The Apparitions of Our Lady at Jacarei

1991-present, Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil

Since February 7, 1991, Our Lord and Our Lady have been appearing daily, in Jacareí, São Paulo, Brazil, at 6:30 p.m. (Brasilia time). Mary Most Holy presents herself as the Queen and Messenger of Peace and makes a last call for conversion, through a young man, Marcos Tadeu Teixeira, who at the beginning of the apparitions was only 13 years old. He was graced with many Apparitions, visions, pains of the Passion of Jesus, of Our Lady; gifts of clairvoyance; prophecy; exhalation of perfumed oil; to his prayers the possessed were freed from the devil and many sick were healed. These are the most intense Apparitions in the history of our country, and Our Lady states that these are the last Apparitions for mankind.

Our Lady Queen of Peace

How it all began...

First Apparition
Thu, February 7, 1991

On the morning of February 7, Marcos Tadeu, a 13 year old boy, had gone into town to do some shopping at his mother's request, and on his way back, he decided to stop briefly at the Immaculate Conception Church, located about 4 km from his house. He felt compelled to go inside to pray. According to him, "I didn't even know what a Rosary was, and the only thing I knew how to pray was the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be. Where the desire to pray in the Church came from, and why I entered, I don't know. He knelt down and said a short prayer. At the end, he was surprised by a strange phenomenon that overwhelmed him and left him paralyzed, out of his mind. Here are his textual words:

"I was kneeling finishing the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Gloria, which was the only thing I knew how to pray. Suddenly, I went to finish the prayer with the sign of the cross, and my arm was stopped. I looked forward, a wind began to blow, a breeze that shook my clothes, and immediately I saw, above the Altar, a globe-shaped light come on, brighter than the sun. I felt my soul snatched from the world, my body didn't respond to my will, I couldn't move, speak, stand up, or run. I couldn't see who was speaking to me, but I could see the Light taking over the whole Altar. I heard a Voice as clear as the timbre of a bell, of a woman, very sweet, very tender, telling me:"

"My son, My son! You must sanctify yourself. Holiness is a difficult path, but... its end is real and glorious..."

The sweetness of that Voice made Marcos ecstatic! It was so sweet, so tender, that he didn't know if he was alive or dreaming, if he was on earth or in Heaven. He wanted to stay there forever and listen to her! Everything had become indifferent to him!

Suddenly the light went out, everything returned to normal. He looked and saw no one in the Church who could have told him this. He wondered. What could it have been? Just in case, he swears to himself not to tell anyone.

Disconcerted by such a vision, Marcos returned home frightened, not understanding anything. What could that voice be? And that Light, which had no equal in this world?

Second Apparition
Tue, February 19, 1991

Since that first time, something happened to the young boy. It was as if he felt impelled, moved to pray. It was as if something was disturbing him, but at the same time, an atmosphere of profound peace, never experienced before, enveloped him. He found a rosary in one of the drawers in his house and had an immense desire to pray it, although he didn't know exactly how to do it, because all he knew was how he said Our Father and Hail Marys. Here was the relief he had been looking for! His thirst was quenched by praying the rosary, and he experienced indescribable peace and joy. Since then, there were rosaries and more rosaries, prayed almost all day long, moved by that mysterious impulse.

It was Tuesday, February 19, 1991, when the Lady appeared for the second time. The seer Marcos Tadeu tells:

"I was praying the Rosary when in front of me, in the living room of my house, I saw a very strong Light, brighter than the sun itself. I was completely amazed and again I was like 'out of my mind'. I realized that it was the same Light that I had seen in the Church, and from the background of the Light, the form of a person appeared. She came up close; I could see her clearly: she was a young woman of about 18 years old, wearing a slightly gray dress, turning blue, a snow-white robe, a Crown of Twelve Stars on her head, and a long white sash tied around her waist. In her hands was a rosary of bright, luminous beads. I have never seen a woman as beautiful as she was. Sweetly she motioned for me to come closer. I didn't go, because I was afraid. Then She came forward. I didn't have the courage to say anything. She smiled, with those unforgettable blue eyes. Then I felt the courage to ask something. I asked:

"Who are you Lady?"

(Just a smile)

"Do you wish me to be here (in this Light) with the Lady? And lo and behold, the Beautiful Lady opened her pink lips to speak to me and said:

"Yes, My child, because I love you.... But I do not want you to come alone; bring here also many of My children whom I love..."

"Suddenly, the bright Young Lady, always smiling, began to approach me. My heart leapt with excitement and shock, as the luminous figure leaned over me to embrace me! An unforgettable scene! I could even feel Her heart beating.

Suddenly, the luminous Young Lady left him. Deep tears of emotion welled up in Marcos's eyes.

Then the Lady disappeared. Everything ceased, the bright Young Lady disappeared smiling, and the Light went out. His heart was filled with peace and deep love; love that did not exist anywhere on the face of the earth. For fear of people, he decided to keep everything he had seen and heard a secret within himself.

Third Apparition
The Holy Water Test

Marcos kept the secret as long as he could. Even so, one day, unrestrained, he told an aunt and some friends. They, too, had suspected something for some time. While talking to them, a doubt arose: "what if it was something evil? Advised by some people, he took holy water home, willing to vigorously sprinkle that "Luminous Young Lady", if she came back again. Decided, he would sprinkle holy water, and see if it was something good or something evil. In August 1991, when he was praying at home once again, the Luminous Figure returned and stopped in front of him. Marcos recounts:

"I still had time to grab the glass of holy water, and to spray it on Her saying, 'If it comes from God, stay! If not, go away!'

She smiled and told me:"

"My son, I am not of evil. I came from Heaven!... "

"The Lady smiled, looked up to Heaven, and disappeared!"

In that year of 1991, the Lady did not make many Apparitions. Her first appearances were meant to prepare her chosen one for greater things in his mission. With this proof of the holy water, Marcos was reassured in his heart, even though he always knew in his heart that it was not the devil. However, he remained silent, awaiting another coming of the 'Mysterious Lady from Heaven'.

Fourth Apparition
September 18, 1991

On this day in 1991, Marcos had come home from school, around 10:30 PM, when he entered his house gate, and was surprised by the "Mysterious Lady", who appeared to him, this time all in white, including her Hands and Face, in an intense bright light.

Startled, he stood at a distance, looking at the Beautiful Lady who smiled at him. She remained there for about 5 minutes, then disappeared without saying anything. Marcos went back to his house, thinking about what he had seen. However, his heart experienced great joy for having seen the "Young Lady from Heaven" once again.

Fifth Apparition
December 24, 1991

On Christmas Eve, while praying at home, the Lady appeared to Marcos once again. She asked him to consecrate himself to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, leading an austere and prayerful life. He did as She asked, and gave his whole life to the Lord through the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Among the many things that were asked of him, we highlight the renunciation of television, renunciation of alcohol, of late nights, of alcoholic drinks, of all forms of impurity, etc.

It was Marcos's "yes" to the Lord's plans forever.

Time went by... Both Marcos, and the people around him who knew, were silent about the fact that the Lady did not say Her Name. Marcos had no way to tell if it was Our Lady or not, due to the fact that the vision did not say Her Name. He hoped that She would tell him on a future occasion; on the other hand, for him, this was all very difficult to understand, since he was completely ignorant of these things concerning GOD.

