Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Oh, What Joyce Will Bring to God’s People the Presence of Enoch and Elijah!


Loving little children of my heart, peace of God be with you all.

Live in seclusion and prayer during these days next to Easter Week; made good confessions, to be prepared to the Warning and not be surprised by My Father’s Call.

Elijah’s will very soon manifest himself and jointly with Enoch, of whom you already have reference, will be the two chandeliers that will smooth, with Me, the way for the next coming of My Son. They will destroy the heresies and doctrines of my adversary and his false prophets; they will have the Wisdom of the Holy Spirit and will prophesy on the earth during 1290 days; time during which heavens will close so it does not rain and so to comply with what is written. I ask you my children to provide all your collaboration to our two olives, so that they can fulfill the heavenly mission heaven has entrust them.

Nations loyal to the God of Life, acclaim the Lord, because he is coming ahead of his two messengers to bring peace and announce the salvation of his people; make way because He will leave footsteps making way, for his two olives to follow him. Blessed are the nations that have been elected with the presence of Lord’s Messengers. ! Oh, what joy will bring Enoch and Elijah presence to God’s people! They will be light and will dissipate all darkness, they will be peace and comfort to God’s people; they are two chandeliers that the Lord has placed to light the darkness of those days.

Enoch and Elijah will return faith to God’s people whom will walk in the desert amid pain and chaos; they are scattering seeds of hope and faith in God; they will be Lord’s Voice during those days. And the people who lie in darkness will see the light. The parent’s heart will return to their children, and the children’s heart will return to their parents for when The Lord comes will not have to exterminate the earth.

The days of the Lord’s messengers are quickly approaching, rejoice seeds of the God of Life, they will do great prodigies by the Lord’s Grace, and keep God’s flock informed about the Will of the Father. Clear out the paths, because Lord’s messengers are quickly coming, announcing peace, returning hope to a people who lie helpless in its way through the desert. God’s Glory will be with them, and the yoke my adversary has placed on God’ people will be broken.

My little children receive God’s Messengers, for they united with Me they will smooth the way for My Son’s triumph return.

Peace of God dwell in your hearts and my maternal protection assist you always. Your Mother Mary, Lady of all nations.

Little children of my heart, let my messages be known.

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