Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Urgent Appeal of Mary Mystical Rose to Humanity.

The Horseman of Famine is Coming to Pour Its Vial on the People of the Earth!


Little children of my heart, may the peace of God be with you.

The Horseman of famine is coming to pour his vial upon the inhabitants of the earth. Again I tell you my children, be prepared with non perishable food and plenty of water, because the time of scarcity and drought is about to come. Do not be stubborn; see that the famine is coming and many of you walk so relaxed, as if nothing was going to happen.

Children, all which we have announced will come to be to the letter, it will come at the time appointed by the Will of my Father. Heed little children, because it is for your own good! Stock up with food and have water reserved, because the days of famine around the world approach, many will regret not to have heeded to our calls and tomorrow will want some food and some water, which you will not find.

My children, delay not this summon I make to you, hurry to buy food and collect water, so that when these days arrive you have reserves and ye may nourish yourself and your families. Do as Joseph did in Egypt, store non-perishable food and reserve water, so you may confront the approaching time of the great famine.

Behold I forewarn you in advance about what is going to happen, so that tomorrow you will not say you were not warned. Famine is one of the pests that will hit the earth and will be part of your purification. Many will become mad by hunger and thirst and will spread the blood of their brothers for some food and water. The famine will leave a footprint of death and devastation in many parts of the world. Little children read Jeremiah’s laments in chapter 4, so that you can better understand all that this mother is saying and so that you do not question what I proclaim.

Children, do not squander food, eat what is necessary, because what you squander today you will need tomorrow. Give thanks to your Heavenly Father for how little or how much each day brings; ask for the Bread of Life and for bodily nourishment with the Lord's Prayer, as my son taught you. Hence, prepare yourselves my children, stock up with food and water so that you can cope during the days of the great famine. May the peace of God be with you and my motherly protection assists you. Your Mother, Mary, Mystical Rose.

Make this message know to humanity as soon as possible.

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