The First Group

The first Rosary prayer group was formed on September 8, 1991. Even without knowing yet that it was the Virgin Mary who spoke to him, he felt a very great interior motion for prayer. Only later would he understand what was happening to him.

This group of a few people met on Saturdays and Sundays, sometimes in one house and sometimes in another. Already at this time, Marcos knew the great power and effectiveness of prayer, but also many sufferings and misunderstandings on the part of people who did not understand the urgency of prayer. He tried to show everyone that Mary was a loving Mother, full of tenderness and goodness. For many, for those who welcomed his words and prayers, the graces were great, and still today many remember him with that little picture of Our Lady in his hands and with the rosary, entering the houses. Yes, Mary entered the houses with two little hands and a heart eager for everyone to feel that Peace that he felt. However, for those who rejected and did not want to listen, those words of Christ are worth: "But if you enter a city, and they do not receive you, go out into its streets and say: 'Even the dust that has taken hold of your city we have shaken off against you; but know that the Kingdom of GOD is near. I tell you, in those days there will be a less stringent treatment of Sodom." (Lk 10:10-12).

Even with the resistance of some, he went forward without fear, he did not get discouraged, nor did he retreat. So it was that already in 1991, even without knowing the Name of the Mysterious Lady from Heaven, there was already a prayer group inspired by the Holy Spirit, under the Sweet Look of the Blessed Virgin.

The Unfolding of the Facts

In 1992, Our Lady communicated again with her chosen one, but only a few times. When he arrived home from school in the evening, She would wait for him, and while he said his last prayers of the night, She would leave him a few words. Here are some messages given by Her during this period:

Marcos at the age of 20

Sixth Apparition
May 7, 1992

After five months without an Apparition, in the evening, the Lady appeared and said:

"I come to ask for prayers made with Love. Prayer that leads men to understand Love..."

Seventh Apparition
May 13, 1992

Night apparition. The Lady, resplendent with Light appeared and said:

"Sit down (concentrate) in prayer, live with humility..."

Eighth Apparition
June 8, 1992

Once again the Lady appeared to the seer Marcos Tadeu and said:

"I wish you to love Me more and more, to offer Me more and more your heart. Love GOD above all things, forgive always and more and more your offenders..."

Interior Locutions

During this time, Marcos began to have not only the Apparitions, but also the interior locutions. In this year, he was studying during the day at the SENAI School, in São José dos Campos. One day, when he was in the classroom, he thought to himself, "I wonder what time it is?" Suddenly, an inner Voice told him:

"Ten twenty!"

He looked startled, not understanding anything, and asked the friend next to him if he had said anything. The friend said he was wrong, nobody had said anything. Then he was about to raise his hand to answer an exercise, but the Voice told him:

"No need, they won't call you!"

This time, there was no ignoring it. Concerned, he asked:

"Who are you that speaks to me?"

The voice replied:

"It is enough for the moment to know that this Voice comes from GOD. At the right time you will know who I am..."

His school friends began to find his manner strange, and began to suspect what was happening. One of them became engrossed in finding out from Marcos what was going on, and, overcome by his friend's insistence, he told him everything. In the future, he would be converted because of what the young man had told him.

In the middle of class or on his way home, the Voice would come to him. His heart knew how to keep these things very well, especially the recommendation that he pray for the conversion of his friends, who laughed at him because of his Faith. In fact, the mysterious Voice asked him to pray one "Our Father" and one "Hail Mary" every day for the conversion of his school friends, who were already going down the paths of drugs, sex or other things. Obeying the recommendation, he prayed these prayers every day.

Later, something unusual happened: his friends, who no longer studied with him because they had graduated, when they learned that their friend was the one who saw Our Lady, went to Marcos' house, prayed with him and changed their lives.

So it is very clear that the "Our Father" and the "Hail Mary" that Marcos prayed for them every day, at the command of the inner Voice, were effective in obtaining their conversion. Faith achieves everything!

Even without identifying herself, the Shining Young Lady continued to appear a few times during the following year, and little by little, she dispelled young Marcos's fear. If Her Glory frightened him, much more Her Tenderness captivated him. And so, other dialogues were held between Our Lady of Heaven and the poor boy from Jacareí.

Ninth Apparition
June 9, 1992

The Lady appeared at night, when Marcos was praying to go to sleep, in his house. She said to him:

"Give Me more and more your heart.... Tell My children to continue praying with Love and Trust; do not lose Hope in GOD!..."

Tenth Apparition
June 10, 1992

The Lady appeared to Marcos, while he was praying in his home, and said to him:

"Look at My Heart, surrounded by thorns and pains.... I carry your sufferings in My Heart, I offer them to the Lord in My Heart..."

Eleventh Apparition
June 11, 1992

The next day, in the evening, Our Lady appeared to him again with the Rosary of Light in Her Hands, radiating an even stronger glow than the other times and said to him:

"Continue praying the Holy Rosary.... It is My favorite prayer, it is the chain that will bind Satan and renew the face of the whole world.

Then She disappeared.

Twelfth Apparition
June 17, 1992

Night apparition. Our Lady pointed with her Hand in the direction of the Mother Church of the Immaculate Conception, where she first appeared to Marcos, and then said to him:

"I ask that you love one another. Go to the Table of the Eucharist to receive the Eternal Food!..."

Thirteenth Apparition
June 29, 1992

Night apparition. Our Lady took Her Luminous Rosary and said:

"The Rosary must be accompanied by repentance! Let there be contrition in the heart..."

Fourteenth Apparition
Jesus appears in the Figure of a Poor Man

This apparition took place on a Saturday in October 1992, but Marcos doesn't know the exact day, after four months without an apparition.

Having left his house early in the morning, he began to walk down the street, when about 150 meters later, he saw a strange figure sitting at the side of the road with his head down. A strange feeling invaded him, and although he felt like not stopping there and continuing on his way, a strange force stopped him and forced him to wait.

The stranger raised his head and stared at him. His eyes were of an intense blue; his face was serene, but showing great suffering. His clothing was like a single dress from top to bottom, made of simple, poor cloth, without stitching or any other addition of cloth. His appearance was that of a poor, tired and hungry traveler.

The mysterious Man kept looking at Marcos with such a penetrating gaze that he felt his legs soften and bend for him.

Young Marcos looked around to see if anyone else in the vicinity was also seeing this Man, but, what was his surprise, when the brother of one of his classmates passes in front of the seated Man and sees or notices nothing.

The Man continued to stare at him until he reached out his hand as if to ask for something. Marcos froze with fear, when next the unknown character began to stand up.

Marcos closed his eyes in fear, and when he opened them again, he could no longer see the strange Lord who had stood there only a few moments before.

Then a car passed by and honked at Marcos, who, half out of his mind, found himself back on the street where he was walking until he saw the unknown figure.

Years later, Marcos asked Our Lady who was that unknown Person he had seen. Our Lady answered him:

"That was My Divine Son Jesus Christ, who appeared to you in the form of a poor person so that everyone will understand that when a poor person knocks at the door of your homes, you must never despise him or deny him food, no matter how miserable and poor he may seem. Whatever you do to the poor, in truth, you do to Jesus..."

It was the Eternal Lesson of Charity that Jesus and the Blessed Virgin gave to Marcos and to all the pilgrims who come to Jacareí, seeking conversion, a change of heart.

