Prayers for the Divine Preparation of Hearts

Prayers for the End Times transmitted together with the Messages to Mary for the Divine Preparation of Hearts

Prayer No. 1: Rosary for children and young people

Pray with the following insertions:

... Jesus, Who brings us the light on earth ...

... Jesus, Who kindles love in our hearts ...

... Jesus, Whose mercy is immeasurable ...

... Jesus, Who died for us ...

My child, it is I. Your Mother in Heaven. This rosary will do much positive good, especially among children and young people. Please spread it now, because now the time has come for it to be prayed by all children and youth. My dear child. Spread it now, because now is the time when children and young people also need to be led to Us more.

Prayer No. 2: Prayer for Salvation

Jesus, cleanse me with Your precious blood, so that, pure from sins, I may become worthy to enter Your Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

Prayer No. 3: Prayer for help and trust

Dear Jesus, help me on my way through life. Help me to reach out to You and trust You.

Send down Your Holy Spirit upon me, that He may give me clarity and confidence, and bring me a little closer to Your Father, who is also my Father, every day. Amen.

Prayer No. 4: Prayer for Guidance

Dear Mother of God, lead me to Your Son. Help me to love Him with all my heart, and give me Your peace. Amen.

Prayer No. 5: Prayer for guidance and silence

Jesus, help me on the way to You. Help me to find You. Give me silence in my daily life, and show me the way that I may become worthy to begin my inheritance with You. Amen.

Prayer No. 6: Prayer for guidance, intercession and strength

Come Lord Jesus, show me the way. Help me to do good deeds. Lead me to God the Father and help me to live in a way that pleases HIM. Mary, Mother of all children, intercede for me at the throne of God, so that I may become worthy to enter the promised Kingdom of Heaven. Give me the strength to change my life now so that I may become what YOU want me to be. Amen.

Prayer No. 7: Prayer to do good

Faithful I will be to You and help You with my prayer. Please accept my goodwill and pass it on to where it is needed. Amen.

Prayer No. 8: Prayer for assistance for right action

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us at the throne of God for the grace to know and do what is right. Ask that we may stand firm and reject all lies. Ask for strength for us so that we do not stray from the path that leads us to Your Son, Jesus Christ, to enter paradise together with Him. Amen.

Prayer No. 9: Prayer for help for the poor souls in Purgatory

God the Father, remember all Your children. Help especially also the poor souls in purgatory. Ease their suffering and torment and lead them into salvation so that they too may be worthy to enter Your Kingdom. Amen.

Prayer No. 10: Prayer for knowledge of what is good and true

My Lord and Father. Help me to orient my life completely toward You. Always keep before my eyes what Your will is, and let me act accordingly. Forgive me even now for anything I may do wrong, and send me Your Holy Spirit so that I may know the good and the true. Thank You, dear Father. Amen.

Prayer No. 11: Prayer of Protection

Lord, because I am helpless in this world, send me Your Holy Helpers, that they may guide and protect me on my way to You. Do not let me fall into temptations, but help me to remain strong. Send me Your Holy Angels to protect me from injustice and harm. Jesus, stay with me always, so that I may find my way to You, my beloved Savior. Mary, Mother of all God's children, crush the serpent before it can come to me. I love you. Amen.

Prayer No. 12: Prayer for Assistance and Love

O my Jesus, help me in this situation. Flood me with Your love so that I can pass on and feel that love, so that I can gift others with love as well. Amen.

Prayer No. 13: Prayer for strength and personal change

Lord, give me the strength I need to defend You always.

Lord, help me also to feel love for my worst enemy.

Lord, make me strong in the battle for souls, so that I may always have the strength to pray in Your intentions.

Lord, forgive me also when I sin.

Yours I will be, now and forever.


Prayer No. 14: Prayer for protection from evil actions

Dearest Jesus, Yours I want to be, forever and ever.

Help me to act in love now and do not let the evil serpent get power over me.


Prayer No. 15: Prayer to Archangel Michael for protection and from confusion

Holy Archangel Michael, You, the leader of all hosts.

Protect me also from the snares of the evil enemy and keep me safe from his attacks.

Give me clarity and protection from confusion, and guide me on the way to God.

Do not allow me to go astray, and if it does happen to me, bring me back to the divine path.

Thank You. Amen.

Prayer No. 16: Prayer of Protection

My Lord, My God, protect me from the lies of the evil one.

Guide me on my way to You.

Always give me the clarity I need to act according to Your will.

Enlighten me with Your Holy Spirit, and fill me with Your love. Amen.

Holy Archangel Michael, protect me with the shield of Your protection and keep me from the traps of evil. Amen.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, place me under Your protection and cover me and my loved ones with Your Holy Mantle of Protection. Amen.

