Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Friday, May 14, 2010

Urgent Call to Humanity!

Times of War and Desolation Are Near!


My children, may my peace be with you and the light of my Spirit guide you. Times of war and desolation are near. I will come as a thief in the night and I will find many asleep. Millions will be lost; all those who are not inscribed in the book of life, have their days numbered. The great country of the North will invade Persia, its steeds and its army will bring desolation and death; its lust for power and expansionism will awaken a sleeping lion. From the east the red dragon will arise and spit fire from his mouth; the destroyer of nations sets out; he abandons his abode to reduce a country to a desert. The cities shall be laid waste, they shall be desolate, and the smoke of death shall cover all my creation: groan and mourn, ye daughters of Zion, for that day, saith the Lord: for the heart of the kings of the earth shall fail; the priests shall be dismayed, and the prophets astonished. Enemies come from a far country; they shout against the cities: woe to thee, O Jerusalem, thy conduct and thy doings have deserved this for thee. In heaven rides the righteous wormwood, he comes like an apocalyptic horseman, he comes to restore order and to cleanse my creation from every weed; he brings desolation, his blazing fire will purify the bowels of my land. O daughters of Zion; gather your young ones; gather them together, for the trumpets of my Justice are about to sound. Make your accounts; be clear, for my Righteous Angel draws near. My creation groans, the stars are dismayed at the passage of my fiery wrath; arise, ye mountains and hills, ye birds of the air, and all ye creatures, for the great and terrible day of the Lord is at hand; the boat of my mercy is at hand. The boat of my Mercy is already moving away; hurry proselytes; run reluctant, because amnesty and forgiveness go with it. I am your Father: Jesus of Mercy.

Make known my messages my children, for the day is waning and the night is coming.

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