What are you waiting for, sinful humanity, to reconcile you with God? Look, your souls are in danger of being lost forever; your stay in this world is coming to an end, if you continue to sin and sin. Have you not thought about this? If you continue to sin, what awaits you in eternity is eternal death. Rethink rebellious brothers, you have very little time left; listen to the messages from Heaven and put them into practice, because they call you to conversion. Do not continue hardening your heart so that you will not have to regret tomorrow when you reach eternity, because it will be too late for you.

Remain in the Peace of the Most High, People of God

Your Brother and Servant, Michael the Archangel

Make known, People of God, the messages of salvation to all humanity

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