Prayer No. 17: Prayer to St. Michael the Archangel for protection of family and home

Holy Archangel Michael, protect me with Your shield of truth and protection.

Place Your shield of protection in front of all my family members and especially in front of my children so that Satan cannot use them.

Protect also my house/apartment from mischief and unrest, and be Thou Our defender and protection from all that is not of God.


Prayer No. 18: Prayer to find the Father

Protect me My Lord, My Father, for with You I want to be.

In Your way I will find to You and walk with You for eternity.


Prayer No. 19: Prayer for the salvation of lost souls

My Lord, My Father, He who is Almighty.

Enlighten the lost souls with Your Holy Spirit.

Do not allow the devil to block their way to You.

Send out Your Holy Angels to them, so that they may defeat the demons that control these souls, and they, the souls, may thus go the way home to You with Jesus, Your Holy Son. Amen.

Prayer No. 19A: Follow-up prayer for the enlightenment of lost souls

Say YES, My dear child.

Say YES to Jesus. HE, who is greater than you, will lead you into eternity. With Him you can rest and be carefree and heal your soul.

Say YES, My child, and come to Me, I, your Jesus, take you with Me into My eternity. Amen.

Prayer No. 20: Prayer in support of the salvation of souls

Dear Jesus, Yours I want to be, to listen to You and trust You. Give Me Your Holy Spirit, that He may guide me through this time and enlighten me with His clarity.

Lord, give me the gift to do Your will and to save many more souls with You and Your Heavenly Helpers.

Let me be Your servant and guide me the way You want me to be.


Prayer No. 20A: Follow-up prayer in support of the salvation of souls

Lord, have mercy on the lost souls.

Lord, bestow Your love upon them.

Lord, catch them and transform their hearts.

Lord, give me the strength to pray for them.


Prayer No. 21: Prayer for the Flame of Divine Love

Dear Jesus, kindle the flame of eternal love in my heart. Let it grow and become so great that nothing evil can touch me, and I meet all God's children in love.


Prayer No. 22: Powerful prayer for protection from evil

Lord, give me the power to resist evil.

Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, hear me.

Lord, do not let the devil get power over me.

Lord, have mercy. Lord, hear me.

Lord, give me the gift to always dwell in Your love, to live it and to pass it on.

Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, hear me.

Lord, be always YOU with me. Guide me, take care of me and show me the way to You.

Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, hear me.

Lord, enlighten me with Your Holy Spirit and give me the gift of discernment between good and evil, right and wrong.

Lord, have mercy on me. Lord, hear me.

Lord, I want to be Yours forever and ever. Help me to be as You want me to be.

Lord, have mercy. Lord, hear me.


Prayer No. 23: Prayer for love, clarity and trust in God

Oh, Holy Spirit, fill my heart with Your love, give me clarity and trust in God. Help me to decipher the Lord's words, for only through love will I understand them. Amen.

Prayer No. 24: Help for troubled souls

Come, My child. Go to Jesus and be completely His.

Let yourself be embraced by His loving arms and feel the love flowing from His Sacred Heart into yours.

Come, My child, and do not be afraid, for Jesus loves you as you are!

Come, My child, come. Amen.

Prayer No. 25: Prayer for conversion of lost souls

O My God, My Almighty Father, who art Thou pure love.

Convert all Your children and send Your Holy Spirit even to the blackest of souls, so that HE may kindle YOUR light in them and give clarity to that soul.

Do this for all lost souls and give my prayer the power, the strength and the love to convert the darkest of all souls.

I love You, dear Father, and I thank You, dear Holy Spirit.


Prayer No. 26: Prayer for clarity and preservation from error and lies

Lord, grant me Your truth and let me distinguish between good and evil.

Lord, grant me Your Holy Spirit and the clarity I need to remain faithful to You in these difficult times.

Keep away from me, from my soul, all the lies of the antichrist and false prophets and lift me up to You, so that I do not fall and stop on my way and (not) be led astray.

I love You, dear Father, and I thank You, Holy Spirit.

Forever I will live in Your service and prepare my soul for Your Son and eternity.


Prayer No. 27: Prayer for the Holy Spirit

O My Lord, My gracious Father, in Your mercy grant grace to those who do not see the truth.

Give those who do not hear the truth the grace to understand.

Give those who blindly follow evil the grace to find You.

Send out Your Holy Spirit to them now and give them the grace of truth and repentance.

Thank You, dear Father.


Prayer No. 28: Prayer for access to the New Kingdom

Lord, kindle Your light in these souls that they too will find their way out of darkness and to You.