May the Queen and Messenger of Peace obtain for us a heart full of Charity for our neighbor. Amen.

Fifteenth Apparition
February 19, 1993

After four months without apparitions, Marcos Thaddeus was with some friends in prayer. In the middle of the prayer, the Young Lady from Heaven appeared to him.

Three times Marcos insisted that the Young Lady tell him Her Name. She smiled and answered nothing.

The fourth time, he insisted more strongly. Then She opened Her arms, smiled and said:

"I am the LADY OF PEACE!... I am the MOTHER OF JESUS!..."

Then she added:

"My children, I wish you My Peace!.... Pray! Pray! Ask forgiveness for sinners...

Pray with your heart! Open yourselves to GOD and His LOVE! Live happily and may Peace fill your lives...

Plant Peace within yourselves, and spread this Peace to others... I love you and I want to give you My Peace from Heaven...

I bless you..."

And she disappeared.

Marcos now understood perfectly: the mysterious Lady was the Lady of Peace, the Mother of GOD!

His heart exploded with joy!

That same day, around 9:30 p.m. She returned while Marcos was praying the Rosary in his house, and recommended that he pray in Peace and with Love. She also promised to come back in a week's time to talk to him.

The Miracle of the Roses

The following Saturday, February 27, Our Lady returned and told her chosen one:

"Pray and live Peace in your hearts. Plant it in your hearts and live with Love. When you feel confused, pray, ask for the Light of the Holy Spirit, read the Gospel, and everything will become clear."

Marcos asked her if she would return. She answered yes with a gesture, nodding her head. Then she asked him to tell people that she had appeared and what she was asking for. Marcos expressed his fear of what people might say. Our Lady then said to him:

"My son, in seven days go, at dawn, to the rose bush in your house, and you will see a miracle: it will be completely in flower, and this will serve as a Sign for you that you must trust in Me and not be afraid of anything!"

Marcos did as She told him. He prayed and trusted throughout the week. On Friday, around 11:00 pm, he came home from school and saw the rose bush with no roses, due to the heavy rain that was falling. But he trusted, went inside his house, and started to pray. The next day, March 5, 1993, at dawn, he went running to the rose bush and saw a great surprise: beautiful roses were hanging gracefully from its branches!

He called his mother to see the sign. His mother looked, but didn't understand a thing. But she found it really strange, because she had watered the rose bush every day, and noticed that the day before there were no flowers there. How could so many roses sprout overnight, so quickly, and with all that rain the day before?

It was clear. It was the Sign of the Virgin!

Marcos told his relatives and neighbors what had happened up to that point. The relatives and neighbors did not give him much credit. Others began to approach him and ask him what had really happened.

A great discussion began throughout the neighborhood and the town. Many spoke badly, others were in favor.

Our Lady began Her Great Work to try to save Her children.

On March 6, 1993, She came forward once again, and said:

"My son, from today, I will come every day, always at this same hour (6:30 pm). Be in prayer at this time...

Write down in a notebook everything that I manifest to you. Know that My Heart has chosen you, chosen you to be My Messenger. Do not be afraid to announce My requests.

Do not be proud to be My chosen one, but... remain always humble and always faithful..."

Marcos asked:

"My Lady, why did you choose me, who have no riches, nothing special, and am not better than others?"

The Lady answered:

"My son, I chose you because you are nothing.... Have you not yet understood that I chose your weakness to bring down strength, and your nothingness to confound the proud?"

Our Lady disappeared, and for Marcos began the great journey of the daily Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin.

This image of the Face of Our Lady, Queen and Messenger of Peace, miraculously appeared when the camera of a young girl who was present at the apparition in Jacareí on 11/15/1994, released and rewound itself in her handbag. On that day, Our Lady gave communion to the visionary Marcos Tadeu while tears of tenderness flowed from Her eyes. OUR MOTHER GOD said that this is HER Holy Face given to us as a sign of HER motherly love for each of us.

Our Lady's words

(06/18/94 and 07/07/1994) "The Apparition of Fatima is the beginning... and this Place is the conclusion of the Fatima Messages…"

(02/24/2000) "Here, in Jacareí, My Immaculate Heart, although fought and persecuted (pause) by all, WILL TRIUMPH!!!... and the Mercy of the Lord, who sent Me to 'this Place', full of Graces and Messages, to grant to My children, will be manifested to the whole world,(pause) and then, many will come, from the East and the West, to here, to the Feet of the Mother, who calls all to enter the Safe Haven(pause) of My Immaculate Heart…"

(07/11/1999) "After the COMING of My Son Jesus to the world, My Apparitions here in Jacareí are THE GREATEST GRACE that GOD has granted to humanity…"

(06/11/2000) "My Apparitions here in Jacarei, are the last 'plank of salvation' that GOD offers, not only to Brazil, but... to the whole world... If you reject them, you will be rejecting your own Salvation…"

(06/13/2000) "Jacareí will be 'the POLE' that will attract all souls of good will, who will come 'here' to praise and bless GOD, and to magnify My Immaculate Heart…"

(03/12/2000) "My children, live My Messages that I gave you here in Jacareí... My Apparitions 'here' are the Last Call of GOD, not only for Brazil, but... for the whole world... Live My Messages, and put into practice all My Requests... I wish to be called and loved as Queen and Messenger of Peace... Soon, the world will discover all the Graces of My Name..." (02/25/2000)

Our Lord Jesus Christ, on 07/03/1998: "The confirmation and continuation of Garabandal…"

The Environment

The apparition of the Virgin began in the form of an interior locution. For two and a half years, the seer only heard the voice of the Blessed Virgin.

Beginning in September 1993, Our Lady also appeared in three-dimensional form.

The seer reports: "I can touch Our Lady, kiss Her, pray with Her and ask Her questions. When I touch Her, I feel a sweet current run through my body and soul." As Marcos sees Our Lady, he remains in a state of ecstasy.

In the beginning, Our Lady appeared in the houses, in the Chapels, in the Churches, according to Her Holy Will. Then She began to appear on the Mount near the seer's house. Every day, Our Lady, radiant with goodness and beauty, comes to communicate the maternal Messages of the Lord and makes us understand Her tenderness.

Our Lady once sang, the canticle "Glory to Christ Jesus, in the Blessed Sacrament; Glory to Jesus, to the Name above every name." She brings heavenly songs. She has already appeared kneeling in the sanctuary at the adoration of Jesus to teach her children to adore God well and with deep love in the Blessed Sacrament.

One day, she appeared, blowing kisses with her hand to the seer and to the people who were praying on the Mount of Apparitions. Marcos responded by sending kisses to her as well. She smiles when she is happy; sometimes she looks serious; sometimes she looks tearful. She says that she has come in the name of the Lord, to warn mankind of its errors and to call them to conversion. Sometimes, when she arrives, she greets with "Praise our Lord Jesus Christ". Other times he says: "Glory to God and Peace to the world".

Mount of Apparitions

Frequency of the Apparitions

The first apparition took place on February 7, 1991, in the Matriz da Imaculada Conceição, in Jacareí. Twelve days later, on February 19, 1991, the young seer Marcos Tadeu, 14 years old, received the second apparition of Mary. Time went by, without new manifestations, and it was not revealed to anyone that the Virgin Mary had appeared. In 1992 the messages were: one in May and six in June.

