Messages of Jesus the Good Shepherd to Enoch, Colombia


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jesus the Good Shepherd’s Call to His Flock. Thus Says the Lord:

You Will Be Tested and Purified in Body, Soul and Spirit As Gold in Fire!


Peace in your spirit will be destabilized, and peace in the world as well. Gather in prayer, for the days of great spiritual battle are coming. The tribulation will be so great that will make shake not just creation but also souls of my children.

Men will ask their selves: what is going on? Why my spirit peace is lost? Lord, comes to save us, do not hide your face from loyalty people! My children, your spiritual transformation is necessary for you can enter in my new creation. Your body, soul and spirit, should be purified to come clean and blameless to Celestial Jerusalem.

When my Holy Spirit stays away from my temples for the great abomination, all those who move off from prayer and from my Mother will be lost. Because being away from my houses, if your spirit is not strengthen with prayers, fasting, penance and you do not remain united to my Mother through recitation of Holy Rosary, will be easy prey for my adversary. Remember that my world says: ‘for there will be a great tribulation such as was never known from the beginning of the world until now, and is never to be known again’ (Matthew 24, 21).

My awakening of consciences will open your understanding and will prepare you for days of great Armageddon. My children, if after came back to this world you neglect your prayers and keep in spiritual lukewarm, I assure that will be in risk to get lose. I am warning you all this for be spiritually prepare for those days of anguish and affliction of spirit, necessaries for your purification. You will be tested and purified in body, soul and spirit as gold in fire! Fire of spiritual purification that will transform your body, soul and spirit to be ready for new creation and be called chosen people of God!

There will be days of great harvest, where will be separate wheat and tares; and will remain the ripe wheat and the tares will be thrown into fire. Then my children be prepare for the harvest will be gathered. The reapers are ready to come to reap and gather wheat. The ax is already at the tree root and all trees that do not give a good fruit will be cut down and thrown into the fire where it will burn eternally. Make of prayers, fasting and penance your stronghold. Put on your spiritual armor, morning and night, and be ready as good soldiers for a great spiritual combat which will give you freedom, and will make you dwell in the paradise of Celestial Jerusalem.

Mi peace I leave you and my peace I give you because the kingdom of God is at hand. Your Master: Jesus The Good Shepherd of all times.

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