Lord, love these children especially, for it is Your love that awakens them, Your care that makes them trust, and Your omnipotence that makes them marvel and find their way to You.

Help Your lost ones, Your seeking ones and all Your children of this earth to give their YES to Your Son, so that they too may find access to His New Kingdom.

Thank You, dear Father. I love You and I want to serve You and give my loyalty to You forever. Amen.

Prayer No. 29: Prayer for Clarity and Purity

Oh, My Lord, I love You so much. My faithfulness I give to You, as well as my love for You.

Now come also You, My Holy Spirit, and enlighten my heart with truth. Fill it with Divine love and give me clarity and purity.

Oh, My Heavenly Helpers, come also to my side. Help me to remain clear and pure and save me from the snares of the evil enemy.


Prayer No. 30: Prayer for the filling of hearts by the Holy Spirit

Dear God, send Your Holy Spirit over the hearts of all Your children, so that HE may enlighten them and the Divine warmth, security and love may also fill their hearts.

Grant that Jesus may become conscious to them and thus the Divine joy may also settle in their hearts.


Prayer No. 31: Consecration Prayer

O my Jesus, I consecrate myself completely to You. My life I surrender to You, please YOU take care of me, guide me and heal me.

Prayer No. 32: Prayer of deliverance (at the hour of death)

Dear Jesus. I consecrate myself and my loved ones entirely to You. Please come and save me. Amen.

Prayer No. 33: Prayer for enlightenment and detachment of godless souls from evil

O my God, my kind Father. Bring light into the hearts of all Your children. Enlighten them so that they may recognize the way to You. Love them so much that this love floods them and they begin to long for You more and more. Then send out Your Holy Spirit to them, so that He may lead them out of all darkness.

Give them the strength to entrust themselves to Jesus, to love Him and to follow Him. Detach them from all evil and YOU, Holy Archangel Michael, cut all connecting ropes to evil. Pour out Your clarity in them, Holy Spirit, and fill them with divine hope and joy.

Lord, receive them among Your disciples and show them the way that God the Father chose for them.


Prayer No. 34: Prayer for Peace

Lord, who YOU are in Heaven, send down Your peace to Our Earth, touch the hearts of Your children and especially of those who do not know Your light.

I love You, dear Father, and I trust in You, O My Divine Lord. Please send peace to the hearts of all Your children and enlighten the world with Your omnipotence.

I love You, and I trust in You, in Your grace, for YOU ARE my Lord, my Creator, my Father, and in You I place all my trust.

So send forth Your Holy Spirit, that peace may reign on earth and the beast with his dark plans may depart.


Prayer No. 35: Prayer to the Holy Spirit for strengthening of faith

Holy Spirit, endow me with the gift of understanding.

Make my heart completely pure and humble, and strengthen my faith and trust.

Help me to be completely with Jesus and to listen to Him.

Help me not to interpret His Word, but to understand it, so that I can fall completely into His arms and He will be my guide from now on.


Prayer No. 36: Ask for the gift of discernment

Holy Spirit, to You I call, and I ask:

Gift me now and forever with Your Divine gift of discernment.

Keep me on the right path to God, Our Father, and help me to discern and escape all lies, deceit and flattery of the evil one, that I may always be faithful to Jesus and that my soul may not be lost.


Prayer No. 37: Ask for the gift of understanding

Holy Spirit, to You I cry out like a little lost child and ask You: Bestow upon me the gift of understanding and enlighten me!

Help me to understand the mystery of God the Father and lead me completely to Him. In this way I will become worthy and whole and will know what is the truth. Amen.

Help me, Holy Spirit, to find the Lord in deep adoration, for there lie hidden the keys to understanding the mysteries of the Lord.

I thank You, Holy Spirit, and I want to live my life with You and in the service of the Lord from today on. Please help me to do so.


Prayer No. 38: Prayer for Transformation

Jesus, please send out Your Holy Spirit to all children so that HE can transform them and lead them to You. Amen.

Prayer No. 39: Prayer for Humility

Lord, I give you my heart. Make it soft, pure and humble, and do not allow pride to spread in it.

Keep me, O Lord, in Your purity and give my heart deepest love for You, my Lord, my King.

I love You.

Yours I will be, now and forever.


Prayer No. 40: Prayer for Unconditional Love

Oh, my Jesus, I love You. Help my love for You to be pure and without conditions. Guide me on this path of love for You, and help me to be as You want me to be.

I love You. Let me be Your servant without expectations, but full of hope.


Prayer No. 41: Our Lady's Prayer

Have mercy, O Lord, and send down Your graces upon all children so that they may know and walk the path to Your Son.