The Mother's voice was silent from July 1992 until February 19, 1993, when the Virgin Mary revealed her name and began her mission for good. Since March 6, 1993, Our Lady has come almost every day. Before the people who are frightened that she is appearing so much, the dear Mother explains: "These apparitions are the last ones for humanity. Not only here, but for many places on earth, I give you my signs to return to your Father. Soon, all the secrets will be fulfilled, and then the strength of my enemy will be defeated."

And she already begins to educate the seer, as her messenger:

"Write everything down in a notebook: what I manifest to you and make you feel. Do not be proud of being my messenger, but be humble, because you have this grace by the pure mercy of God. Pray even more, and give me your heart more and more: your heart must be all mine. I love you, my angel."

"My children I invite you to convert, to pray and to look at Me today, at La Salette. The tears of pain and passion that I cried there, must be for you a reason for conversion, because it was for your sake that I cried. Pray, pray, pray; be converted! Pray and everything will become clear. I invite you to speed up your conversion, because my secret of La Salette is about to happen, and many may be confused by what is to come.‚ÄĚ

In the beginning, Our Lady cried out in a loud voice:

"Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray with your hearts! Put your whole hearts to prayer! Give your hearts to the Lord! Give your hearts to the lord entirely! Convert yourselves! Convert yourselves!"

"Oh, children, I am already tired of asking humanity to convert: I can not take it anymore. I am calling you every day to the bosom of the Father, and you pay no attention. You, children, find my messages worthless, many times. I am tired of warning you. You are wondering in your hearts how I can speak these things through someone's mouth. No, my children, it is not for nothing; what I say comes from my Heart out of Love.

Beloved children, how much it pleases me to be with you. I see numerous sufferings in your hearts. I see many sufferings on your paths; I see the crosses of each one of you. Once again I tell you: I am the Mother of all. I am with you and you do not feel me. I am your Mother! When I stood at the foot of the Cross of my Son, on Calvary's heights, my Son said to me, 'Behold, there is your Son' And I said to John, 'Son, there is your Mother.' O my children, I have become the true Mother of all of you… I come from Heaven out of love. I tell you that the messages and My presence in your midst is a great grace. Give yourselves to Me with all your gifts: I will take you to Jesus."

The Indescribable Beauty of Our Lady

The Virgin Mary appears as a beautiful young girl of about 18 years old. Her voice sounds like a sweet, harmonious song. She has blue eyes, long dark hair, straight on top and a little curly underneath. She usually wears a gray dress with a blue tinge, very soft, and a white cloak on her head that goes down to her feet. She is about 1.65m (5.4 feet) tall. On Her head, She carries a crown of 12 shining stars. Her feet are resting on a cloud that does not touch the ground.

A pilgrim took a photo of an image of Our Lady's face unveiled during the apparitions in Jacarei, and in this way, miraculously, this image appeared.

Our Lord Jesus Christ also appeared

In Jacareí, the Apparitions also include Our Lord. He has the appearance of a man in his 30s, blue eyes, small beard, about 1.80m (6 feet) tall. He wears a white tunic with a golden belt. His voice is wonderful, soft. He emanates much peace and love, although He speaks with power and authority. Sometimes Our Lord appears in the form of a boy of about seven years old, and sometimes as a newborn baby, in the Arms of His Blessed Mother. He comes on the 7th of each month and on Fridays to give messages with Our Lady.

Angels and some Saints have also appeared, such as the Angel of Peace, St. Michael the Archangel, St. Gabriel, St. Raphael, St. Bernadette, St. Barbara, St. Rita of Cascia, St. Bridget of Sweden, St. Joseph, St. Faustina Kowalska, the Blessed Shepherds of Fatima, Francisco and Jacinta Marto, and the Guardian Angel of Marcos Thaddeus.

The Tears of the Most Holy Mother

Several times during the apparitions, Our Lady was shown crying, very sad for the sins of the world. Four images of Our Lady wept in Jacareí, through which the Blessed Virgin wanted to show Her pain for so many offenses and sins the world commits against God. Especially the tear of June 7, 1996, was seen by thousands of people present in Jacareí. She also wept on other occasions. An image of Our Lord also cried twice in the year 1994. Everyone present saw and tasted the tears that were salty like human tears. Our Lady explained the reason for the tears: "My children, in various places in the world I give the sign of My Tears... Through My images I show them the horror of their sins. The Tears that flow from My Eyes are also those of Jesus... The world is in ruins: abortion, divorce, drugs, personal, social and communal sins... I look at the ruin of you and cry out to you to be converted... (began to cry...) You don't even pay attention to My Tears, which are Sorrow and 'proof of LOVE' for you... Change your lives... I will still cry a lot for the unfaithful world, until the time of the TRIUMPH of My Immaculate Heart comes... When that time comes, there will be no more Tears, for My enemy will fall, and I will imprison him in hell, again, where he can do no more harm on earth. Pay attention to My Tears... " (04/15/1993)

Fatima statue sheds tears

Extraordinary Signs

Large luminous clouds were seen over the Mount of Apparitions around 6:30 pm, the time of the Apparitions. Very strong lights were emitted from them, as if the sun was rising there. Clouds in the form of Angels, the Holy Supper or Our Lady suddenly appeared over the Mount. Fire and mysterious lights appeared on the Mount, and when people arrived there, nothing was burned. Stars that moved in the sky, pulsating like hearts and drawing giant rosaries and hearts were seen over the Mount at night.

The sun rotated hundreds of times over the crowd of up to 60,000 people present, changing color and throwing colored rays everywhere. On May 13, 1993 the sun's light weakened leaving it as a frosted disk, which then took on the colors green and red and descended upon the earth, as if to crash into it. On August 7, 1994 this phenomenon was repeated again. On September 7, 1994, it was the moon that began to move to the right and left, and then descended over the earth. On October 2, 1993, the moon appeared in a much larger size and crashed down on the people on the Mount. In August 1997, the stars began to 'rain' from the sky over the Mount of Apparitions filling it with colors and luminous trails.

Three times scented oil came out of the wall of the altar of the Little Chapel of the Apparitions, in the house of the seer Marcos Tadeu. On July 7, 1995 a great luminous cloud enveloped the seer Marcos Tadeu, which was seen and photographed. On November 18, 1993, an army of thousands upon thousands of fireflies filled the Mount of Apparitions for several hours, and kept on flickering, as if calling people to come up to the Mount of Apparitions.

Both the storm and the fireflies had been announced a month before by Our Lady. Several times the perfume of roses and incense (like the incense burned in church) was felt by people located in different parts of the crowd... Strange red lights were seen pulsating in the clouds, as well as the change of color and movement of the moon and clouds and lights covering the seer Marcos Tadeu at the time of the apparition.

Almost all the pilgrims who go to Jacareí claim to see signs on the sun, moon and stars. In the beginning, heavenly songs were heard during the vigils on the mountain, and the Blessed Virgin said that they were the Holy Angels... Stars would burst into flames and fall over the Mount, disappearing just before they touched the ground. Many people claim to have seen Our Lady reflected in Marcos' eyes several times during the apparitions. The face of the seer Marcos Thaddeus is transformed during the apparitions, taking on heavenly features as he speaks with Our Lord and Our Lady. On November 7, 1994, during the apparition, the seer Marcos Thaddeus placed his right hand over the flame of the candle he was holding in the other hand, and although the flame licked his hand for several minutes, it did not cause any burns.

