Messages to Maria for The Divine Preparation of Hearts, Germany


Monday, January 30, 2023

The Son of Evil Will Seize Greatest Power!

- Message No. 1396 -


Our Lady: My child. My Son, your and your Jesus, will come, and that time is near, it is so near.

God the Father: Do not despair, beloved children that you are, for My Son, your Jesus, stands ready, so also be ready for HIM, for His Second Coming is very near.

So hold on, beloved children that you are, because what is coming now will be bad for all unbelieving children and for those (of you) who stray (hurry) after the wrong.

My children. My faithful children so loved by Me: hold on, for a bad time is coming, but he who is with Me has nothing to fear.

My Son, your Jesus, will lift up each one of you who is truly faithful and devoted and does NOT accept the mark of the beast.

You must not yield at any time, beloved children that you are!

Even if everything looks hopeless, it is only appearance, because: My Son stands ready, and no child who is truly devoted to HIM WILL LOSE, I promise, your loving Father.

My child. Tell the children to stay strong. Much evil is in your world, and it will spread very quickly.

My Divine Hand will swoop when the measure is reached and your supplications will reach My Most Holy Throne as a song of praise.

They already do, but you must pray more and more fervently, because: What is to come cannot be compared to anything that has already happened, and ONLY YOUR ALL PRAYER will give you mitigation, perseverance and shortening!

So pray and implore to Me fervently, and take to heart My and Our Word, WHICH IS HOLY, for: It was given to you for your welfare and salvation, and only he who implements it will obtain salvation!

Be ready for My Son, and do not be deceived!

Recognize the cunning and deceitfulness of the evil one and recognize WHAT he lures (tempts) you with!

Stand firm and always be faithful to Jesus!

The time is short, so do not waver!

Never give in to evil, for you are granting it entrance into your lives!

Do not be deceived by seductions, for they serve only your downfall!

The devil is cunning, and My children are severely tested!

Stand firm -always(!)- and never give in, for your eternity is at stake.

After the warning, it becomes easier for those in faith who recognize and accept the warning as such.

But for those who are already wavering, it will be hard, because the evil one will do everything he can to present it to you as something that is not true.

His antichrist, son of the evil one, will seize greatest powerand lead all those behind the light and on false tracks who are not truly with My Son, your Jesus.

You must be firm in My Son (!), otherwise it will be difficult for you.

The time after the warning will be hard, but it is short-lived. The more you pray, the more you plead, the shorter will be the time of suffering.

Listen to My Word in these messages, for it is Holy and is for your ALL salvation. Amen.

I love you very much. Out of this love I have created you. Return to Me, to your Father in Heaven, God, Who I Am, Creator of all God's children and Creator of all being. Amen.

Your loving Father in Heaven, with Jesus and the Mother of God. Amen.

Jesus: My child. Make this known. My coming is near. Tell the world.

Your and your Jesus. Amen.

Do not confuse Me with the one who comes before Me.

Remain faithful to Me, steadfast and always in prayer.

Your prayer will keep you from many things. Amen.

Believe and trust. The time is near. Amen.

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