Free them from the snares of the evil one and let mercy prevail.

Grant them Your most generous mercy, so that they will not be lost to the adversary and will attain eternal life on the side of Jesus and Yours.

Have mercy on Your children.

We ask this through Christ Our Lord, Savior of the world. Amen.

Prayer No. 42: Prayer to our Holy Guardian Angel

Holy Guardian Angel mine, I ask you with a sincere heart to pray with me and my soul unceasingly from now on until the New Era.

I ask you to continue praying and completing all the prayers that I have begun and have not been able to continue praying, for me, with all the saints and holy angels of the Lord, as well as all the guardian angels, for the conversion of humanity.

I ask you to always unite all my prayers with the Holy and Sacred Angels of the Father, so that they may ascend as a song of praise to the Father in Heaven, multiplied and in praise.

Holy Guardian Angel mine, pray with me in the intentions of Jesus, Our Lady, Saint Joseph and God the Father...* in my intentions...* and join my prayers with all the Saints, Holy Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels. Amen.

*... (Note: All intentions can be inserted here.)

Prayer No. 43

A Short Act of Atonement, Powerful and with Great Effect!

You can make atonement for the conversion of the erring and apostate children. For this I give you instructions that you can perform easily and daily. It is effective, so use it, because: The more children convert, the milder the end will be. The devil will not be able to enforce his aims and thus will NEVER reach his real aim!

Instructions for the conversion of souls:

Dearest Father. I offer up to You this act of atonement, for the repentance of sinners in

Politics: 1 Hail Mary

Economy: 1 Hail Mary

Finance: 1 Hail Mary

Science: 1 Hail Mary

Health care: 1 Hail Mary

Schools (ministries of culture, educational systems, etc.): 1 Hail Mary

Universal Church: 1 Hail Mary

(Note: The Hail Mary: Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death. Amen. )

Furthermore, I pray for repentance of all sinners in the world. Accept My prayer of atonement, dearest Father, for the repentance of all the children of men. Amen.

Commit this act of atonement with loving, fervent and supplicating hearts. The more children convert, the milder will be the end times.

The more atonement you offer to Jesus and the Father, the greater the effect.

Your mother in heaven. Amen.

Prayer No. 44

Special Act of Atonement for the Repentance of One’s Family and Loved Ones!

My child. Tell the children of earth that I, their loving Mother in Heaven, will carry their prayers to the Father IF THEY ASK ME.

So I give you a special act of reparation for all your loved ones in your family, whom you may support in repentance with only 3 Hail Marys, or ask for repentance for them through Me to the Father.

Address the act of reparation to Me as follows:

Prayer of Atonement for the Repentance of One’s Family and Loved Ones

Dearest Mother. I offer up to you, this act of atonement for the repentance of all My loved ones in My family.

Prayer: 3 Hail Marys.


Carry your loved ones in your heart, My children. It is important to carry them in love in your heart as you make your prayer of atonement for them. You can do this for all your family members and reinforce it by telling Me their names or giving Me a mental picture of them. Amen.

Your Mother in Heaven. Amen.

Prayer No. 45: Santa Marina

Remind the children of Santa Marina.

She is patron saint and heals, but you MUST call her and pray and ask to her.

She keeps you safe from poisonous effects, she protects you when you come in contact with these or other disease-causing substances. So ask her, and she will help.

Yours and your Father in heaven.

Prayer No. 46

Treatment of Diseases Caused by Epidemics

God the Father showed me plague-related diseases and what they can be treated with:

To cure for skin growths and other skin diseases:

- Calendula (marigold)

- and Rosemary (note: versatile)

HE said:

In the case of leprosy, prayer.

Ask for forgiveness of your sins!!! (For) leprosy, tumors and (plague) treatments of any kind.

The plagues will be great, but your prayer will protect.

You must be pure. Bring fasting offerings!

Seek out your holy confession!

Show repentance!


Beg for forgiveness!

Prayer for Forgiveness

O my Father. Forgive me for my sins.

I am deeply sorry for them.

Look into my heart,

and then decide YOU what is due to me.

Willingly I accept everything from your hands

and consecrate from henceforth unto eternity.

my life, my existence, my soul entirely to YOU,

my Father, and Jesus, Your Divine Son.


Thine will I be from henceforth unto eternity.


To seal this consecration, I now also ask the Most Holy Mother of God to confirm it before Your Holy Throne.

Amen. *

(*Note: Now lovingly ask Our Lady).

This prayer is especially for those who do not have or cannot seek out a servant, Catholic priest, ordained by Me.

Your Father in heaven with Jesus. Amen.

(**Note: It is important that this prayer be sincere, loving, and contrite).