Miracles of the Sun and the Candle

On the same day, as Our Lady had announced 5 months before, a great sign happened: a great luminous Cross involving the moon appeared in Heaven, which lasted for several minutes, before the astonished eyes of the crowd. Several blue flashes of light sparked above the Shrine from the direction of the Fountain of St. Joseph. Once, Our Lady let out blue rays that were seen by the young Slaves of Mary of Peace present at the Apparition. During the Cenacle on 9/7/2000, the moon took on a pinkish color, in front of the multitude of pilgrims who had already seen the sign of the Sun on this day, and burst into tears of emotion. Many signs are also recorded in the pilgrims' photographs.

Physical and Spiritual Healings

Many physical healings are achieved in the Sanctuary of the Apparitions in Jacareí. The miraculous healings and graces achieved are a Divine sign that confirms and demonstrates the authenticity of the Apparitions. The healings are generally achieved through the Water from the Miraculous Fountain of Our Lady's Tears, or the immersion in the Miraculous Fountain of Saint Joseph. Countless people deliver the examinations accompanied by letters of thanks to the Blessed Virgin and to Saint Joseph, to the seer Marcos Tadeu, who divulges them during the great Cenacle or in the monthly newspaper of the Sanctuary.

Some people light candles and pray rosaries in the Shrine to thank Our Lady and St. Joseph for the graces they have received. The types of illnesses that have been cured are the most varied: cancer; leprosy; generalized deafness; blindness; paralysis; respiratory, heart, blood diseases; etc. Any person who has received a grace, a miraculous cure, can give a testimony, which must contain: name, complete address, telephone number, the complete history of the illness, medical treatment, how the cure happened in Jacareí through the intercession of the Virgin Queen and Messenger of Peace, the medical report if there is a possibility of having one, and the person's exams before and after being healed. The person's letter must be notarized in order to have the effect of a document.

Spiritual healings and conversions occur constantly and reach thousands of people. Protestants, spiritualists, atheists, cold Catholics, Buddhists, Masons, who are converted, repent of their sins and fall on their knees in the sacred place of the Shrine of Apparitions and weep for their sins...

There have been cases of many people who for 30, 40, and even 50 years had not set foot in the Church, prayed nothing, or attended any sacrament, who returned to prayer, to confession, to the Eucharist, after they went to the Shrine of Apparitions or read the Holy Messages from the Apparitions in Jacareí. The number of pilgrims who come to the Shrine can reach up to 60,000 people, from all over Brazil and even from abroad.


At the beginning of the apparitions, the seer Marcos Tadeu had to suffer a lot from the people and clergy of the Church. Nobody gave him credit, especially the priests. They said it was all lies, illness, hallucination, and even that it was the devil. During the Masses they made fun of the apparitions and attacked them relentlessly in every possible way, publicly and privately. He was expelled from many churches because of the apparitions, and openly persecuted by bishops and priests, especially those in the diocese of São José dos Campos, where Jacareí is located.

Sanctuary of the Apparitions

The bishop of that diocese had him psychologically examined, without success in his project to present him as crazy, because the examinations proved his extreme normality and mental health. Even so, the bishop continues to send letters to all the parishes in the country, so that the priests forbid the people to come to the Shrine of the Apparitions and prevent as much as possible the spreading of Our Lady's Messages. Many priests would only allow people to work in the Church; children to make their First Communion and young people to be confirmed, if they stopped coming to the Shrine of Apparitions in Jacareí and reneged on the Messages, thus causing many to betray the reality of the Blessed Virgin's presence here, against the truth known as such and people's own consciences.

People praying in front of the Altar

Other people have remained faithful to Our Lady and the truth, standing up to this tyranny and despising the esteem and positions they might have within the Church to stand by the side of Her who is the only One who can save them in these evil times in which we live, continuing to lead a simple life of communion, confession and private prayer at home. The clergy have declared themselves enemies of the Jacareí Apparitions and continue to try to destroy them as much as they can, however, without success. Everywhere one hears only mockery, criticism and attacks against the Apparitions of Jacareí, but in contrast, many conversions continue to take place at the place of the Apparition and through the Book of Messages.

Prayer procession at night

For a long time, stones were thrown with threats at the seer's house. Protestants went to the place of the Apparition dozens of times, where they stoned and broke everything they could, until some people who frequented the place to pray arrived and stopped them from destroying the rest. Slanders rained down during the Masses, even when the seer Marcos Tadeu was present. In radio and television programs, as well as in newspapers and magazines, especially Catholic ones, the attacks against the apparition and against the person of the seer Marcos Tadeu became stronger and stronger. Many people loved by the seer Marcos Thaddeus betrayed him and started to speak slanders about him. Sometimes, people surrounded him in the street and in his house, wanting to lynch him and kill him, calling him a liar, a witch, etc. Many also brought against him the horrible calumny of homosexuality and prostitution, which made him suffer a lot. But none of this discouraged him, and thanks to the strength that the Blessed Virgin gave him and to his courage, the Message of Peace and Conversion reached everyone, and many found God and Salvation again.

The Secrets

Besides the Messages, Our Lady promised to entrust the seer Marcos Tadeu with THIRTEEN SECRETS. Until now, Our Lady has revealed twelve of the thirteen secrets. She said that when she reveals them all, she will no longer come every day, as she does now, but once a year, on the anniversary of the apparitions, February 7, or on his birthday, February 12, until the end of Marcos Thaddeus' life. It is the Divine Will that will determine the date.

The Secrets refer to events that will reach all humanity. Marcos can never reveal the contents of the Secrets without Our Lady's permission. When asked, Marcos only answers that they are good for some and bad for others.

Of what can be said, Our Lady has allowed the seer to say approximately what they will be, but nothing about how they will take place. Our Lady has said that the first three Secrets are warnings to humanity.

The First and Second Secrets are warnings to mankind to convert and return to GOD. The Third Secret refers to a GREAT SIGN that the Virgin will give to the whole world, and that everyone will see and believe that GOD exists, however, it will already be too late for the conversion of many. This SIGN will be so MIRACULOUS, INEXPLICABLE AND INDESTRUCTIBLE, that even the hardest heart will not be able to resist believing that it came from GOD. However, they will no longer be converted, an unbearable emptiness will invade their souls, when they will 'pluck the hair of their heads, and curse their life led without GOD', Our Lady said, but it will already be late.

There will remain a permanent, indestructible and clear SIGN of this GREAT MIRACLE in many places where the Blessed Virgin has truly appeared. In some places it will be palpable, in others it will not. As for the other Secrets, they will be Punishments that will come upon mankind, soon after the GREAT SIGN, if they do not convert to HIM. Therefore, humanity has until the appearance of the SIGN to convert. Those who do not convert until then, will not be able to convert anymore, and will have to face the Punishments due to their own sins. The worst are the fourth, the ninth, the tenth, and the eleventh. Some Secrets also refer to good things. The fifth refers only to the life of Marcos Thaddeus, and should never be revealed to anyone. So that leaves Twelve Secrets to be revealed to mankind. Does any of them refer to the Church, to Brazil, to the State of São Paulo or to the city of Jacareí?

