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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Soon I will rapture My children, I will fill them with My grace.

Message from God The Father to Myriam Corsini in Carbonia, Sardinia, Italy


Carbonia 03.08.2022 (*009 ap. 03-08-22)

Love and peace to you My beloved children.

Behold, the time has come for our meeting, everything is ready, prepare your hearts, let them be in purity that I may recognize them and lift them up to Me at once.

The cataclysm is in place: ... a fire will blaze, the Earth will burn and nothing will be left standing of that which does not belong to Me.

Soon I will rapture My children, fill them with My grace, many I will send back into the world to recover the souls of those who still reject Me, despite the signs they will see.

This season will go, the new time will come.

Beloved of your Lord, I will work My miracles on you, you will be My hands, My feet, My voice, you will shout My holy Word, you will instruct in My Doctrine, I God, through My chosen ones will work infinite miracles of healing and deliverance.

Do not waste your days in revelry and drunkenness O people all, ... the Day of the Lord will come suddenly. Provide now for your conversion, do not put it off until tomorrow because everything is accomplished, there is no more time.

The thunder is about to be warned over the whole Earth, this wicked Humanity will weep for its foolishness, for not taking into consideration the appeals of Heaven, for not asking forgiveness for its sins: ... sin is the evil that will drag you to great suffering, O men.

Everything is about to happen, convert quickly, before the sky becomes incandescent and the moon is dyed with blood.

Save your souls! Mercy on you O men, mercy!

Behold, God has spoken!

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