Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Urgent Call of Jesus the Good Shepherd to the Fathers of the Family!

Shepherds of the Home: Take Back Control of Your Homes As Soon As Possible!


My children, my peace be with you.

I make an urgent call to you shepherds of the home: take back control of your homes as soon as possible; your children are being lost because of the lack of love, dialogue, forgiveness and most importantly because of the lack of God in your homes. The youth is being easy prey of my adversary, for the lack of prayer and compliance with my precepts; rebellion is the common today of many young people, music with its subliminal messages, modernism and easy life, are leading the youth to the loss of moral and spiritual values; blaspheming against God is already a custom in the youth of these last times, very few are the young people who pray and comply with my precepts.

The vast majority of the youth is lost and you parents are still in your spiritual lethargy, which will also lead you to eternal death if you do not wake up. What are you waiting for, shepherds of the home, to take back control of your homes? Your children are getting lost because of the lack of love and lack of God in your homes; the debauchery, in which so many young people live today, is leading them to the abyss; abortions, drug addiction and modernism, the lack of values, is plunging the youth into darkness. I say to you, parents, that you are responsible before me, for the moral and spiritual education of your children; stop being dumb dogs, so that you will not lament tomorrow when I ask you to give an account of your homes.

Remember: Every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down, cut down and thrown into the fire. A good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. Think again parents and do not continue to live so relaxed, because the time of my justice is knocking at your doors; pay more attention to your children, let there be more dialogue, love and understanding in your homes; remember that love is the basis of forgiveness, without love there is no life.

To love is: To listen, to dialogue, to understand, to forgive, to educate, to correct, to guide and above all, love is God, without God in your homes there is no life. Take up family prayer again, especially the recitation of the Holy Rosary of my Mother; my Chaplet of Mercy; reconcile yourselves with your Heavenly Father, through the Sacrament of Confession; feed yourselves with my Body and Blood, at least once a week on my Sunday feast; fulfill my precepts and I will give you my peace and my salvation. It is time for prayer; do not remain so relaxed, for the hour of divine justice is knocking at your doors. Awake then, fathers of families, for the coming of your Eternal Shepherd is near; stay awake and with your flock gathered together, so that when he comes to call you to account, you will have nothing to lament about. Again I say to you, my peace be with you.

I am your Father: Jesus the Good Shepherd of his Flock.

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