Marcos during an apparition

We do not know, because up to now, Marcos Tadeu does not reveal or give any more clues about what they refer to. The Blessed Virgin says that the time left for the fulfillment of the Secrets is very short, and soon they must be realized. Therefore, the time of Grace is now, and those who do not take advantage of it for their conversion, will not get it anymore. After all the foretold Secrets are fulfilled, Satan's power will be destroyed, with his annihilation in hell, and the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, prophesied since Fatima, and widely confirmed in Jacareí, will come to the world.

Here are some Messages from Our Lady about the Triumph of Her Immaculate Heart: The people who will live in this Time of Peace and Sanctity that the world will come to, with the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, will be those who now, today, convert and put into practice the Messages of the Most Holy Virgin and the Sacred Heart of Jesus. According to the Blessed Virgin, less than 1/3 of humanity will be saved, because the sin of the world is too great and too few are converted. Therefore, we have to pray unceasingly for the conversion of sinners and for the salvation of the souls of the whole world, because only in this way, we will be able to contribute so that GOD's Mercy touches as many souls as possible.

The Holy Medal of Peace

On November 8, 1993, a large crowd of people, together with the seer Marcos Tadeu, were waiting for the Apparition of Our Lady.

At the moment of Our Lady's arrival, a great serpent appeared first, with flaming eyes, which looked with hatred at the seer. He was frightened when he saw this, and did not know what to do.

As the serpent prepared to strike its fatal blow, its head was crushed by the feet of Our Lady, who appeared gloriously above it.

The serpent's tail thrashed about on all sides, but Our Lady remained majestic and imposing over it.

The Blessed Virgin opened Her Arms and a shining Host appeared in Her right Hand, and in Her left, a Rosary of luminous beads. The Immaculate Heart of Mary was visible on Her Chest, and from it were three rays: one white, one red, and one golden yellow. In the cloud at Her Feet were seven luminous red roses.

Around Our Lady, forming a frame, appeared in brilliant letters the phrase: "Queen and Messenger of Peace". Then the frame turned, and there appeared the Immaculate Heart of Mary surrounded by thorns, and behold, from it came forth great luminous rays and a Great Light in the form of a Dove, that is, the Holy Spirit, and below it the inscription: "Pray Peace to the whole world"

The picture turns again, and Our Lady says to Marcos:

"Have a Medal minted according to the model I have shown you. Call it the 'Medal of Peace'. It will be a Sign of Grace for all those who wear it with Faith and devotion. Satan will be neutralized before It, and will flee from those who wear It on their chests with Love and Devotion...

I wish that the Medal of Peace be spread all over the world. It will bring Peace wherever there is war, and will be a powerful means of uniting families.... I promise My special protection to all those who bring it with them, and where it is, there I will be, bringing abundant Grace from the Lord!"

Medal of Peace

Marcos Thaddeus asked Our Lady the meaning of the symbols seen on the Medal of Peace.

The Blessed Virgin told him:

"The Host I carry in My right Hand is My Living Son Jesus Christ, and the Message of reparation and Eucharistic adoration that I have come here to bring....

The Luminous Rosary is to indicate to you that the prayer that will save the world is the Holy Rosary…

The Luminous Rays coming from My Heart are the symbol of the Holy Trinity...

The serpent crushed at My Feet symbolizes the devil, who will soon be crushed by Me, in the Triumph of My Immaculate Heart...

The Seven Roses that are at My Feet are the Seven GIFTS of the Holy Spirit...(later, in 1998, when She taught Her seventh Rosary, Our Lady would announce that these seven roses also symbolized the seven rosaries that were revealed here)

The Seven Rosaries given by Our Lady in Jacarei

The Heart wrapped in thorns, is My Immaculate Heart that asks for reparation and Love... The Luminous Dove signifies the Holy Spirit who will come to the world through the 'Door of My Immaculate Heart', in a Second Worldwide Pentecost...

Therefore, the Medal of Peace is a Prophetic Medal, and at the same time, it is a Weapon that I give you. Wear it with confidence, and you will always feel My Protection and My Love!..."

Then Marcos stood up and reported what the Blessed Virgin had said. Since then, these Medals have been minted and distributed all over Brazil and the world. It is impossible to calculate how many medals have been spread, and the number of graces obtained through them is countless.

The Medal of Peace can be found by all those who come to Jacareí in the Sanctuary of the Apparitions, during the Great Cenacle on the 7th of each month.

Here are some more Messages about the Holy Medal of Peace:

(OUR LADY) "Behold the Medal of Peace! Peace... Peace...Peace... It is the means by which the world will find Peace, if you wear It with piety and devotion.... See, My son, and say that the Medal of Peace is the Greatest Gift of My Immaculate Heart, which I give to My children... The enemy will recoil before Her, and those who wear Her with Faith and Devotion will be free from many dangers and will escape from hell, if they pray the Rosary and do not sin, carrying Her on their chest with Faith and Love... Wherever the Medal of Peace arrives, there I will also be, 'ALIVE'! performing the greatest Graces of the Lord... and those who wear it on their chests, will have the complete assurance of My Presence and of My 'very special' Protection, both in life and in death...

Tell all My children that I do not want them to wear the Medal either in their purses or in their pockets, and that they should wear it hanging around their necks, over their chests... My children should wear it on their chests! My Medal is the 'shield' that I give to My children to defend themselves from the unexpected attacks of Satan…" (05/01/2000)

Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace

"The Medal of Peace is the Great Grace of My Immaculate Heart for the world today... The Medal of Peace will be the cause of the salvation of many souls, because on receiving it, they will immediately be 'touched' and become faithful to the Lord... The Medal of Peace will be a Sign of Terror for Satan, and of Glory for GOD... The Medal of Peace will decide the eternal salvation of many souls... May not a soul in the whole planet remain without receiving the Medal of Peace... Have many more Medals minted, My son... this is your Mission until your death: - To make Myself known and loved, through the Medal of Peace... Here is the Great Medicine that I give for the salvation of the world, the Church and the families: - The use of My Medal of Peace…" (05/02/2000)

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, the Lady of Sorrows, the Virgin of the Medal of Peace.... I wish to tell you: - Convert... convert yourselves... convert yourselves... You all must change your lives as soon as possible…" (03/07/2000)

Wear the Medal of Peace with LOVE, piety, devotion... Spread it to everyone you meet... this is the Mission I entrust to all of you… (07/03/2000)

(OUR LORD) "Truly I say to you: He who has the Medal of Peace, the Holy Medal of My Mother... shall not perish... I will not allow (pause) the soul that wears with devotion the Holy Medal of Peace of My Mother to perish... This Medal (pause) came out of the bowels of My Mercy... This Medal (pause) was born from the depths of My Most Merciful Heart...

I said to My MOTHER: O My Beloved MOTHER, go... show yourself to 'little' Marcos, have him mint a Medal with YOUR Holy 'Pattern' on it, and say that all who wear it, will receive (pause) the Grace to be free from many dangers and sins, (pause) to receive Peace! ! and to obtain Mercy from My Heart... and My MOTHER, all full of LOVE and faithfulness to Me, came, appeared to this 'little child' of OURS, and showed Herself to him in the form that you see, on the Holy Medal of Peace...

