Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Jesus, the Good Shepherd, Urgent Appeal to His Flock.

‘Be Very Careful and Ask for Discernment to My Holy Spirit, Because Each Message That Comes from Me Must Be Supported by My Word!’


This says the Lord:

Remain in me and I will take care of you as every good Shepherd with his sheep. The days, than as Mary Magdalene you will say: where is the body of my Lord?, are approaching. My daily sacrifice very soon will be suspended; my doctrine and my gospel will be manipulated and will not feed my sheep.

When changes begin in my holy mass, and do not talk more of my gospel in the homilies, when my Holy Communion be changed by a piece of break, the ‘Our Father’ prayer be altered, and the Name of my Father will not be sanctified, there is when you will know that the abomination has begin and I will not be any more in the tabernacles. Flee out my flock! When these happened, and look for shelter in the remnants churches or in the Marian refuges that will enabled by My Mother, and where you will find peace and solace.

My children, I tell you this because you will be persecuted by emissaries of evil that are camouflaged as sheep, but they are wolves serving my adversary. Watch out of sects, for they will persecute you; beware of those that are paid by my adversary that knocking from door to door looking for someone to deceive, for then make you to lose! After ‘the warming’ you will know who the wolves are.

My flock, be alert and vigilant for there is a proliferation of false prophets speaking in my name and confusing my flock. Be very careful and ask for discernment to my Holy Spirit, because each message that comes from me must be supported by my word! Remember that everything is written, my true prophets are recalling you what it was told by my ancient prophets.

Flock of mine, I do not give dates or promise you a paradise without purification; if somebody says that your are salved by my death on the cross, do not believe it; if someone says that you can sin and sin because already you had being redeemed, do not believed it; remember what my word says: everyone to wants to be my disciple, take up his cross and follow me. Not everyone to says to me ‘Lord, Lord’ shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the Will of My Father. My sorrowful passion and my death open the gates of the kingdom of heaven, but each one who wants to enter, should imitate your Master carrying your own cross. For I truly tell you that the servant is not greater than the master.

Those which not recognize me as a Son of God, cannot be called children of my Father neither be heirs of the Kingdom of heaven. I prevent you, my children, ask the discernment to my Holy Spirit, because there are many talking in my name and they are not sending by me. They are wolves costumed as sheep with the aim to confuse and divide my flock, and then make you lose.

Those who worship me and do not venerate My Mother cannot be called sheep of my flock. I tell you: My Mother is the bridge to reach me, and I am the way, the truth and the life to come to My Father.`

My peace I leave you and my peace I give you. Repent and convert, because the kingdom of God is near. Your Master; Jesus, the Good Shepherd.

Make known my messages, sheep of my flock.

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