Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Appeal of God the Father to His Faithful People.

It's Time, My People, to Begin to Pray Without Ceasing ​​So That the Strength and Power of Prayer Will Prepare You for the Upcoming Days of Spiritual Battle!


May my peace be with you, my people, my heritage,

My children, my heart, the heart of the Father of humanity, is afflicted and I feel great sadness to see this ungrateful and sinful generation that refuses to listen to me and to put my precepts into practice. The scourge of war will set humanity back, the pride of the kings of this world will only bring death, destruction and desolation for my creation and my creatures.

All the man-made technology of death of these end times will be turned against man and science will be set back thousands of years. The survivors of the nuclear calamity will begin again and repopulate my creation. Man will return to the Stone Age.

Woe to you, Israel, for the days of your purification are approaching! Oh mothers of Jerusalem, run to protect your children, as the hen does with her chicks, because the great and terrible day of the Lord is drawing near! Rise up, mountains and hills; flee, birds of the sky and seek your shelter, my creatures! Raise plaintive chants, daughters of Zion, because the days of My Justice are near; Rend your hearts and not your garments and cry out to heaven, my people, so that you may endure with faith and hope the days of purification ahead!

Oh, oh, oh!”, these will be the mournful groans of the daughter of Zion, who will weep inconsolably in those days due to the loss of her children! She weeps as Rachel wept in the time of the tyrant Herod. Who will be able to comfort my people’s daughter? Only those who put their trust in the Lord, will be able to get through the ordeals of those days, which are drawing close like ghosts.

Come back to me with all your heart, my people, there still remain just a few moments of mercy for you; do not allow yourselves to become tired; pay attention to my anguished appeals, so that tomorrow you may be excused and the trials of purification through which you will pass may be more bearable for you.

It’s time, my people, to start praying without ceasing so that the strength and power of prayer will prepare you for the approaching days of spiritual battle. In those days, your continuous prayer will be your strength and just as I did with my people when they walked through the desert on the way to the promised land, I will also do with you in your wilderness. I will listen to you to the extent that you pray and praise, united in prayer. Have confidence in your God and I will send you your daily bread.

Go, therefore, and prepare yourselves with prayer; form prayer groups with your brothers; conform to my instructions that I will send you with my messengers, so that when those days arrive, you will be prepared and together you will be one single voice that praises and cries out to Heaven. Tomorrow my New Israel will be one people united in prayer.

Remain in my peace, my people, my heritage.

Your Father, Yahweh, Lord of the Nations.

Make known my messages to all the ends of the earth.

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