Generation!!! don't you understand yet, that The Medal of Peace is the Gift I give to save you, from the subtle traps of My 'eternal enemy'.... Generation!!! don't you understand that the Medal of Peace (pause) is the 'lightning rod' of the DIVINE RAY of My Eternal Father?....

Generation!!! don't you realize yet, that The Holy Medal of Peace of My MOTHER(pause) is the 'Shield' that I give, for you to defend yourself from the attacks and hoaxes of My enemy?....

This Medal (pause) is terror to the demons, because in the right Hand of My MOTHER, is ME, Jesus-DIVINE Host, the Blessed Sacrament!!! and where I am with My MOTHER, the head of the serpent is crushed, and the demons flee...

Until mankind receives this Gift from OUR TWO Hearts: The Holy Medal of Peace! (pause) it will have no Peace....

Let no human being on the face of the Earth remain without receiving and wearing the Medal of Peace... I... wish it to be known by all the Continents of the Earth, so that the whole world may know, that My Heart has never expanded so much!! as it has here in this city... So that the world will know that My Mercy has overflowed in a way never seen before, as here in Jacareí... For the whole world to know, that 'this place' was chosen by Me and My Holy MOTHER, as well as by the ETERNAL FATHER, and My HOLY SPIRIT, from all 'eternity'...

Here! will be the Altar of the World…" (07/02/2000)

The Apparitions of Saint Joseph

The Most Glorious Saint Joseph also appeared many times in Jacareí. His apparitions together with Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus Christ are usually announced several days in advance, although there are exceptions.

St. Joseph appears as a man of about 30 to 40 years of age, with green eyes, short dark brown hair, a small beard, about 1.75m (5.74 feet) tall, serious yet serene. He comes wearing a beige or sometimes white tunic. He also floats in a cloud that does not touch the ground. His Voice produces great Peace.

In 1993 He appeared to give a special Message that was to be revealed later, which occurred in July of the following year, in 1994, through St. Michael the Archangel. Also in 1994 He appeared particularly to Marcos in the Chapel of the Blessed Sacrament of the Immaculate Conception Mother Church in Jacareí, where He embraced him and talked with him for almost half an hour.

In 1995, St. Joseph returned with Our Lady and Our Lord in the commemorations of the Fourth Anniversary of the First Apparition on February 7. Later in 1998, another Apparition of St. Joseph together with Our Lady and the Angel of Peace, this time on February 12, Marcos' birthday, when He gave him a Blessing and a Message, and also letting Himself be seen by the people present with Our Lady and the Angel of Peace reflected in Marcos' eyes.

In 1999, He came with Our Lady and Our Lord once again on September 7 and September 22, to bless a Fountain of Water that was already running in the Shrine, on the opposite side of Our Lady's Fountain.

In 2000, he appeared above Our Lady's Fountain accompanied by His Divine Adopted Son and His Most Chaste Spouse, again on February 12, when Marcos turned 23.

Main Altar with Jesus, Our Lady and St. Joseph

With this stunning new revelation, the Triple Alliance of the United Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph is completed. Yes, later, in a Message, Our Lord Jesus Christ would have it said to humanity and the Church, an expression used by HIM-self, "It is My Desire that the Most Loving Heart of My Adoptive Father Saint Joseph be placed next to My Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of My Most Holy Mother."

The Apparitions of St. Joseph reveal something new in the history of the celestial apparitions: The devotion to His Most Loving Heart... that is, that Heart that beat in His Most Chastely Breast and that, according to His own words, is still intact in His Most Holy Body, incorrupted, somewhere on earth, awaiting the Final Day, when He will rise in Glory to take part with His Adopted Son and His Most Holy Spouse in Glory.

This Veneration on earth already foreshadows that which we will do to Him personally one day in Eternal Glory, if we manage to save ourselves. This triple devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, asked of Saint Margaret Mary, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, asked of Fatima, and to the most loving Heart of Saint Joseph, asked of Marcos Thaddeus in Jacareí, constitutes the key element of the Message of these last times: Love, Reparation and Communion with these Hearts that are neither loved nor responded to by ungrateful humanity. This reparation consists in fleeing from sin, seeking holiness and living the Messages.

Some excerpts from one of St. Joseph's Messages: "I LOVE you with a Father's LOVE!... I protect the Holy Church, the families and all of you, like a Father to his children. Therefore, little children, placed under My Protection by the Lord, listen to what I say to you alongside My Blessed Spouse, the ever-Virgin Mary, and Our Lord Jesus Christ, whose devoted Servant and Father I have been on earth...

The Lord wants to save this great Nation, but... to save it, only a great 'torrent' of prayers can reach Heaven and move the Hand of the ETERNAL FATHER to save this earth, which otherwise, if it does not obey what My Blessed Spouse says, (pause) will have no salvation...

Little children, (pause) be good! Don't speak 'dishonest words'... Change your souls and your bad habits....

Be 'good', (pause) very 'good'! Be pure, very pure. Be humble, (pause) very humble.... Be just, very just.... Be perfect, as the FATHER in Heaven is perfect!

When you feel confused, withdraw apart (pause) to pray. In silence (pause) and prayer, I will come to help you choose the 'right thing'.... When persecuted, lift your eyes to Me, and I will comfort you.... When discouraged, look to My Hands, always stretched out to you, to shower you with the Graces the Lord has placed under My Patronage.

I will teach you to LOVE the WORD of GOD! I will teach you to live with HIM! I will teach you to adore HIM and to please HIM.... I will teach you to LOVE, to serve, and to please (pause) the Sweetest Mother of all...(pause) I want to be for all of you a 'BRIDGE', that leads you to the TWO Sacred Hearts...

The Immaculate Heart of My ever Sweet Spouse Mary, is the 'Door to Heaven', (pause) and Devotion to Me and My Heart, is the 'KEY' that opens this 'Door'!

MOST LOVING HEART OF SAINT JOSEPH, PRAY FOR US! ... and I will come, I will come to the rescue of all of you, of the Church, of the world, of souls!... At the sight of my LIGHT, Satan will be blinded and will no longer be able to do you any harm...

I have the Mission of leading Brazil to the greatest Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the ever Sweet Virgin Mary! If you invoke Me in favor of Brazil, I will help you.... Today, on this day, I bless the Holy Father, Pope John Paul II, who is My Figure on earth... (protector and Father) Yes, because He espoused the Church, as I espoused Mary, the Immaculate Virgin! I shower My Graces upon Him, and cover Him with My Sacred Mantle ... and upon all of you, I shower the Blessing that the Holy Trinity has granted Me ... in the name of the FATHER... the SON... and the HOLY SPIRIT…"

February 7th
The Day of the Queen and Messenger of Peace

On September 13, 1993, Our Lady asked that the 7th of each month be considered as Marian Day, a day of special prayers and sacrifices dedicated to Her, because it recalls the date of Her First Apparition in Jacareí, on February 7, 1991. Then, Our Lady asked that on February 7 of each year, the Feast of the Queen and Messenger of Peace be celebrated all over the world, because it was on this day that She spoke for the first time to young Marcos Tadeu. On this day the Rosary for Peace should be prayed, and Communion for the Peace of the World should be taken. Since then, the 7th of each month has been commemorated with prayers of the Holy Rosary that begin six days before, and do not end until evening on the 7th.

Rosary of Peace

In the beginning, Our Lord and Our Lady gave a World Message during the Great Cenacle, which always took place on the seventh of each month. Since November 2001 it has been moved to the first Sunday of each month. It is on this day that millions of people from all over Brazil and even abroad flock in. Sometimes the crowd is as large as 40,000 people, and it has even reached more than 60,000 people. It is mainly during these Cenacles that many Signs, healings and conversions take place.

The Tree of Apparitions

Located at the new site of the apparitions, it is the place where Our Lady and Our Lord Jesus Christ chose to appear and place their Most Holy Feet, and communicate the messages on the first Sunday of each month and on other days. It was also on it that St. Joseph, St. Barbara, St. Michael and St. Raphael the Archangel, the Angel of Peace and the Souls in Purgatory appeared. It is surrounded by a fence so that it will not be desecrated or have its branches torn off by people who, either claiming devotion or in a spirit of desecration, try to rob it to take its branches.

Many photographs taken of the Tree at the time of the Apparition revealed extraordinary signs, lights and flames, clearly demonstrating the manifestation of the supernatural at that instant. One always feels a great Peace and supernatural presence near this Sacred Tree.

Tree of Apparitions

Many people pray the Rosary in front of this tree, a true pedestal of the Two Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Regarding Her Presence at the Tree of Apparition, Our Lady has already made mention of it in some of Her Messages.

The Path of the Rosary

It is located on the way up between the Miraculous Fountain and the Tree of Apparitions. Our Lady asked that five crosses be placed along the path from the Fountain of Grace to the Tree of Apparition to mark the five mysteries of the Holy Rosary. On each Cross, contemplate the Mysteries of the Rosary, corresponding to the day. Place a Crucifix below the Tree, and everyone should kiss it at the end of the Rosary, asking for forgiveness for their sins... Graces will be abundant for those who do this..." (March 30, 1999). She said that any Mysteries could be meditated upon, whether the Joyful, the Sorrowful or the Glorious. She also asked that the Crosses be painted white, but did not explain the reason for the color.

At the end of the Way, She asked that a small Crucifix be placed so that Her children could give Her a kiss of contrition. She promised, that through this kiss, given after the climb of the Way blessed by Her, praying the Holy Rosary, the faithful would receive the Grace of true repentance of their faults, of sorrow for the sins committed and consequently of conversion, provided they did so with true purpose of amendment.

In this way, the faithful could go up to the Tree of Apparition to pray. Our Lady said that there are special graces conditioned to the prayers requested along the Way of the Rosary, which She can only give to those who make this way with Faith and confidence, and that we do not understand the value of making this holy exercise, but in the future we will.

The Way of the Cross at the Shrine

It is located at the back of the hill where the Tree of Apparitions is. It was Our Lady who asked for the Way of the Cross to be defined and the crosses to be placed: "I also desire that a Way of the Cross be built here..." (March 30, 1999), so that She herself would bless that way, which She did in an Apparition at the Glorious Cross, on a day and time previously determined by Her. She said that special graces are in store for those who make it by praying the Way of the Cross with piety and devotion: "All those who come here to make this Way of the Cross, on any day and at any hour, will receive from My Heart peace and protection... Those who do it piously, will receive from Me the Grace of feeling in the depths of their hearts, My Sorrows and the Torments of Jesus... That from one Station to the next, one Our Father and seven Hail Marys be prayed, in honor of My Sorrows and Tears... In particular, those who come here on Wednesdays and Fridays, to do this Way of the Cross, will receive graces from My Heart... Many sinners will be converted here, on the Way of the Cross and at the foot of this great Cross, where I am kneeling, day and night, praying for the sinners of the whole world... This is the Calvary of My Sanctuary... May those who love Me, follow Me with the Cross here..." (October 1, 1999) This Way of the Cross is one more of the many special Graces of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in Her Shrine.

There are 14 wooden Crosses that mark the Stations of the way of Jesus and Mary to Calvary. Soon the paintings of the Via Dolorosa will be placed. Many pilgrims make this way meditating deeply on the sufferings of Jesus. It begins at the beginning of the parking lots and ends at the Glorious Cross where, on their knees, they pray and ask forgiveness for their sins.

It is a beautiful place, where the green grass looks like a large carpet, softening the steep climb up the hill.

The Fountain of Our Lady

The Fountain of Grace

On February 21, 1999, at the new site of the apparitions that became known as the Shrine of the Apparitions of Jesus and Mary in Jacareí, Our Lady, after a brief Message given to Marcos, began to move to the left, without turning her back to Marcos, who began to follow Her on Her march. The Virgin descended into a small hollow and ordered the seer Marcos to kneel down and dig into the ground with his hands at the place pointed out by Her. Maros did as She commanded, and from the place he had dug, water began to come out, first muddy, then clear in great abundance. Our Lady repeated Her command several times, and the more Marcos dug, the more clear water came out. The faithful understood nothing of what he was doing.

Marcos discovering Our Lady's Fountain

Our Lady said: "I give My Special Blessing to this Fountain, and from this day forward the Water that comes out of it will cure many illnesses, and this will be the Sign that I give of My immense LOVE to all My children, to glorify GOD!.... I have blessed the Water of this Fountain, so that all My children may drink from it, and be healed in soul and body... healed of their illnesses and their addictions... All those who come to this little Fountain with Faith and Trust, will receive Great Graces from My Heart. This Fountain, as of today, is Miraculous... and all those who pray the Rosary and drink from it with Trust and LOVE, will receive Great Graces for both soul and body! Call this Fountain the "Fountain of Grace".

On March 30, another blessing of the fountain followed by a Message. Later, on April 2 of the same year, Good Friday, Our Lady again blessed the Fountain, enriching it with more graces and more promises through the merits of Her Sorrows and Tears.

Jesus Himself spoke several times about the Fountain and blessed it.

The Fountain of Grace

Many people have been healed already by this blessed water, even bringing their before and after healing exams, with an attached personal report to the seer Marcos Tadeu, in order to prove and register later these extraordinary graces. All these documents are being archived. Our Lady's miraculous water can be collected every day at the Shrine from 8 AM in the morning until 5 PM in the afternoon.

Cenacle of Prayer and Meditation on the Messages

This takes place every SUNDAY, always at 9:00 AM and ends around 4:00 PM, in the Sanctuary of the Apparitions. During this Cenacle prayers, meditations, songs, and also films about the lives of the saints and other apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the world, as She requested, are shown.

It is during this Cenacle that Our Lord and Our Lady give Their Messages to the world.

Schedules of the Shrine of the Apparitions

The Sanctuary of the Apparitions is open every day, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, every day, including Sundays when the Cenacles of the Apparitions take place starting at 9:00 AM. The Miraculous Fountains of Our Lady, Our Lord and of Saint Joseph are always plentiful and can be visited daily. However, we must remember that just as it is a sin to ENTER THE CHURCH IN INDECENT CLOTHING, it is also a sin here, in this sacred place, to enter wearing shorts, bermudas, tank tops, low necklines, tight or transparent clothing, or clothing that sets a bad example and offends the Most Holy Presence of Our Lord and Our Lady. It is also forbidden to enter with animals or for purposes other than prayer and pilgrimage.

Fountain of the Sacred Heart of Jesus